Bondage Ball Gags are common fare on the BDSM buffet. The Bondage Ball Gags come in stunning shapes and sizes. For the right toys for playing the silent erotic games or for exerting befitting punishment, shop online from Peaches & Screams. Browse through Peaches & Screams website for awe-inspiring bdsm mouth gags. Feed your fetishes with ball gags tailor-made for pony and puppy role-play. Take firm charge of your submissive’s mouth with bondage mouth gags attached to head harnesses. Select from pony bit gags, mouth bit gags, O ring mouth gags, mouth bits with collars, penis shaped mouth gags or other lusciously designed Gags and Bits. Peaches and Screams have enough to compliment your BDSM gags erotic skills set. Bondage ball gags are used in BDSM by a dominant for erotic pleasure, as a form of punishment in role-play or merely to subdue a submissive. Mouth gags are toys of total control and are also used to induce a sense of complete helplessness in the submissive. BDSM mouth gags can be used to objectify or humiliate a submissive. Some BDSM players are aroused by the sight of a gagged and drooling submissive. Erotic games involving gags should not be played by people in poor health or who suffer from allergies. When you gag your partner you should not inhibit breathing. Ensure the bondage mouth gags allow constant airflow. A gagged person must never be left alone in a room and they must be constantly monitored to avoid asphyxia. Watch out for possible choking or vomiting. Play should be stopped at the slightest show of any danger or discomfort to the submissive. BDSM games rely on trust and mutual agreement. Only use BDSM gags on a submissive if they have agreed to it and respect their hard limits. Start with smallest size of gags until your submissive reaches a comfortable level to try the next size or something new. Gags cover the mouth and should be kept clean and sterilised to minimise infection or the spread of bacteria. Store your Gags and Bits in a clean, dry and secure place.

Infuse a radical sense of fashion into your BDSM buy a selection of eye-catching bdsm mouth gags from Peaches and Screams. Unleash heightened sensitivity levels of multi-layered pain and pleasure vibrations. Render your submissive speechless and treat them to an orgy of superbly defined erotic play. Put your gags into play and combine with other restraints and treat your submissive to full-on teasing and stimulation. Get your lover’s pleasure senses screaming with pain-tinged desire. Indulge in role-play and map out a seductive route of BDSM “fine dining”. Scale the boundaries and crack the whip as the master of bondage. Buy and use gags from Peaches and Screams and widen your BDSM repertoire. Savour the passionate workmanship woven into the manufacture of Gags and Bits. Feed your fetishes and fantasies with Gags and Bits modeled with pride and passion. Take bold BDSM steps and buy and use Gags and Bits from Peaches and Screams. Roll out a pain and pleasure trip of silence and total submission with Gags and Bits. Join the high stakes connoisseurs of BDSM with carefully selected top of the range Gags and Bits. Ease slowly into Gags and Bits and sample the various products in this category. Build trust and passion with more practice in the use of Gags and Bits.

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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