Five Fantastic Relationship Tips For Married Couples

Five Fantastic Relationship Tips For Married Couples

Contrary to popular belief married couples have quite a lot of sex! We are often encouraged (via comedy, embittered ex-partners, and commitment phobic individuals) to believe that once you get married the sex stops. According to recent research this ‘fact’ is simply untrue as the study revealed that married couples have just as much sex as their unmarried counterparts, however it’s the quality which can often dip once you’ve been together for a little while. Quite often we begin to get a bit bored of sex with our partners if we don’ make the effort to keep things fresh and new.

Below I have included five fantastic relationship saving tips for married couples.

Make more time for sex – when you’re first married the chances are that you will be having more sex than you have done in years, however the ‘honeymoon period’ begins to wear off quickly and it’s important to try and maintain it for as long as possible. Place sex at the top of your agenda and make a real effort to jump each other whenever you get the chance – in the car, on the sofa, in the garden, and of course; when you go to bed!

Sort out any arguments – don’ let disagreements and conflict ruin the atmosphere of your relationship as this resentment can quickly travel from the sight of the argument to the bedroom. Face your rows head on and try your best to resolve them before bedtime. Having make-up sex is always fun!

Get plenty of exercise and cook healthy meals together – getting into the kitchen together can be a lot of fun and allows you to work as a team. Eating well and exercising regularly will help to make sure that you look great for yourself and your partner. Have you ever considered going to the gym together? It’s a fab way of keeping your energy levels up, and you also get to see your partner looking all hot and bothered!

Flirt! When you first started dating the two of you would have spent plenty of time teasing and flirting with each other, so don’ let that slip away. Flirting is so much fun and should not be reserved for early on in the relationship only.

Surprise each other often by being spontaneous – if you fancy trying that new restaurant then book a table and surprise your other half, wear saucy lingerie on a casual day out shopping and give them a sneak peak, and buy them little gifts every now and then. Keep the passion, excitement and affection alive.

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