Get Fit For Summer With Pole-Dancing

Get Fit For Summer With Pole-Dancing

Don’t let the weather fool you: summer is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a great way to firm up and tone then don’t hit the gym! Grab a hold of a pole and perfect the Fireman’s Grip instead. It’s not only good for you and brilliant exercise… it’ll introduce a fresh new aspect to your sex life and can really help to spice things up as your partner gets his very own pole dancing mistress.

Where it all began: the origin of pole dancing

According to popular belief, pole dancing was established in and around the 1920s. It’s a sophisticated combination of acrobatics, gymnastics and core-strength training that can be super sexy too. Gymnasts and acrobats used pole dancing techniques to stage incredible shows that attracted viewers from all over the world. Pole dancing is now incredibly popular with Chinese pole dancing troupes who perform complex manoeuvres in traditional wear.

However, despite the artistic and theatrical heritage, the requirements to have considerable upper-body strength, good tone, slow movements as little clothing as possible made it an obvious choice to move into strip clubs which is what most people associate it with today.

Getting a grip: pole dancing for beginners

You’d be amazed at how much effort it takes to pole dance which is why it is this summer’s hottest get-fit-quick exercise technique. It’s a whole lot of fun as you swing around a slippery pole with a series of moves that are at home in the gym but won’t go amiss in the bedroom either.

It’s important to use a proper pole for practising as these provide better grip and are properly secured in place so that you can’t hurt yourself. Once you’re all set to get going remember the basics:

The less you wear, the better your grip

You get special pole-dancing powder which enables you grip the pole with your hands in even the hottest weather

Practice makes perfect, so if you don’t succeed at first, get back up on that pole and try again

Pole dancing is meant to be fun and sexy, and will change the way you feel about yourself as you see your muscles tone up and your shape get firmer. You’ll notice a difference after just one session and you’ll find that it’s a really great toner and shaper for summer! Learn the basic moves with a professional and install your own pole at home for a get-fit exercise station. Plus, it won’t hurt to show off your new-found moves for your man either!

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