Fun Uses for a Wacky Blow up Sheep

Fun Uses for a Wacky Blow up Sheep

The blow up doll is something of a favourite with everyone from business opportunists (such as the makers of the ‘Just in Beaver’ blow up doll) to movie makers. Ryan Gosling’s character in the movie Lars and the Real Girl has a romantic relationship with an adult doll he names ‘Bianca’, and his whole town plays along with his quirky obsession. Adult toy makers who have a wacky sense of humour have created a blow up sheep that makes an amusing prop. There are a number of fun ways you could use an inflatable animal, but beware strangers might not be as accommodating as Lars’s family is of Bianca!

A blow up sheep makes a hilarious prop for a stag or hen night. Make the bride or groom to be carry his or her new amour around a shopping mall, or take the sheep along for a night of boozing at the pub or some ‘wild’ dancing. There are sure to be laughs all round. For a little fun, you could also dress up your soon to be wed friend and have him or her stand with the sheep at a street corner, begging for cash.

A blow up sheep makes a quirky decoration when you are throwing an adult dress up party, and also makes a great accessory for a Little Bo Peep Halloween outfit. Pare your inflatable sheep with a set of heels and some sheer striped tights and a shepherdess’ crook for a unique ensemble that is sure to raise a few eyebrows (and cause a few giggles).

If you like being a prankster and having a cheeky laugh at your friends’ expense, an inflatable sheep is an amusing thing to leave behind as a surprise gift when you pay a visit. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and sneak into your friend’s bedroom, so that you can inflate the sheep and leave it in a compromising position imagine the ensuing surprise!

An inexpensive inflatable adult toy is a great source of a few laughs, and if you can’t quite stomach an anatomically correct replica of the Biebs, ewe’ll have a hysterical time with a saucy farmyard animal at your disposal.

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