The nourishing and calming effects of cannabidiol (CBD) have taken the beauty and wellness sector by storm. Hemp plant derivatives, especially CBD, have become highly popularized due to the increased customer demand in the beauty and wellness sector. CBD’s reputation in the beauty industry has been taken to the next level with the invention of  CBD bath bombs. This article expounds more on CBD bath bombs and their potential benefits.

CBD bath bombs are ball-shaped topical products made from fragrances, essential oils, and CBD. They have become a great way for people to redefine their relaxation due to the calming and rejuvenating effects of the ingredients. CBD bath bombs fizz as they dissolve, releasing the CBD, fragrances, and essential oils into the bathwater. This creates a pleasant experience and allows the natural ingredients to penetrate the body. Although CBD and THC are extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD does not get you high because it lacks the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Below are some potential benefits of soaking in a CBD-infused bath.

Moisturizing and Positive Skin Effects

According to Baswan et al. (2020), CBD has moisturizing and healing effects on the skin. Therefore, it is regarded as an important ingredient in bath bombs. The research also suggested that CBD oil might positively impact sebocytes ( the sebum creation cells), reducing or preventing pimples. In addition, CBD is rich in protein which inhibits free radicals that can harm the skin. CBD bath bombs might also keep your skin softer and smooth due to their hydration properties, especially when combined with essential oils, giving it a youthful glow. CBD is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that produce radiant and healthy skin.

CBD Bath Bombs have Relaxing Properties

Soaking in a bath is therapeutic because baths convey minerals, promote healing, and relaxation, especially after workouts or long and stressful days. These benefits can be enhanced by CBD due to its therapeutic effects. Casanova et al. (2003) stated that soaking in a hot water bath enlarges the blood vessels, and blood flows faster, promoting relaxation and de-stressing. Also, hot water opens up the pores, enhancing faster absorption of CBD. According to the study, CBD enhances relaxation, eases musculoskeletal pain, and reduces inflammation. Therefore CBD has become highly popularized to customize normal baths, taking relaxation during bath time to the next level.

Effect of CBD Bath Bombs on Sleep

According to Shannon et al. (2019), CBD improves the length and quality of sleep due to its calming effects that promote mental relaxation and prepares the body for sleep. In addition, CBD provides short-term relief from several conditions affecting sleep, such as anxiety and pain. This cannabinoid stabilizes the mood and creates a positive impact acting as an additional therapy for patients dealing with various mental or health disorders. Therefore, the use of CBD bath bombs has been associated with improving the sleeping patterns of different individuals.

CBD Bath Bombs Might Treat Pain and Aches

According to Überall (2020), CBD bath bombs might help manage pain in your body. CBD bath bombs are a great option, especially because they allow for an all-around absorption rather than targeting only specific areas of the body. Cannabinoids interact with pain receptors in the body to provide pain relief. Although the effects last only when in the tub, you can add other CBD products for more effective and long-lasting effects.

CBD Bath Bombs Can Be Customized

It is easy to obtain easy-to-follow recipes that you can use to customize your bath bombs with the many online sources available. You can exclude some ingredients in the commercial CBD bath bombs, such as the strong fragrances that may cause migraine headaches and some that may cause skin irritation. Homemade CBD bath bombs may be cheaper than commercial ones since you tailor them to suit your special needs. Do not miss out on the therapeutic benefits of CBD bath bombs. Try making your tailor-made bath bombs and enjoy them from the comfort of your home.

CBD Bath Bombs Have an Anti-inflammatory Effect

Atalay et al. (2019) suggested that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can be recommended for people ailing from various inflammation issues such as eczema and psoriasis. Soaking in a CBD-infused bath hastens the process of CBD absorption into the skin and blood through the pores.


If you love CBD products and would love to try something new, a CBD bath bomb is a perfect choice. The invention of CBD bath bombs combined with other therapy oils and their benefits has made them highly popularized among customers. Also, the increasing legality of CBD products makes CBD bath bombs a promising product in the wellness and beauty sector. Although research on CBD products is in its early stages, consumers can reap the benefits of CBD in bath bombs without worrying about health risks since it is absorbed through the skin. If you counter any negative effects, discontinue the use of the products and consult a physician.


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