CBD (cannabidiol), an active ingredient in the hemp plant, has gained great popularity over the recent years, and many companies now deal in CBD products. Half Day is one of the top CBD products’ producers and deals in tinctures, gummies, and many other CBD-based items that help people relieve pain and stress naturally. Apart from CBD isolates, the company also trades in hemp joints and flowers, all of which have helped them keep their clients. It organically farms its CBD in Kentucky farms, and after harvesting them, they are shipped to Chicago for processing in Half Day facilities.

There are many things about Half Day that makes it be at the top of our list for the best CBD brands. Not only are its products organic, but they are GMP-certified for safety. Besides, the company’s products are somewhat affordable as they come at $0.4 to $0.6 per mg, and a free shipping arrangement is available for any order above $99. The company’s web is easy to surf through, although their customer service response is poor and off-putting. In addition, Half Day has a money-back guarantee that’s valid for 30 days from the day of sales, and they accept products back even if the packaging is interfered with. Here is our full review of the company.

About the company

Half Day came into being in 2019 when its co-founders, Kameron Norwood and Dave DiCosola, put heads together to launch it. In the years leading to its birth, the two individuals committed to research to come up with natural products that could help people relieve stress and manage different life conditions. The company was then founded with its facilities being in Chicago, but the hemp plants being farmed in Kentucky farms.

The cultivation, processing, manufacturing, bottling, and packaging of Half Day products meet safety standards through the supervision of a certified safety manager and the founders, all of who are safety-conscious. It deals in full-spectrum CBD products encompassing several cannabinoids, but it also produces CBD isolates for clients who wish to take THC-free CBD products. In addition, to take care of the earthy and potent feel of full-spectrum CBD that not everyone likes, Half Day offers a range of flavors people can choose from, making their products literally palatable hassle-free.

Trading with Half Day involves subscribing to a monthly plan and paying a credit bill, after which your products of choice are delivered within 2-4 days. It is noteworthy that although the company’s trade name is Half Day, its parent name is Snowbird Distribution Inc., which is also the processing tag name. Therefore, remember this when making payments since many clients find this confusing, especially when transacting with the company for the first time. Visiting the website, you will notice that it is easy to surf, although its ‘About Us’ section does not provide in-depth information about the company. In addition, it is a bit disappointing that the company does not batch its third-party test results with numbers, making it impossible to know which results are for what products. All the same, we noticed that the pros of Half Day CBD company override the few cons, which is why we include it among our top reviews.

The manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of Half Day’s CBD products is safe, save for a few things. The hemp plants used to make the products are organically farmed in Kentucky in a virgin land. By ‘virgin,’ we mean that the land is in its pristine form and has not been tainted by chemicals in the form of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. In most cases, such lands are fallow or have been formerly used to grow hay. In addition, these farms are USDA- certified to be organic and safe.

The farmers and the employees at the processing facilities in Illinois, Chicago are in constant communication, and after harvesting, the hemp is transported to the processing facility. The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a highly reputable company in the USA, has certified Half Day’s facilities to be safe. The products here have less than 0.3% THC to meet the federal law for legal CBD products.

On its web, Half Day claims that it uses CO2 to extract cannabinoids from the hemp’s fibers, a highly valued process because it is deemed safe and needs no additions. However, third-party reviews reveal otherwise and show that the company applies ethanol to extract the cannabinoids. Still, this may not be an issue since the extracts are tested by the ProVerde Lab, a highly respected lab for its accuracy, safety, and precision. Half Day deals in many products whose products fit in the market price, with most costing $0.4-$0.6 per mg product, although some cost as much as $0.11 for the same amount.


Shopping CBD products with Half Day gives clients the best experience. The website is easy to surf, although it takes time for you to get a response to queries raised. The company’s special specs include;

  • The money-back guarantee; the company allows clients who are not satisfied with the products to return them within 30 days, even if the packaging is messed up.
  • The $14.99 to $149.99 price range; the cheapest and the most expensive CBD products cost $14.99 and $149.99, respectively.
  • Farming in Kentucky and processing in Chicago; the company’s hemp plants are grown in Kentucky but are processed in Illinois, Chicago.
  • Products assortment; there are gummies, tinctures, drops, topicals, flowers, and joints, all of which you can enjoy the products.
  • Two extract types; you can enjoy the products as full-spectrum or CBD isolates.
  • Worldwide shipping; the company is based in the USA and ships products worldwide.
  • Extract method; the website indicates CO2 extraction as the method for extracting cannabinoids.

The Range of Products

Half Day has many products to offer its esteemed clients. They mostly deal in CBD isolate, although they also sell hemp flowers and joints, and all these products are available as tinctures, gummies, and topicals. Here is an overview of each of the products.

Half Day CBD Tinctures

Half Day CBD Tinctures

Tinctures top our list of Half Day’s CBD products and are available as isolates and in full-spectrum, with both tasting minty. Besides, the full-spectrum tinctures also have a characteristic CBD full-spectrum oil. The average price for both tinctures ranges between $0.04 and $0.06 per mg, which is well within the market prices. The isolate tinctures are in 2000mg and 3000mg packages, and cost $99.99 and $149.99, respectively, while the 1000mg and 2000mg full-spectrum tinctures packages come at $74.99 and $124.99, respectively.

Half Day CBD Gummies

Half Day CBD Gummies

Half Day trades in gummies available in a wide assortment of flavors, with each gummy containing 25mg of CBD. Besides, the gummies feature specific favors like strawberry and also come in full-spectrum, both of which whose price ranges fit in the market at $0.04 or 40.05 per mg. A 750 mg full-spectrum gummy package costs $34.99, while a package of 1000mg super strawberry gummies costs $49.99. The blissful berry and calmer coffer gummy packages each cost $14.99 for every 375mg packages.

Half Day CBD Topicals

Half Day CBD Topicals

If you need CBD for topical application, you could turn to Half Day for pain balms and salves. What’s interesting with these topicals is that they have a sweet fragrance, owing to the many ingredients featured in them. They are quite affordable and fit within a price ranger of $0.06 to $0.11 per mg. Full-spectrum CBD salves cost $39.99 and $29.99 for the 350mg ($0.11 per mg) and 500mg ($0.06 per mg), while the 500mg aloe freeze lotion costs $44.99.

Half Day CBD Flowers and Joints

Half Day CBD Flowers and Joints

If you are interested in trying rolls and pre-buds, let Half Day be your company of choice. It offers flowers and joints at prices between $12.99 and $15.99 per bundle. Moreover, the free shipping service also applies to the flowers.

What we like about the company

There are a handful of reasons why we like the Half Day CBD brand and would recommend it to our clients who depend on CBD to relieve pain and stress. The top reasons include but are not limited to the following;

  1. The money-back guarantee; Half Day offers its clients a 30-day money-back guarantee during which, upon raising a complaint, they can have their money refunded. This is possible even if the packaging is interfered with, showing how much they value their clients.
  2. Numerous flavoring options; the company understands that the earthy and potent full-spectrum CBD products are not everyone’s cup of tea, so they avail several flavoring options to take care of such clients.
  3. Short delivery period; after paying for Half Day’s monthly subscription and the credit bill, the company ships your products in 2-4 days.
  4. The research that goes into the product; Half Day values human lives and commits to thoroughly researching its products before producing them and availing in the market for clients. For instance, prior to giving birth to the company, the co-founders committed to studies for years, and the company came into operation in 2019. What’s more, the spirit of research is still alive.
  5. Ease of navigating through the website; having an easy-to-navigate web is a plus for any business site, and Half Day takes the cake in this regard.
  6. Their products are affordable; at Half Day, your money meets value because it is one of the few companies that produce affordable yet effective CBD products. At only $0.04 – $0.06, you get 1 mg of CBD products.
  7. Free shipping; Half Day shows its clients love by offering free shipping to any purchases above $99, making the products somewhat affordable.
  8. The company’s CBD products are farmed organically; in a world where health is a top concern, Half Day takes credit for producing its CBD items from organically-produced CBD in Kentucky farms.
  9. GMP certification; Half Day is GMP-certified, guaranteeing safety for its products.

What we don’t like about the company

We have issues with a few things about this company despite the many things that Half Day garners praise and acclaim for. For instances;

  • Lacking batch numbers for results by third parties; is the main problem and concern Half Day clients complain about. The company receives many third-party test results, but they lack batch numbers, creating doubt about which results are for what product and its credibility at large.
  • Lacking chat features; digital transformation has taken businesses to new heights, and a chat feature in a company’s official site earns it special respect. Unfortunately, Half Day may have everything but lacks a chat feature, ultimately losing potential and actual clients who need these services.
  • Poor customer service response; most businesses that thrive in this digital advent have many pluses but don’t drool over customer service response. Sadly, Half Day clients find the company’s customer service response poor, as they don’t respond in real-time.
  • The company is relatively young; this might not be a big issue, but we realized that some CBD users shy away from buying Half Day products because it is fairly young, and it just started operating in 2019.
  • The difference in the company and its parent name; while making payments using a credit card to Half Day, the name reads ‘Snowbird Distribution Inc,’ which clients have found a bit confusing. However, this is nothing but the company’s parent name, and after getting used to it, the buyers have no issue with it.

Conclusion/ Our Verdict

After trying all Half Day CBD products, we can proudly recommend them to our clients who would like to experiment with CBD tinctures, gummies, topicals, and flower buds. Each of these is available in both full-spectrum and isolate forms for clients who don’t want the potent THC traces. What’s more, all their products are affordable and fit within the market price range of $0.04 and $0.06, although some cost as much as $0.11 per mg. Moreover, the company’s farming practices are organic and USDA-certified, and the products are GMP-certified for safety. Hurry up and order your product of interest from Half Day CBD today.

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