Five CBD is among the best hemp-based product producers committed to research. Although the company highly relies upon organic hemp plants, it also has a team of researchers helping it identify effective ingredients. Before any of the ingredients are blended in either of its products, it must have been proved to serve the intended purpose of the products. Unlike other CBD manufacturers, the company focuses on its products’ safety before profit interests. Despite being recently established, it has proved to be committed to not only selling its brands name but CBD generally. Comparing it to other companies, we give it an excellent score in terms of potency variance, which has been a headache to companies established decades before it. The company has detained the CBD and THC variance within the required percentage of 10% and 0.3%, respectively. Kindly keep reading our review to keep learning more about Five CBD. We have unveiled significant facts such as its background information, manufacturing process, and range of products.

About the Company

The company has not been in the market for long despite its excellent performance. It was established in 2020 to address unique health and wellness challenges facing human beings and pets using hemp-based products. Since various companies with chemical products had distorted the food and drugs industry, the founders decided to join hands with other CBD brands to restore the lost hope by offering unique, natural products. According to the company, its products aim to address pain, sleep, anxiousness and stress. The company is determined in setting new standards that will be difficult to defeat by its competitors using premium products at fair and affordable prices. All its practices are carried out within the USA, right from the seed level till the products are ready for consumption after being tested by its independent third-party lab, which is centralized.

The company is committed to ensuring it upholds the highest levels of transparency to increase consumers’ confidence. It posts important information about its operations right from the seed level. Besides, its product catalogue is well defined, making it easier to locate certain products you require. In addition, navigating within the website is easy, and its buying experience is straightforward. Adding products to your shopping cart is quite easy, as well as removing them. During our shopping, we did not encounter any suspicious activities, especially during the removal of products from the cart. Upon payment confirmation, the company sends you a confirmation email that your order was successfully placed and that they will deliver in five days. In addition, a tracking number is also attached in the mail to enable you to track your order. Our products were delivered on the third day, discreetly packed in a brown box.

Consequently, the company recommends its customers check the products upon arrival to ensure they are in good condition. If otherwise, you are to make a replacement claim within 48 hours via customer support. However, if you need in sort of clarification, we recommend you check its FAQ page before contacting its support team. Its FAQ page is comprehensive and handles significant questions that keep arising among customers and other interested parties. Some of the questions are based on the company, its products and CBD generally. The questions include, will Five CBD make you high? What are terpenes and flavonoids? What is our return policy? Among others. The questions have been well-responded to, precisely but to the point.

If your concern has not been addressed, you can reach its support team using the “Contact Us” link provided at the lower end of its online page. Its support team is active from Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm PST). To reach its support team, you can either use an email address ([email protected]), physical address (1968 S. Coast Hwy. #2730 Laguna Beach CA 92651 USA), phone number (1-855-676-0226), and message box (enter your email address, name and the intended message). Since we were interested in the extraction methods used by the company, we decided to seek clarification via email. Our email was responded to within 48 hours, which was precise but helpful.

Additionally, the company has two social media platforms to bring together customers. Their Facebook and Instagram pages enhance interaction between customers and the company. Matters concerning CBD, Five CBD, and its products are addressed often. Besides, they are used for posting educative blogs and shooting videos about the company or certain products. The company uses the two pages to collect reviews on the effectiveness of its products since as most customers continue interacting with the products, they obtain varied results. They also have a review page under each product where customers are to post their honest feedback depending on their interaction with its systems, products, or support team. As we went through the reviews, the majority were positive. The company had left kind responses on the negative ones, depending on the review.

Manufacturing Process

Five CBD was established with the aim of coming up with CBD products that are of unbeatable quality. Due to this, it gave a lot of its attention to the manufacturing process to ensure they provide customers with the best products. Its manufacturing process attention begins from its hemp plant seed. It ensures appropriate farming methods are applied during hemp growth; only regenerative and organic farming practices are used. It discourages the use of artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides that might interfere with the product’s safety, which is a key priority of CBD. Although the company primarily uses hemp as raw material, it considered other ingredients such as MCT oil, cutting across its products. Depending on the purpose of the product, researchers from the company bring other naturally occurring elements to speed its effectiveness and quality.

Since the company was not clear on the extraction method used to obtain beneficial ingredients of the hemp plant, which were to be blended to other elements to come up with quality, we reached its support team for clarification. Notably, the company’s support team got back to us on the second day with a price answer. They noted that they have been using alcohol process, which is also effective but not efficient compared to CO2 and Ethanol.

After each batch has been manufactured, they have a centralized third-party independent lab responsible for ensuring all its products are safe for consumption. Its responsibility is to ensure they are tested for purity and potency levels. First, it has to ensure none of the products THC levels exceeds 0.3%, which is the optimum level. Besides, since they have lab results posted on the website, it has to ensure the potency levels in the products matches the one posted. Lastly, it must affirm that its products are occurring naturally by testing harmful substances such as chemical and pesticide particles, heavy metals, and other toxic substances.

Range of Products

Being one of the recently established companies, its line of products is comprehensive, and a lot needs to be done. However, each product is manufactured with a lot of care and love to ensure they meet premium standards, which have become rare due to profit interests. Its line of products includes;

Five CBD Tinctures

Five CBD Tinctures

Its tinctures are manufactured using organically grown hemp plant extracts in the full-spectrum formulation. To help its customers administer the recommended dosage of 1ml each day, each serving is accompanied by an accurately market dropper. Its tinctures come in a 30 ml bottle but have different potency levels. Besides, the company suggests, they should be administered orally or sublingually. If the customer doesn’t like the natural test, they can add it to their favourite beverage or food. Lastly, they are sold at $59.99 (1500mg), $89.99 (3000mg), and $174 (174,.99mg).

Five CBD Edibles

Five CBD Edibles

Edibles have taken the better market of CBD, especially the gummies. The company currently manufactures gummies and chocolates using alcohol organic hemp plant extracts alongside other naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil to improve its effectiveness because of its maximum bioavailability. The products are 100% naturally occurring even after using various flavours to formulate them. Unlike the tinctures, these are for oral use only. Their prices include $39.99 (750 mg), and $59.99 (1500 mg).

Five CBD Capsules

Five CBD Capsules

If you prefer taking your daily CBD dosage at one goes, then capsules will be the best option for you. The company offers them in full-spectrum form, using alcohol organic hemp plant extracts alongside other useful ingredients. However,  it recommends its users to administer them orally only, with the aid of their favourite beverage or water. Five CBD capsules are non-GMO and vegan, sold at $59.99 (1500 mg). Lastly, the company recommends one capsule per day as the dosage increases depending on your body reaction. Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD and comes in a pack of 30 capsules.

What we like about the company

Fascinatingly, the company offers free shipping despite the amount used to make purchases, unlike most recently established brands and others that have been in the market for more than a decade. Additionally, due to its centralized independent third-party lab, it has been coming up with accurate potency variance, which is a plus to its side. In addition, before processing its hemp, it is tested for purity affirmation. Lastly, its prices are more favourable considering its premium quality products.

What we don’t like about the company

The company needs to go an extra mile in terms of products. Its line of products is limited, blocking out other interested customers who would prefer its trademark. Before it expands its line of products, we recommend they consider providing unique products such as vape, pet and any other product they might take advantage of before flooding the market. They should also reconsider its main menu colour since it is destructive and might not be favourable to a person with sight technicalities. Lastly, they should reconsider displaying its extraction method and preferably use CO2.

Overall Verdict

Despite Five being a recently established company, it has committed and invested a lot of energy and funds to ensure they manufacture the best standards within the CBD market, which they have attained. We highly recommend its products because of their exclusive quality levels and safety. Also, they have accurate lab results, which is an added advantage that so many companies have failed in. This makes its products safe for consumption. However, we call upon the company to address its limited shortcomings since none deals with its products. One significant thing they should consider is extending its line of products, with their quality products, they have a better space in the market.

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