Good MORNING! Wake-up Sex is Rated Best

Good MORNING! Wake-up Sex is Rated Best

Sex is probably the furthest thing from your mind as you wake up, bleary-eyed, and attempt to whack the alarm clock back into sleep mode. But, experts say that this is the very best time for sex. Forget about morning breath and being late for work, a quickie in the morning is a better pick-me-up than a cup of your favourite brew.

Scientists and sex therapists agree: most men are horniest in the mornings, and they’ve got increased energy and plenty of stamina in reserve which can make your morning shag the best of the day. He’ll last longer, plus he’ll wake up with renewed energy and are ready to go with their morning glory saying how-do-you-do. Who are you to let it go to waste?

If you fancy a morning wake-up call that will leave you feeling energised and ready for the day ahead, consider setting your alarm a lot earlier than you usually would. Statistically, sex usually lasts from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, but can go on indefinitely with added foreplay and games. Set your alarm and make sure that you have enough time to hit the snooze button and still make it to work on time.

While men may feel like they’re on top of the world at 8am, most women don’t. Don’t let that affect your morning sex life: you can find a comfortable position that lets him do all the hard work while you enjoy his ministrations and a comfy spot. Spooning works brilliantly for morning sex, and keeps the morning breath badness away from your nostrils (and his). You can also swivel around to your back from this position and form a ‘T’ which lets him hit your g-spot more easily – and let’s not forget, his hands are free to wander around your most sensitive regions too.

One study, released by Medical Daily, suggests that there are other added health benefits to morning sex too. According to the experts, morning sex can boost your immune system, improve your fertility, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve skin tone and hair quality. It’s like a beauty and health routine in bed that doesn’t cost a penny!

Anastasia Filipenko is a health and wellness psychologist, dermatolist and a freelance writer. She frequently covers beauty and skincare, food trends and nutrition, health and fitness and relationships. When she's not trying out new skincare products, you'll find her taking a cycling class, doing yoga, reading in the park, or trying a new recipe.

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