Are you out of options and looking for a brand that might adhere to your CBD needs? Then you don’t have to worry anymore; Green Roads has your back covered. It offers the most extensive line of products within CBD companies, with different strengths, formulations, tests and quantities. To understand more about the company and its operations, keep reading our insight since it has essential details.

About the company

Green Roads CBD was founded by a long-serving pharmacist named Laura Fuentes, who had obtained her license for 25 years. In 2013, a friend named Arby Barrasso came to her seeking help for her health issues since she believed her answer lied between CBD and Laura could offer help since she knew much about it. Out of desperation to help a friend who strongly believed in her, Laura committed after work and weekends to trying to find a solution for her friend. She came up with different CBD formulations and offered them to her friend; after sometime, the formulations started working, and Arbys health got better.

The wellness improvement of Arby gave her determination to offer a similar solution to more people who were suffering from general health well-being; it became a personal responsibility and mission. During this time, the CBD business had not become famous, although Laura left her job and came to gamble in the CBD business. During this time, the business experienced a lot of uncertainties and challenges since both F.D.A. and D.E.A. was at their neck. Laura did not give up, she pushed on by offering multiple formulations to help boost the general well-being of his family and friends as the company grew out of this circle.

Today, Brightfield Research group ranks Green Roads as the most prominent privately-owned CBD company across the U.S. for distributing to over 10,000  retailers with CBD products. Together, Laura and Arby have committed themselves to ensure their customers’ general wellness has been given priority by offering them high-quality products. Overtime, Green Roads is widely recognized for manufacturing gold standard quality products and devoted itself to transparency. In addition, the brand has been championing for clarity of all the manufacturing processes of CBD products across the globe, from growing hemp till the product reaches the consumer with a batch number for verification of third-party lab results.

Even though D.E.A. and F.D.A. are nolonger knocking at her doors, Laura and her team are still committed to offering the finest products within the CBD trademark, even after gaining popularity. They believe what only started at the kitchen tables have become a larger responsibility, and they stand a better chance to offer more people solutions.

From its website, one could tell a lot about the company’s commitment to offering people a health solution. It presents all its team members in a photo, and some of their names and pictures have been well-represented. It is easy not only to navigate around its website but also to find any information you require, right from their contact information to blogs. However, our buying experience was fascinating since we did not experience suspicious encounters that could easily raise our eyebrows. We could easily add and remove products on our cart before we decided on what we wanted to settle on and confirm our order.

At the bottom of their website, we realized Green Road offers multiple offers to a considerably more extensive group of people compared to any other CBD trademark. They support people suffering from long-term disability and veterans and extend these discounts to teachers, first responders, referees, and reward programs, among others, which is not common in CBD companies since most are limited.

Consequently, Green Roads, a F.A.Q. tries to address some common questions that people would wish to understand on their trademark. However, the brand offers a contact page with their contact details for those who wouldn’t get a solution under this page. Their contact page is extensive and contains several emails and a working phone number. For those who wish to leave them a message right from their website, all they need is to enter their name, email, phone number, subject and the intended message. Also, they could be conducted by either a general inquiry email ([email protected]), news and media ([email protected]) or wholesale ([email protected]). Besides, one could use their phone number or physical address; +1 (833) 462 8922 and 601 Fairway Drive Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 U.S.A, respectively.

Apart from the trademark offering a professional support team, which we would say is experienced from our own experience, they also have daily blogs that educate people on their operations. The role of the daily blogs is to keep people informed about their trademark, its offers and any other activity relating to their operations and CBD in general.

Manufacturing Process

For Green Road to understand how its products are performing on their market and assess its effort in manufacturing quality, they have a review page where its customers leave their personal experience with the products in the market. However, the brand insists on only using pure hemp that is organically grown from Colorado farms; Colorado is widely known for offering the best hemp for CBD products across the U.S.A.

After the hemp has been manufactured, it is taken to their manufacturing facility. Like most CBD brands, Green Road also prefers to use CO2 to extract relevant ingredients from their hemp. CO2 is one of the best methods used to extract hemp ingredients. It is also regarded safe for the environment compared to other methods such as ethanol, which pollutant to the environment.

Green Roads has put measures to ensure all products rendered to the market are safe for consumption. To enhance this, they have hired an independent third-party lab since public labs are considered to come up with inaccurate results. The first role of the independent lab is to ensure the levels of T.H.C. and CBD on all their products matches the one labelled on their stickers. Also, they are tasked to ensure all their products are free from pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals and any other contaminant that might affect the purity of their products. After all the products have been assessed, the results are posted on their website for pre-purchase verification. Additionally, they provide a batch number on all their products where customers are to scan and verify the results.

Range of products

Among the CBD brands we have analyzed so far, Green Roads has the most extensive line of products and unique designs that meet customers’ thousands of individual demands. This has made their trademark famous since all their products are f high quality. Besides, we could noticea significant number of positive reviews compared to negative ones.

Green Roads CBD Oil Review

Green Roads CBD Oil Review

CBD Oil is at the top of the list among products that have attracted many CBD users and to Green Roads trademark and has made it famous. The product is manufactured carefully and designed to suit multiple purposes. Notably, most people have found it compelling and functions quickly compared to other products manufactured by the brand. In addition, it is designed in two forms; broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Besides, their oil products are divided into several categories; Mild (10mg of CBD per ml), Moderate (25mg of CBD per ml), and mighty (50mg of CBD per ml). We also have three flavours offered; the mint breeze, apple kiwi and original. Although their products contain unique, friendly innovations, they are a bit expensive; each 2ml goes for $2.99 for liquid products.

Green Roads Soft gels and Capsules review

Green Roads Soft gels and Capsules review

For people who would love to take their CBD dose at one go, Green Roads offers them Soft gels that are easy to administer; they are administered orally with either water or your favourite drink. Each container contains 30 capsules, each having 25mg of CBD. The brand also saw the need to offer themin various options to attend to unique customers needs; CBD Sleep capsules, CBD Soft Gels, and CBD relax Capsules. Some of these products have a blend of other ingredients such as GABA, which is mixed in relax capsules to enhance stress relief, among other functions. Before the brand uses any existing naturalelement, it allocates medical research experts who look into the herbs.

Green Roads CBD Gummies Review

Although the brand claims to offer CBD Gummies the best test to CBD consumers, it is somehow challenging to verify this information. However, the claim might be truthfulness since it uses various fruit flavours to manufacture the product, making it extremely tasty. Also, to address the various needs of its customers, it has four varieties of gummies; Sleepy ZS CBD Gummies, CBD Relax Bears, Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears, and Rise N’ Shines Immune Support Gummies.

Green Roads CBD Gummies Review

Apart from the three discussed items that make the brand famous, it also offers topicals, sleep line, spa collection, coffee and chocolate, staff favourites, Pet products, and CBD for beginners.

What we like about the company

One fascinating thing about the brand is how they can manufacture the most comprehensive line of products with quality still maintained. CBD companies that have attempted to offer over 20 products numerously failed in terms of quality. The question of quality has become a big headache to CBD consumers; they, therefore, find such trademarks useful to their needs. Besides the brand offering a high-quality broad line of products, it ensures it conducts market research to see where deficiencies occur along CBD products to bridge the gap. We would say that it is the key contributor to their long line of products. Lastly, the brand also ensures all its products have gone through their independent third-party lab to ensure quality and needed levels of T.H.C. and CBD are attained.

What we don’t like about the company

With the brand having an extended line of products, it is challenging to locate the product you are looking for. Navigating their website is not easy and might take you a considerable amount of time to identify either the product or information you require. Despite the brand having an extended line of products compared to any other CBD brand, it lacks vape products that have taken a better market part. In addition, the brand’s items are somehow expensive compared to other companies that still offer quality products. Therefore, we call upon the brand to do some readjustments on its website to make navigation more manageable as it plans to provide vape products and reduce the prices of its products.


All said than done, we appreciate the trademarks efforts in changing the CBD game. It has taken personal responsibility for conducting market research and addressing existing gaps within CBD. Besides, it still maintains quality even after having the longest line of products. Customers health and satisfaction is attended to with priority.  However, there is a need to address its shortcomings to perform even better.

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