Go Bra-Less This Summer With A Few Handy Tips

Go Bra-Less This Summer With A Few Handy Tips

Summer’s finally here and the temptation to out in strappy tops and slinky dresses is matched by a voyeuristic enthusiasm from the male population. So if you want to let your ladies loose and enjoy a cooling breeze, here are this summer’s dos and don’ts for going bra-less.


Invest in a set of pasties. They’re smooth and breathable, and give you up to eight hours of nipple-coverage which prevents awkward wardrobe malfunctions if you’re wearing thin fabric.

Wear a halter neck, or enjoy a bit of summer fun with a bikini. Wearing a halter neck or bikini will give you some support but will still give you the care-free comfort of going bra-less. This is especially important for women who are more endowed with bigger breasts.

Enjoy the benefits of double-sided boob tape which lets you stick down errant necklines and prevent slippages which would either get caught on camera or really make your boss’s day.


Wear a strapless top or a boob tube if you’re a C cup or above. This can cause an unattractively low neckline that looks more saggy than summery.

Wear low necklines. Turning quickly or bending over while bra-less in a low-necked top or dress will result in exposed paparazzi moments that will last a life time. Think Janet Jackson and Lindsay Lohan, and then opt for a more sensible top or dress.

Wear sheer or transparent fabrics. It’s all the rage for celebrities to show off their assets, but for every day wear, wearing a transparent top will give those around you more than their fair share of eye candy and could even be considered ‘indecent exposure’ (no matter how decent your admirers think you are!). Cover up in style with a light cotton fabric instead for a light and airy cover-all that will look chic and stylish.

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