Limited movement of your sub gives you leverage in bondage and kinky handcuffs can tastefully make that happen. Designed for erotic effect kinky bedroom handcuffs come in different designs and are manufactured out of varying aesthetically pleasing materials. The right set of fluffy metal handcuffs on a woman’s wrists will look cool and devastatingly seductive. Peaches and Screams have sexy metal handcuffs suitable for all bondage occasions and for wrists of all sizes. Buy and try out different kinky handcuffs before you settle on any. Kinky handcuffs must be secured to a comfortable level for an enjoyable experience. Avoid cutting off circulation by setting handcuffs too tight. A good set of BDSM handcuffs can be firmly secured but should still have some flexibility. Adult handcuffs are a good starting point when you want to take your bondage games to the next level. Trust is an important element in bondage and this must be established before you handcuff your lover. Use of adult handcuffs in bondage is also a measure of power and authority over your sub. Handcuffs can be safely used by bondage experts as well as by beginners. If you draw a certain amount of pleasure in restraining your partner these will put the power in your hands. You can use them on your partner so that you can explore other forms of stimulation without their interference. They are erotically satisfying on their own but can be used in combination with other forms of restraints. Some handcuffs on the market are made of leather or steel and usually require a simple wipe down to clean after use. Handcuffs can be used for extended play but care must taken to ensure that circulation is not cut off. If for any reason wrists show some swelling they must be removed before they start cutting into the flesh. As in all bondage play only indulge in handcuff play with a trusted partner.

Treat your sub to the exquisite euphoric strains of pain and pleasure with every tightening of the sexy metal handcuffs. Snap on some dreamy and snazzy Handcuffs and journey into pleasure knitted pain. Manipulate the sexy fluffy soft handcuffs and build up pain-infused pleasure. Get some raunchy play into your bondage repertoire. Visit Peaches & Screams for high quality sexy metal handcuffs and blaze a trail of multi-layered high intensity sensations. Build in some precision in your erotic skill. Deliver or receive pain and pleasure the chic restrained way. Buy and use bondage handcuffs from Peaches & Screams for added exotic erotic feel. The bondage handcuffs are modeled with thoughtful sensuality and made for durable use. Throw in a teasing feather, a prickly Pinwheel and well-aimed paddle slap and really get your lover’s juices going. Up-scale your mastery in bondage delivery with your own choice of bondage handcuffs and other bondage accessories. Invite excitement into your bedroom play. Set the tone for a new chapter in your bondage games. Exercise your sexual freedom with a spanking new set of exciting bedroom handcuffs. Stimulate your lover’s pleasure senses and rock their world with your authoritative bondage skills. Visit Peaches & Screams and add bedroom handcuffs to your stash of bondage goodies. Turn yourself into a bondage savant. Enjoy the excitement of delayed pleasure or the power of being in charge. Transport your lover through quivers of glorious anticipation. Handcuff your lover and get their full attention. Introduce intense pleasure and pain levels in your bondage play. Taste the decadent joys of confinement. Stock your lovers’ desire and build the intensity of their stimulation into volcanic multiple orgasms. Buy and use bedroom handcuffs from Peaches & Screams and write your own chapter in pain-related sexual pleasure.

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