CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol from the cannabis flower and infusing it with an organic carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil. The quality and potency of CBD oil depends on the extraction method. A more natural method of extraction with inert organic solvents such as C02 produces quality CBD oil with natural integral components. CBD is associated with various health and well-being benefits. Although not yet clinically endorsed, it is believed to help with physical and mental conditions such as pain and anxiety. CBD oil can be consumed in various ways; from direct oral doses or food and beverage infusions to topical massages externally. This article issues a guide on how to take CBD oil for more effective results.

Use the Most Efficient Method of Intake

There are plenty of methods you can use to take CBD oil.  These include direct oral doses or capsules, topical rubs and balms, creative infusions into meals, beverages and sweet treats. Each of these methods of intake produces results. The effectiveness therefore depends on how fast the effects are felt, and the exact effect needed. CBD oil capsules and meal infusions typically take longer, as the CBD has to pass through the digestive tract before being broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. This takes at least half an hour before the effects are felt. It is therefore not an effective method for emergencies, especially painful ones. There are, however, quicker methods. These include;

Dropper Administration Under the Tongue

This is one of the quickest ways to efficiently feel the effects of CBD oils or tinctures. The area under the tongue is rich in capillaries. This means that the CBD will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, typically one starts feeling the effect of the oil within a few minutes. Administer 5 drops directly under the tongue and hold them there for about a minute or so before swallowing. This is an effective way to take CBD oil for quick relief.

Smoking CBD Oil in Vape Pens

Smoking produces effective results faster as well. The CBD oil smoke goes straight to the lungs, where it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. The effects of vaping CBD oil will typically be felt almost immediately, making it an effective method of CBD intake for an emergency. The long-term effects of vaping are yet to be established.

Oral Doses

Oral doses are also an effective method of achieving faster results. Directly ingested CBD oil is absorbed faster in the fat cells once it gets to the stomach. The effects of orally administered CBD doses are felt within a relatively short time.

Beverage Infusions

Beverage infusions ensure faster absorption because beverages are mostly absorbed directly to the tissues. Once they get to the stomach, CBD in the beverage is in turn quickly absorbed in the fat cells, effectively delivering quick results.

Choose the Most Effective Type of CBD

CBD oil is available in three major types. CBD isolate is the purest form, containing CBD as the sole compound. It is usually highly processed, and is good for a pure CBD experience. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains nearly all the natural chemical components found in the cannabis plant, with the exception of THC. They provide multiple relief against various conditions without getting one  ‘high.’ Full-spectrum CBD oils contain every compound and terpene found in the cannabis plant including moderate amounts of THC. Notably, CBD isolate oils offer only the benefits associated with pure CBD. Full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils are preferably the most effective types of CBD oil. They offer collective benefits of several inherent terpenes and cannabinoids found in the hemp extract, known as the entourage effect. To take CBD oil effectively, go for one that contains the entourage effect.

Use the Correct Dosage Amount

CBD oils come in various potencies. Some oils have as low as 5mg per serving when one may need to use a large amount before feeling any effect. This can be really extravagant and in case you’re using it for meal infusions, it may end up ruining the recipe. It is therefore advisable to use CBD oil that meets the level of potency best suited to personal needs. If your CBD oil does not give you the desired effect, you should  step up the potency of each dose rather than increasing the amount of oil to use. That way, the CBD oil becomes more effective with each dose.

Take the Most Suitable Oil for Personal Needs

CBD oils are designed to provide various health and wellness benefits. As a result, most CBD products are manufactured with specific objectives. Some are tailored to address sleep-related complications, others address pain symptoms, anxiety and many other individual complications. Hence, it is important to carry out personalized research to determine the best oil that suits an individual’s needs. Calm By Wellness CBD Drops, for instance, is a CBD product designed specifically to address sleep-related complications. Knowing what to get for a particular need will ensure you get an effective intake of CBD oil.


The effectiveness of CBD oil depends generally on personal reasons for consumption. CBD oils are designed to provide various physical and mental health and wellness benefits. Therefore, know which CBD oil is the most suitable choice for personal needs. Your method of intake also determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the oil. Direct oral doses, vape pens and drops under the tongue are some of the quickest methods that ensure effective results. Furthermore, for CBD oil to be effective, determine the potency that works well for you and pick the right dosage. Always check the CBD oil for quality and safety assurance. It should always have evidence of certified third-party testing with a credible COA to prove it. The quality of CBD oil also determines its effectiveness.

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