FourfiveCbd Review

FourfiveCbd Review


CBD manufactures various products and among them is the fourfive CBD. These are products meant to relief and eliminate muscle aches and pain among other health benefits.  The brand offers its customers different types of products in various forms: cream, capsules and CBD sprays. The source of these CBD products is from hemp, which they find in Croatia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Czech Republic.  The hemp is taken through a superior carbon dioxide extraction method in order to get the final product.  According to our research, the products are taken through third-par testing to confirm that they are free from any solvent residuals.  These products have a CBD strength of between 300mg to 2000mg. Their price range depends mostly on the type of product you prefer. You may find that the capsules and balms are more expensive than the oil sprays. They offer shipping for products and give discounts for specific orders. Their transparency is quite clear since you can find information about them on their website. For customer services you can reach them through the postal address, contact number or their email which they have provided on their website. There is however no option for customers who would prefer a live chat.

About The Company

Fourfive CBD is a UK-based high quality CBD company which was founded by Dominic Day and George Kruis.  It was founded in 2018 by these two international rugby players who targeted eliminating pain and improving people’s health conditions. We found out that these two players had this idea after they had injuries and attempted to search for suitable medicine for their pain. This idea turned into a success. They get these products from hemp which is sourced from different countries.  In search for more information on their products, we found out that their website does not describe whether they are natural. The website however clearly gives valuable information regarding the company, its products, prescriptions and the manufacturing process. The information is easily arranged and summarized for its customers.  For each product, a page is given where the nature of the product and prescriptions for use is stated.

For customers who would like to reach them, they have provided a Facebook page where they respond to you on time. An email address and a contact number have also been provided in this website. However, we tried to reach them through their contact number but there was no response which shows that their customer services are not perfect.

In this website, they have included their report on Banned Substances Control Group. This shows that they have a third party testing that makes sure that their products are toxic free. We noticed that the manufacturing process is also included. They have explained the two main methods of CBD extraction: ethanol-based extraction and the CO2 extraction. This information is really helpful to the customers and any stakeholders who would wish to join the company. On further research, we looked through their FAQs pages. We realized that the questions mostly asked are not entirely related to the specific product rather they are general CBD questions.  We would advise the website managers to try and involve more questions about fourfive in particular.

Nevertheless, the website has not included any information on whether the product is a non-GMO or any side effects that may arise. No details on any potential benefits or allergies that may come with usage of the product.  We noticed that their customer reviews were not as much hence feedback is a challenge to them. The more the feedback the more the company can actually prove that the products are useful.

Customers can consume the products through different methods; creams and balms, drops and tinctures or as capsules. They doshipping to Ireland and United Kingdom. For products over 50 pounds, the company gives free shipping but charge 2.5 pounds extra for orders below 50 pounds. According to their website and our research, each order takes one or two working days to be delivered. Their packaging is good and they come with booklets with products information. Their buying and shipping procedure is generally easy and reliable. The quality of these products and the company’s reputation is rated with a high percentage by customers. However, their product return policy states that there is no money-back guarantee and a product should not be tampered with for it to be returned.

Manufacturing Process

Fourfive CBD is sourced from hemp and then extracted through the CO2 extraction. The brands hemp is mainly gotten from Croatia and Netherlands. From their website, we captured that this method require CO2 as the major solvent. In order to draw out cannabinoids from the hemp, it is treated with liquid CO2 which is then removed from the extract.  It is exposed to heat since it turns to gas therefore evaporates leaving behind pure CBD oil. This process is preferred to the extraction method because the product gets a higher CBD to THC concentration. There are also no solvent residues left behind.  It is however more expensive and consumes more time to get the finished product compared to the other process.

The products are third party tested by Banned Substances Control Group which is a dependable company in dietary supplements testing. They are tested for ingredient concentration, product safety and credibility. According to the report, it shows that one 30ml bottle contains more than 1000mg of CBD. This shows that a consumer is offered the right amount of CBD per dose. The company also acquires reviews through Trustpilot. Thorough this platform, we saw that they had a rating of 4.6 out of 5 which shows that customers are really contented with their work.

Although the company has provided all this information, it has omitted to mention about whom their vendors are or their legal status to the business. The nature of the facilities they used or their product quality control process is also not indicated. Customers who may be interested in this information may not get it. It also closes doors for partnership and expansion of the company.


Fourfive CBD offers limited products for specific problems.Their price ranges are between $30-$90 per bottle this means that it is $0.05 – $0.1 per mg of CBD. We researched through some of their products and their price ranges and found these products.

CBD oil

CBD oil

This is a 30ml bottle size spray that contains 500mg of CBD. It is mostly recommended after physical activity or when you want fast recovery process. It is sprayed under your tongue since from there it is fact delivered to your body. One bottle is sold for $30 and contains 240 sprays.

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

This is another kind of product that the company offers. It is a 30ml bottle with a CBD capacity of 300mg. as opposed to CBD oil, this one is administered slowly into your body which helps maintain the level of CBD intake. It is prescribed for one to start with low dosage in case of side effects. A capsule once or twice each day; a bottle goes for $30.

CBD balms

For customers who would prefer not to use oil or capsules, fourfive has provided balms for them. These are when the customer is targeting a focused relief on any part of the body. It is meant to relief pain and tension in joints and muscles.

CBD balms

The products are well branded and arrive with instructions of use on the bottle. Their packaging is also high quality and appealing to its customers.

Why We Like The Company

Fourfive CBD is an outstanding company that has a very good reputation to its customers. We analyzed the company and its activities and gave it a good rating. The company has provided an accommodating website page where specific information has been displayed. Details about its foundation, products and dosage,  and manufacturing processes is all clearly explained on their website. Its customer services are also proven to be working and customers receive feedback from the company on time. Being transparent with your customers makes a company prosper since customers will put their trust and loyalty in you.

The products are also tested by a certified third-party which shows that the company cares about what the customers consume. They make sure that they have put the customers’ health first. The products offered can be used by everyone since they offer different preferences. We liked their shipping and buying process which was straightforward and products arrive after one or two days which is very convenient. They also give free shipping offers for specified orders. This attracts the customers.

Why We Don’t Like The Company

We had some issues with the company by the end of our research. First, the company only does shipping to United Kingdom and Ireland only. This means that customers outside these places cannot get their products. We advise the company to widen their shipping areas to accommodate every customer. We also noticed that the price ranges are high for their products. In comparison with other brands, we noticed that their products cost more than in other brands.

They also do not offer money- back guarantee after the return of products. In addition, there is no indication of any side effects that may arise after dosage. This is unfair to the customers because they may use a product blindly which may lead to worse health conditions. It is advisable that the company state all effects that may arise.

We cannot put all our trust in the company since it was only recently founded and has not been in the industry for long. It is hard to predict whether it will survive and stay in the market or will go down.


In conclusion, we rate fourfive CBD as a successful developing company. It only stated business recently but it has received great reviews from its customers. Its products are of good quality and proven to relieve pain after dosage. Although there are few negative analysis, we trust that the brand will work on them with time as it grows. We would recommend customers to get their pain relieving products from this company because they are well tested and researches have shown positive results from consumers.

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