Unlike some companies who consider CBD as a business platform, Focl maximizes its products to offer health and wellness solutions. Notably, it uses hemp as its primary raw product even though it blends in other supplement ingredients to improve the effectiveness and quality of its products. Additionally, it uses various inventions confirmed by its scientists, which is evident in the plant-powered products due to their effectiveness. However, each step used in manufacturing its products has been proven effective and secure before being brought to play. Since quality is pre-determined by the raw material, much focus has been emphasized on the raw material used, especially the hemp plant. It closely monitors the hemp plant’s growth and ensures no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to boost its growth. Since its establishment, it has insisted on organic farming practices and only uses fertile land to grow its hemp. To keep learning about the Focl trademark, kindly keep reading our review. We have captured useful information about the company, its manufacturing process and the range of products used to win over the competitive market.

About the Company

Even before the brand was established, its CEO had a dream that he turned into a mission when he launched it. Ken Lawson, the Focl CEO, established the brand to offer a similar solution he obtained when suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Before using CBD products, he tried various medications that couldn’t provide him with a long-lasting solution. However, Ken Lawson also realized that he filled his body with chemicals that would harm his body more as he continued using them. Before settling on using hemp-based products, he had tried several herbs, which increased his knowledge in herbs and the natural food industry. After using herbs and hemp-based plants, he developed an inspiration to offer a similar solution to people suffering from similar problems and other related wellness and health issues.

Although Focl CBD trademark is a committed company that offers the best products within the CBD market and keeps its customers informed on natural products, a few areas are yet to be addressed. However, it provides adequate details on its manufacturing processes to uphold transparency levels at each step. As we went through its website, we noted it had given attention to many issues that other brands find minor. Its ingredients are handled with great care and planted in fertile soil to obtain the highest standards within CBD. Additionally, the company has devoted itself to time research using a team of experienced and qualified researchers to ensure both the ingredients and manufacturing processes are up to date and effective.

Besides, if you don’t find any information you require under the website’s homepage, we recommend visiting its FAQ page. Various concerns that keep emerging from customers have been clearly articulated, both on the brand and general CBD issues. Notably, concerns on CBD that have been articulated include its role in improving health and wellness concerns, the reason for using hemp, and other concerns. On matters concerning Focl, the company has clearly articulated shipping and return policy, farming practices, and measures taken by the company to obtain quality.

Furthermore, if your concern hasn’t been raised in either, we recommend reaching its support team for further guidance. To reach its support team, they have provided contact details on “Contact Us” at the bottom of its page. On this page, you will note its physical address (1336 Moorpark Rd #248Thousand Oaks, CA 91360), Email ([email protected]), phone number (1-800-777-FOCL), and message box where you are needed to enter your name, email, phone number and the concern. Its support team is readily available and responds within 24 hours. In our own experience, when we reached out to them to ask them about its farming practices and the accuracy of its lab results, we received a detailed response within two hours.

Consequently, to assess its buying experience, we decided to order a few products. Notably, we easily navigated its website and located the required information easily since it was well organized. Also, we could easily add and remove products on our shopping cart without experiencing any doubtful experience while eliminating products. Upon getting contented, we confirmed the list and went further to approve payments. On the third day, we received our products well-packed that no one would notice what was in without opening it. Before the products leave the manufacturing facility, an email will be shared with a tracking number to help you locate your products until it is delivered to your designated destination.

Manufacturing Process

To provide its customers with the best products of premium standards, it pays attention to each step involved in manufacturing its products. First, it ensures appropriate farming methods are used. It uses organic farming methods free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides whose particles might penetrate the end products to avoid contaminating its products. Additionally, it also uses its team of professional researchers and chemists to ensure proper crafting methods are adhered to. Notably, the company is has obtained legal operation documents permitting it to carry out marijuana farming and manufacture its products. Its manufacturing facility and processes have been approved by both FDA and USDA, which is a plus on its side.

For the company to meet the demands of its customers, it has been maximizing on CO2 extraction method to extract useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Besides, it keeps researching various naturally occurring elements blended in its primary raw material to yield rapid effectiveness and come up with products of premium standards. During crafting, minimal chemicals are used to prevent chemical particles from penetrating its products.

Before releasing its products to the market, each batch is tested for potency and purity levels. The company has employed an independent third-party lab responsible for ensuring THC levels in all its products are contained below the optimum level of 0.3%. Additionally, it confirms the CBD levels on the labels and under each product match the one in the products to avoid overdosing on its customers. Lastly, it’s also responsible for confirming that all its products are void of any harmful contaminant that might affect products purity levels.

Range of products

One thing we noted about the Focl products, it’s their uniqueness. Although most products are similar to those of other brands, they are unique, and the most recent technology has been used to come up with outstanding products of high quality.

Focl CBD Fruit Chews

Focl CBD Fruit Chews

If you are looking for one of the easiest ways to administer your daily dosage of CBD products, then chews and capsules are the best methods. Unlike tinctures and topical products, one can easily move about with chews, even in the pocket. To make the chewing experience enjoyable, it uses fruit flavours such as wild berry, strawberry, orange cream, which brings out delicious tests. The company’s website recommends its customers not to go beyond three gummies a day. Lastly, the bottle consists of 30 gummies sold at $39.00.

Focl Relief Cream

Focl Relief Cream

Have you had a long and tiresome day or from working out and would wish your body to relax? Then you don’t have to worry anymore; the company offers Relief Cream uniquely designed to promote relief and relaxation by using hemp plant and other useful ingredients. After its application, sudden joint and muscle relief will be experienced due to MCT oil, which increases the absorption rate. However, each bottle has 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD blended with menthol, camphor oil, eucalyptus, camphor, shea butter, and arnica sold at $39.00.

Focl CBD Drops

Focl CBD Drops

Unlike other tinctures manufactured by brands that are after profits, Focl tinctures are crafted with great care to obtain the highest standards and yield rapid effectiveness. Despite being processed in broad-spectrum using hemp extracts, they are also offered in either mint, orange cream or cherry flavours. Depending on the customer’s preference, they are available in a potency range of 300 mg and 1,000 mg and are designed to reduce anxiety and help people calm down. Lastly, they are sold at $39.00 for 300 mg and $69.00 for 1,000.

Focl Immunity Capsules

Focl Immunity Capsules

Capsules are gaining similar fame to the one the gummies have. They are easy to travel with as well as administer. Notably, the company recommend its customers to only administer one per day with the aid of their favourite drink or water. Currently, they manufacture Echinacea, Elderberry, Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, and Astragalus capsules. Each of the mentioned is manufactured in broad-spectrum using hemp extracts and other useful ingredients to meet its purpose and rapid effectiveness simultaneously. Lastly, they are sold at considerably low prices that most people could afford.

What we like about the company

Unlike other trademarks products, Folc products are of unquestionable quality since all of them are manufactured with great care to attain the highest standards. To help it come up with the premium products, they source their hemp within the USA, and they have been certified by bodies such as CoA and GMP, whose standards are a bit high. Additionally, they offer fair prices that make their products affordable even to the low earners and the unprivileged. Despite offering average prices, they still maintain the highest quality possible and have subscription services. Last but not least, the company has room for expansion, making them still conduct research and continue offering innovative products that are rare within the CBD market. Although we have experienced most CBD companies giving 30-day room for products return, they provide 60-days to customers who don’t find their products effective.

What we don’t like about the company

Despite concentrating on various factors that would make their Focl trademark preferable, two areas need some adjustments. Due to the increased competition within CBD, most companies are now offering free shipping, unlike them, which only provide it when purchases exceed $75.00. Also, they don’t deliver products in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Lastly, most customers who highly rely on high percentages of CBD won’t get help from the company since they have high ratios of other ingredients.


Although we have outlined a few disadvantages of the company, the advantages still out way them, concerning hemp and other elements ratio, shouldn’t be a great concern to people who are looking for natural products to improve their health and wellness condition not unless they are specifically looking for CBD products. Therefore, we highly recommend Focl products since they are manufactured with great care to attain safety and quality standards. Since competition from potential trademarks continues to become a threat, we highly recommend adding more unique products and attending to the disadvantages.

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