G Spot Guide - G Spot Techniques and Positions
G Spot Guide - G Spot Techniques and Positions

G Spot Guide – G Spot Techniques and Positions

The elusive G-spot. If you haven’t managed to experience the pleasure of a G-spot orgasm, you have at least heard of it. The G-spot, or Grafenberg spot, named after a German gynecologist who first discovered and described that erotic zone that can be found on the anterior wall of the vagina swells up during sexual stimulation.

The specific area where you can find the G-spot is called the urethral sponge and that tissue gets larger, or swells up during sexual arousal. It is quite sensitive and with the right attention and stimulation, it can create powerful orgasms.

Although there are still some schools of thought who dismiss the G-spot argument, stating that it’s only a state of mind, if you have ever experienced a G-spot big O, you will agree it’s wild and not disputing its existence.

It is difficult to find its exact location because if you are not aroused, it’s pretty elusive. It’s small and since it’s internal, it’s not obvious. But if you can insert your finger into your vagina about 1 or 2 inches deep and start feeling around the front wall or roof of your vagina it’s behind the pelvic bone. The wrinkly tissue (urethral sponge) will swell up if you start to stimulate the area and then the G-spot becomes more obvious.

The funnest way to find your G-spot is with your partner during sex. You need to spend some time exploring around and what better way to do that than while you’re having fun. But if you want to find it yourself, it’s easy to do. Just sit up half way, rounding your back. Then open your thighs, bend your knees up and then insert your fingers.

And since the best way to find it is to already be turned on, you might want to do some masturbating or self stimulating of your clitoris first.

Just watch for long nails and then once you start playing around and find yourself being aroused, you should be able to feel it once you start to feel a very intense sensation or that you have to go pee.

At this stage, everyone is different and the amount of stimulation required varies significantly. And depending on what is going on in your life, or where you are within your cycle, the intensity level can change quite a bit. It can be a bit too overwhelming for some women to have too much direct pressure. So you need to figure out what feels good for you and how much you can handle.

At first, it might not feel like too much. Don’t let that deter you, the key is to keep practicing and get over that initial feeling like you have to pee. It is a good idea to empty your bladder though before playing with your G-spot just in case!

So no matter if you believe in a G-spot or not, you sure can have a lot of fun seeing for yourself exactly what a G-spot O is really like!

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