Green Lotus is one of the CBD companies that ensures quality is attained at all times. To ensure it wins customers trust, the brand is primarily based on the quality of hemp they get to obtain quality products. Unlike most CBD companies whose amount of CBD and THC fails to match with the one on the label, the brand takes this as their strength. They have committed themselves to ensure their third-party results are accurate and label them without misinforming the customers. After obtaining the results, the brand posts it for customer pre-purchase verification under each product. Besides, despite the brand offering quality products to its customers, it has its prices moderated. We have experienced various companies who provide quality, but most customers can’t afford the products, which is not the case for Green Lotus. After checking most of the prices of their products, we noted that they range between $14.95 to $149.95, which arefavourable. To keep learning about Green Lotus CBD, keep reading our insight; it captures all essential details.

About the company

Green Lotus was founded with an aim of creating a world where people would receive natural healing power of hemp at affordable rates and available to everyone. Since the brand was established in 2016, it has committed itself in offering premium products derived from hemp that wouldn’t be compared to any other brand across CBD. Green Lotus was founded by veterans and natives of Texas who dedicated themselves in offering quality and being transparent in their operations at all times. Besides, although they have established some new offices in Colorado recently, their headquarters are based in Texas.

Since the brand was established in 2016, it has always given its mission of cultivating and crafting all-natural, carbon-based CBD products that address natural remedies a priority. Even after the brand was established and continued to gain fame overtime, they continue to carry repeated research and find new avenues of improving products up to date.

Although the question of transparency and accuracy has been disturbing most CBD users, Green Lotus has given new hope to CBD customers. The brand has invested a lot of effort and funds to hire a centralized independent third-party lab to ensure their products are not only safe but contain the needed amount of potency. After tests have been carried and affirmed by the lab, they are posted on their website. In addition, we noted that most of their results we accurate and where accuracy was not attained, then the variance was under 10% (which is acceptable).

From time to time, the brand keeps upholding its good reputation by offering good products and attending to customers’ needs and giving them a priority. The brand works closely with GL Brands, its mother company, to ensure its products are well-represented in all parts of the world. Besides, the brand is also committed to ensuring it gives back to the community by supporting various groups of people, such as veterans who are given a discount and allowed to do monthly subscriptions that are cheaper than buying from one time to another.

Green Lotus also offers a well-designed website that is easy to understand, locate information, and get to the product you would want to order. On their website, we have a friendly main menu with a “Shop CBD Products” link that directs customers to the product catalogue easily to start shopping. We realized that we could easily navigate their website and locate what we wanted easily. However, we found our buying experience easy and open since we could easily add and remove products on our cart. Before we added any product to our cart, we realized it had adequate product information: its ingredients, mode of extraction, dosage, how to use it, and its prices. Lastly, before order confirmation, the brand allows customers to verify products they intend to order to ensure no item is added falsely.

For Green Lotus customers who wish to seek clarification, the brand offers them an extensive FAQ page that addresses common issues or questions raised by its customers. For customers whose concerns might not be addressed under the FAQ page, the brand gives contact information (phone number and email) to reach their support team; (760) 647-8262[email protected]. Apart from the two, they also have a contact page that might require you to give specific details before addressing your concern. Under the contact page, you will be needed to enter the category of help you need, your name, email address, and the intended comment or concern. Lastly, the brand offers various online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to help customers interact and give their own experiences with the company and its products.

Manufacturing process

Besides the brand owning 125 acres of land in Colorado, they are also certified as organic hemp farmers. Since the company has its land where it grows its hemp used to manufacture its products, they can control the farming activities carried out on the farm. The brand leaders visit its farm to ensure proper organic farming measures are undertaken from time to time. Their hemp is grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides that might interfere with the quality of their hemp. The monitoring keeps on going up to the harvest stage, where they use handpicking, which doesn’t interrupt or destroy the hemp plant during harvest.

After the hemp has been harvested, it’s taken to their manufacturing facility within 24 hours. The brand adheres to manufacturing measures stipulated by GMP, which has also checked and certified their manufacturing facility to address safety and quality. Like most CBD companies, Green Lotus employs a supercritical CO2 extraction method, which most brands consider more effective than ethanol. Additionally, their product formulation is totally plant-based and 100% organically certified, non-GMO ingredients void of fertilizers, chemicals, and synthetics.

Before any product gets released to the market, it has to undergo third-party lab tests for potency and purity confirmation. The brand has invested a lot of effort since most CBD companies have failed toperform well at this point. All results obtained froma centralized independent lab are posted under every product and on the labels of the products. Consequently, the brand offers QR codes that allow the customers to confirm the tests after receiving the products.

Range of products

Green Lotus markets itself using vape cartridges, pre-rolled joints, topicals, soft gels, gummies and tinctures. Each of these products is manufactured uniquely to meet the effectiveness of its purpose.

Green Lotus CBD tinctures

Green Lotus CBD tinctures

The product tinctures are designed in full-spectrum with a blend of naturally occurring sweet terpenes, which offer a refreshing feeling. The product is offered in four varieties, and its extracts are obtained using the CO2 method. According to the company’s website description given by the companys website, they are designed to keep the body active and relieve stress by supporting relaxation daily. In addition, the tinctures are designed so that they can be blended in either beverages or foods. Lastly, they are sold at a price range of $19.99 to $139.99.

Green Lotus CBD Soft gels

Green Lotus CBD Soft gels

Capsules have been discovered to be convenient to most CBD users since they are administered in onego and are easy to move around with. Due to this convenience, most CBD companies have decided to offer them as they continue gaining prominence. According toits website, they recommend this product be administered at night; orally with the aid of your favourite drink or water. The CBD used to manufacture the soft gels is obtained using the CO2 extraction method and are formulated from 100% organically grown hemp, which is grown under regulated climate conditions. Notably, the products are non-vegan and entail gelatin as one of the ingredients used.

Green Lotus CBD Gummies

Green Lotus CBD Gummies

To enhance teste that would attract customers to continue taking more gummies, Green Lotus offers its gummies in fruit flavours (natural) and have vegetable-based colour. Consequently, the brand uses various natural ingredients such as pectin and cane sugar to enhance effectiveness and sweetness. Notably, no artificial fillers or dyes are used to craft the gummies. To maintain the gummies potency levels, the brand recommends that consumers store them in a cool place void of direct sunlight, which decreases their potency levels.

Green Lotus CBD Topicals

According to the description provided under topicals on the Green Lotus website, the cream is cautiouslycrafted by a former chemist and nutraceuticals expert who had been interested in cosmetics development and attained adequate experience. Before the products are released to the market, they undergo third-party tests to ensure they are safe for usage and contain the correct amount of CBD and THC.

Green Lotus CBD Topicals

Besides the discussed products, the brand also offers pet products, pre-rolled joints, and vape cartridges.

What we like about the company

One fascinating thing about the brand is its ability to offer free shipping despite the price or size of the order. Most CBD companies we have analyzed offer free shipping, but on orders that meet a certain amount; this is a big plus on Green Lotus CBD. Consequently, the brand relies on hemp grown only on their farm, making it easier to control farming activities that would enhance quality in the ultimate products. In addition, their hemp is certified to be organic and adheres to organic farming methods to avoid contamination of the products.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has proved to be accurate and transparent in its operations, especially concerning third-party lab results, they still need to offer more. The brand has failed to offer information concerning the purity levels of their products; inadequate testing for contaminants and purity levels. Although their catalogue seems easy for most customers, it might be challenging for new consumers. Lastly, its customer service doesn’t extend to weekends; only available from 9 – 5 p.m. MST, the USA on weekdays.


All said than done, we recommend the trademark products since they are obtained from organically grown hemp and crafted with customer safety as a priority. The brand has stood out to be unique by bringing new hope to CBD customers who had lost hope in CBD products accuracy. Although the brand has stood out to be unique, it needs to find more weaknesses plus the ones we have addressed to become better. The CBD market has become so competitive that it can’t leave loopholes for negativity open. Lastly, the trademark also needs to find more areas of strength to keep customers flowing on their side.

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