Five Cbd Product Review

Five Cbd Product Review


Five CBD is a newly founded CBD company that offers its customers full-spectrum CBD products. . According to our research, the final spectrum means that the final product contains all-natural cannabinoid compounds of the plant it is sourced from. This makes it a unique CBD company since no other brand produces similar products.  These products are accessible in different forms: capsules, edibles, spectrum tinctures, chocolate squares and gummies. They have been proven to eliminate body pain, relieve stress and anxiousness, eliminate insomnia and provide other health benefits. Five CBD harvests its products from organic hemp, which is gathered from United States farms.It is then taken through an alcohol extraction process where all the beneficial cannabinoid compounds are extracted. These compounds are terpenes, flavonoids, CBC, CBN and CBG, which help maintain the plant’s natural profile. The products have been approved by a third-party lab, according to their website.  However, purchases can only be made through their website, and they provide free shipping for all their products. The products price ranges from $29.99 – $174.99.Compared to other CBD brands, this is rated as quite a high price.

About The Company

Five CBDwas founded in 2020 with the purposed goal of providinga full-spectrum and organic CBD products experience to its customers. It is based and operates from the US. We discovered that the brand manufactures the products so that the ratio of CBD to another minor cannabinoid is 5:1.This means that every hemp compound is extractedand mixed to form high-quality products. Researches explain that from this manufacturing theory, the company discovered its name, ‘five’.  The brand sources its products from the hemp plant. This cannabinoid plant is gotten from United States farms. Since they do not have to ship it from other countries, it is easier and more accessible to run operations.

The company has done an excellent job in providing information to its customers. They have put up a website where they have given information about the items it offers, the ingredients, details about the company and a section for the FAQs. Data is recorded in a very systematic and easily understandable where anybody can access it. They have managed to explain what full-spectrum products are and also given details about each of their products. Each product page is attached with a link to the third-party lab results that have been analyzed.  In addition, instructions onthe use and health benefits for every product have been included on this website.This makes it easier for consumers who have no idea how to use these products and any health benefits that they may come with them. The origin of the hemp and the manufacturing process is provided though not clearly stated. They have explained that they use the alcohol method for the extraction of products.

In their FAQs questions, we noticed that they have addressed extensive topics, starting from major CBD questions to specific questions about five CBD. Answers are readily provided below each question and for customers who would like to ask for help have been provided with a help section. For further information, the brand has provided their email address, phone number and days when you can reach them. According to many customers’ reviews, their customer services are reliable since they get back to you quickly. Their certificate of analysis has been attached to the website. This proves that their products are third-party tested and contain no non-natural toxins. Other important links like the centralized link and others have been provided. This transparency is essential for the business and its customers. 

For the buying and shipping process, they have provided a products’ link where buyers can order products and accept delivery. There is a main menu section on the company’s main page where the buying process has been set out. It provides discounts and newsletters to customers:  a starter bundle is offered to customers who need the sleep products, a variety bundle that is inclusive of products from each categoryand gives a 20% off the price and the tincture bundle that is inclusive of the three favoured varieties. For new customers, a 20% welcome discount as well as a 20% email signup bonus is given. Additionally, a 35% veterans discount is provided.  No shipping fee for every order is paid. It is importantfor the customer to know that they can only buy from this online page because they do not receive orders from any other channel.  Customers have given very positive reviews of this company and their experience while using the products.

Manufacturing Process

Our research revealed that five CBD uses the alcohol extraction process to manufacture their products. This is a very simple and effective method of CBD products extraction where ethanol is used as the primary solvent. As stated, hemp is the source where the products are gotten from. Five CBD uses pesticide-free and non-GMO organic hemp that is directly obtained from farms.  Hemp is mixed togetherwith ethanol to separate the central CBD from other cannabinoids. The extract is then passed through organic MCT oil to make it easy to accumulate and digest in your body. This differentiates it from how other brands make their products. After the process,the final natural product is left intact. This process can be done in warm or cold conditions. Alcohol extraction is very fast and time-efficient; however, it is has been proven to destroy the waxes of the hemp plant and produce a higher THC concentration to CBD concentration. The tinctures are gotten from mixing the hemp with organic MCT oil, differentiating it from how other brands make their products. The tincture flavours are: citrus, mint chocolate and lavender

After the final product has been processed, a thirdparty analyses its efficiency and quality. The brand has made sure to expose the accuracy of its products on its website. The certificate of analysis link provided was helpful in accessing each product’s lab results. It uses a legal and independent thirdparty to analyze results. Our analysis showed that the full spectrum gummies contain the highest percentage of accuracy variance with a total of 1773 mg of CBD per gummy. The full spectrum organic capsule had the lowest accuracy variance of 769.2 mg of CBD per capsule. However,the process is said to produce products with a more THC concentration, five CBD manufacturers products with less than 0.3% range of THC. The lab results also prove that these full spectrum products contain no solvents, microbial, heavy metals, or pesticides. Although the main details of the manufacturing process have not been added to their website, customers are provided with the most critical information.

Range Of Products.

Five CBD provides products in different forms though it does not offer a variety of products. Its products are meant to eliminate issues that have to do with stress, anxiety, pain and sleep disorders. These products can be available in the form of capsules, edibles, gummies and spectrum tinctures. Customers can get them for a price point of $0.03 per mg of CBD, and they are available from 25mg to 6000mg for all products. All products arrive with instructions of dosage, its ingredients and the size of the bottle. The brandprovides products in different forms:

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures

The company offers its customers full-spectrum CBD products in three main forms: citrus, mint chocolate, and lavender. It is alcohol extracted and added MCT oil for easy absorption. It can be used for both sublingual and oral use, or you can add it to beverages and food. The dropper has measuring marks on it to aid in accurate dosing. One full dropper is advised per dosage. The price ranges from $49.99 to $174.99 as the most expensive dropper. An example of a tincture is the citrus CBD tincture. It is usually pale yellow with a thin viscosity proven to contain 3220.1mg of CBD and costs $89.99 per 30ml bottle. 

CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles

Similar to the tinctures, edibles too are alcohol extracted and added organic MCT plus other natural ingredients. The company recommends them for customers who are searching for a discreet and delicious CBD experience. Unlike tinctures, they can only be consumed orally. You can find these products for as low as $39.99 to $59.99 for a 1500mg gummy. The multi-flavoured CBD gummy is one example. Customers have reported that they are multicoloured and coated with a powdered sugar coating which has a sticky texture while chewing. It contains 59.1 mg of CBD per gummy, and a bottle costs $59.99.

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

These are vegan and non-GMO full spectrum gel products. They are also extracted using ethanol and are soft gel in nature. These capsules are available in a light yellow colour, and their texture is semi-soft. One capsule is proven to contain 23.3mg of CBD and less than 0.3% of THC. You can only consume them orally. A 1500mg of CBD products costs $59.99, which is a relatively fair price.

Why Do We Like The Company

By the end of our research, we had developed a liking for this company for various reasons. It has provided accurate and accessible information for its customers on its website. The setting of their website is straightforward, and it was easy for us to find information about the nature of the products and the third-party test results. The buying and shipping experience is also accommodating for everyone since no shipping fee is required for orders. This favours customers because they do not experience additional costs. The brand also attracts customers by offering them discounts on first order purchases. Apart from this, it also provides all-natural products and gives instructions of usage on all products.

Why We Don’t Like The Company

Five CBD gave us very few reasons to dislike it. First, they do not offer a variety of product range. They only help customers who have insomnia, pain, anxiousness and stress. In case you have other problems, these products cannot help you. Although well structured, their website contains a mixture of sudden moving colours when clicked on the main menu. Customers may be distracted when using it. The products side effects have not also been listed at any point.


We would like to recommend customers to purchase products from this company. Though it was only recently founded, they have proven to have the right strategies to run their business. They accommodate first-time customers well and continue to give their existing ones good services. Their products are unique and proven to have more than one health benefit. It is a competent and reliable company for CBD products.

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