Green Scout 6 wheel electric all terrain vehicle

Green Scout 6 wheel electric all terrain vehicle

Our company is called Green Scout. We are engaged in the design and manufacture of electric all-terrain vehicles. We also named our first product Green Scout. It is a 6 wheel electric amphibious all-terrain vehicle with independent suspension.

The idea to create an all-terrain vehicle came to our mind back in 2014. Then we worked in the swamps beyond the Arctic Circle. We used various off-road equipment, including the well-known Argo all-terrain vehicles. During their operation, we found that all-terrain vehicles have several serious problems: very low ground clearance, noise, lack of suspension. The low ground clearance caused us to get stuck in wet snow, the noise caused discomfort and scared away all the birds and animals, and the lack of suspension resulted in one of our geologists breaking a rib. I thought about how the Argo all-terrain vehicle could be improved to remove these problems. It turned out that with the usual approach, using gasoline engines, it is impossible to solve these problems.

 The only way out is to use an electric or hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic transmission unfortunately does not work at temperatures below -30C, and besides, oil always flows from the transmission. I imagined how we would sail on our all-terrain vehicle on the river, with an oil trail trailing behind us, and decided to abandon the idea of hydraulic transmission. In the end, we settled on an electric transmission. The very idea of using such a transmission is not new, it was used in the German Tiger tank, it was used in the experimental 8-wheeled Crusher all-terrain vehicle. But such a transmission was not used for light all-terrain vehicles. There is world experience in using electric motors for all-terrain vehicles, but it does not provide a significant advantage. And the use of electric motor-wheels did not find application, since the very development of such motor-wheels, controllers for them, control units occurred quite recently.

For our all-terrain vehicle, we used 6 motor-wheels, an electric transmission, a control unit, and from this we got a whole set of positive qualities:

The all-terrain vehicle is silent

The all-terrain vehicle is not visible in the thermal imager

The all-terrain vehicle (the only one in the world) has a suspension.

The all-terrain vehicle has the highest clearance in its class, more than 45 cm.

Amphibious all-terrain vehicle, can move both on land and on water.

The all-terrain vehicle is the most load-bearing in its class, with a mass of 450 kg, a load capacity of 1000 kg

The all-terrain vehicle has an ideal weight distribution.

The all-terrain vehicle is electric, environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment.

Absolutely any people can use our all-terrain vehicle. It is extremely easy to operate, even children can easily operate it. It is suitable for nature lovers, farmers to work on the land, hunters and fishermen, geologists and foresters, road builders, firefighters. The all-terrain vehicle can be used for military purposes, as an attack ground drone or for transporting goods on dangerous roads or for mine clearance. The all-terrain vehicle can be used in the same conditions and for the same purposes as ATVs and Argo all-terrain vehicles, but taking into account that our all-terrain vehicle can swim, unlike ATVs, and is much more comfortable and convenient than Argo all-terrain vehicles. Since we have created a unique energy-efficient suspension, we can move off-road much faster than other all-terrain vehicles. The suspension allows you to overlook small pits and bumps and move comfortably at high speed. Of course, you can also ride ATVs quickly across the fields, but do not forget that an ATV is quite an unstable machine, you can easily roll over on it and get injured. Unlike ATVs, our all-terrain vehicle is very stable, due to the ideal weight distribution, 6 wheels and is safe to drive. The team of our company Green Scout consists of 2 groups: the first is geologists who have been using various all-terrain vehicles to work in the field all their lives, the second group is talented engineers who have designed cars, all-terrain vehicles. We initially created our product for the consumer. Thinking about how to improve cross-country ability. How to improve user comfort. How to increase the volume for the transportation of goods. Then, for 2 years, we tested the all-terrain vehicle in the water, in the snow, off-road. Once we got on an all-terrain vehicle into a forest fire. The grass and trees were on fire. The fire spread very quickly and we did not have time to leave in our cars. As a result, the car of our engineer burned down, but the fire failed to cause damage to the all-terrain vehicle. In this way, we tested both the fireproof capabilities of the all-terrain vehicle and the possibility of using it on fires. Well, taking into account the remote control and large carrying capacity, the all-terrain vehicle can be sent into the fire and extinguish it from the inside. When testing the all-terrain vehicle, we also carried out crash tests. We threw the all-terrain vehicle off a cliff and fired shot at it. As we expected, the rover can move when some wheels are torn off, the body of the rover (in the fiberglass version) can withstand shot shots. On the last test, we tried to move by turning off 5 out of 6 wheels, it turned out that the all-terrain vehicle can drive in this condition and still turn. Contrary to our fears, a long time of contact of the all-terrain vehicle with water did not lead to breakdowns of the motor wheels. Well, the truth is, we additionally strengthened them and isolated them from water. Also during the operation, we worked out all possible problems with batteries, wiring, levers, suspension.

In economic terms, electric cars are very promising. The market for electric all-terrain vehicles and ATVs is constantly expanding, the market volume, 3 years ago, was $ 4 billion. And every year it grows. Half of the market is in the US and Europe. At the same time, European countries, some by 2024, some by 2035, plan to completely abandon the production and operation of cars with a gasoline engine. Naturally, this also applies to ATVs. It is no longer possible to travel on the rivers and lakes of Norway on gasoline outboard motors. The world is undergoing a green revolution and green technologies. The total ATV market is about 1 million/year. And in the coming years, half of this market will switch to electricity. Already now all over the world, in reserves, in ecological territories, it is allowed to move only by electric cars.

Electric ATVs have been sold in the USA and Europe for 5 years. But new electric all-terrain vehicles created from scratch have not yet appeared. Simply replacing a gasoline engine with an electric one is not the solution. Our all-terrain vehicle, it so happened, was the first. This happened for a number of reasons, the main of which is that we were solving the inverse problem, we wanted to get an improved all-terrain vehicle and cutting off the problems that arose, we came up with an electric all-terrain vehicle.

We are now preparing for production an unmanned function for our rover and launching the first production vehicles, which should reach our first customers in the US and UK. People who use our all-terrain vehicle will be able to both drive it on their own and transport goods using a remote control. Naturally, like any new project, we experience various difficulties. The main ones are, as for any startup, financial. But logistical and organizational ones are added here.

What can I advise others in business. The use of electric cars, all-terrain vehicles, ATVs opens up new opportunities for unmanned cargo delivery. On ordinary roads, unmanned control is a very difficult situation. The situation is constantly changing, high speeds, a lot of people, and every mistake in the control of unmanned vehicles can lead to human casualties. But off-road or on dirt roads, there is no such danger. Winter roads in Canada or Alaska, remote Texas ranches – everywhere cargo delivery is required. Flying drones cannot ensure the flow of cargo; their carrying capacity is very small. And delivering goods using ordinary cars and drivers is very expensive.

In addition, do not forget that you often have to use off-road equipment in dangerous natural conditions: during ice drift, snowdrifts, hurricanes, it is naturally not worth risking people, it is better to use drones. Skeptics often draw attention to the fact that the energy content of modern batteries is much lower than that of gasoline. But at the same time, they forget to add that the efficiency of a gasoline engine is only 20%, while an electric one is 95%. And do not forget that gasoline is a very expensive product: first you need to extract oil, then pump it through an oil pipeline, get gasoline at an oil refinery, then transport gasoline to gas stations, and from there the consumer can buy it for his own use. But with electrical energy it is much easier. A wind or solar power plant can be installed anywhere in the world. Moreover, it can be a very small power plant that charges a small generator. And already from this generator unmanned electrical equipment can be powered. Therefore, I believe that in the near future there will be companies specializing in unmanned delivery of goods to hard-to-reach places, in off-road conditions. I think this will be a huge breakthrough for the economy of all mankind. People will be able to develop new territories and at the same time preserve their nature.

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