Foreplay starts way before the bedroom

Foreplay starts way before the bedroom

A lot of people think that foreplay is something that you do to each other right before you actually have sex. But what if you decided to really expand on that definition and actually start foreplay hours or even days before you actually jump in the sack.

Teasing and taunting and flirting is something that seems to have lost a bit of its edge. What with life getting faster and relationships coming and going like the wind. But we all know what it is like to really anticipate something. Even when we were kids the idea of looking forward to something was almost as much as fun as when the real event or real present actually arrived.

Well it’s not that much different when it comes to sex. Sometimes just thinking about what you are going to be able to do once you get off work can make your workday go all that much faster. Keeping your mind engaged and your imagination flowing can be a lot of fun – even as much fun as the actually lovemaking that you’ve arranged or set up.

You can have a lot of fun and in fact, really spice up your sex life if you start engaging in some good old fashioned teasing. If you know that you are going to hook up on Saturday night, then why not start the teasing a few days earlier?

Leave him a little love note or a text message saying that you can’t wait to get him in bed on Saturday. Without being to exact, start leaving hints on what exactly you have in mind. Leave him a voice mail, with your best sultry voice telling him how much you are turned on right now just thinking about the weekend.

Don’t let him get any sex until that night. Use that whole time just to keep taunting him and leaving him hanging with a giant boner just thinking about what he is going to get in a few days.

It might be hard not to just jump in your car and whip over to his house once you get yourself all wound up as well, but resist. In fact, make a rule that there will be no masturbating either before the big night.

You want to see just how pent up you can both get, by keeping the wanting high but not giving into temptation. Then when date night arrives, don’t you dare go right to the bedroom. Go out in public, to a movie or to dinner and keep the flirty going right on.

Maybe show up wearing no panties and whisper that in his ear right before the waiter comes to the table to take your order. Watch his face then you lick your lips and slide a finger right down between your own breasts.

Keep up the teasing right until the very last minute. When you finally get him home and rip his clothes off he won’t even be able to stand it any longer. But rest assured that night is going to be one you remember for a long time. It’s bound to be some great sex and well worth all the waiting and anticipation. So if you are finding that foreplay has just shrunk to a few quite kisses and a quick feel, then why not try something a little different and a little naughty. It might just spice things up enough to really get things back on track.

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