Handle Life with LifeHandle

Handle Life with LifeHandle

LifeHandle is a manufacturer of assistive carrying devices and accessories, offering solutions for families that need to carry and/or walk with gear, bags, luggage, children, or pets. Inspired by life’s challenges and adventures – both big and small – we are a company focused on helping active families find solutions (and a set of free hands) to whatever life may throw at them. The foundation of the assistive device is the LifeHandle Base Sling which works to transfer the weight of what you hold, pull, or lift from your arms to the core of your body.

The idea for the system was formed when LifeHandle’s co-founder was comforting his newborn baby one night and was experiencing arm and shoulder pain due to a recent car accident. He investigated several options to take the strain off of his shoulder and nothing seemed to fit. He found that his best option was a wrap, which unfortunately would wake his baby up when it was removed – not ideal. In time, he realized that he needed something more versatile and developed the first sling and handle prototype using a guitar strap and jump rope. He quickly determined that the sling and handle needed to be strong enough to hold a child, and easily adjustable for quick release. Some time later, while walking his dog with his other child, he thought of making a leash accessory.  After some trial and error, an effective prototype was developed and the Hands-Free Leash System was created.  As a parent, he could relax knowing that he could care for his child and know that their dog would not run off.

LifeHandle was originally designed with the people that get outdoors and live an active lifestyle in mind. There seems to be a societal push to do more outside and LifeHandle aims to make those outings more enjoyable.  However, due to the unique engineering and design of LifeHandle, the LifeHandle product line has many uses and applications, thereby making LifeHandle relevant to a number of industries: baby/child carriers; movers; construction; snow removal; dog walking; etc.

As a result, while there are products on the market that could be considered competitors, most of these are single purpose products.  As the LifeHandle product line stands today, and with additional products currently being developed (like various size bag/storage attachments), there are no readily identifiable competitor products that have the range, use, and comfort of LifeHandle.  A gift and a curse, that is where our largest challenge lies: teaching potential customers that we are more than just a kid carrier, more than simply a dog’s leash… we are a utility to do that and then some, allowing you to Handle Life with ease and comfort.

The crux of the LifeHandle product line is the Base Sling made of breathable air mesh, neoprene padding, and soft non-irritating fabrics and patent-pending HUB technology to attach LifeHandle accessories including the All-Purpose Handle (as part of the Kid Carrier System and the Everyday Carry System) and the Hands-Free Comfort Leash. The LifeHandle Base Sling works to transfer the weight of what you hold, pull, or lift from your arms and delivers it to the core of your body.  Noteworthy advantages include: the slim, straightforward design; the ease of putting it on and taking it off; and the variety of attachments currently available and those in development that helps users Handle Life with LifeHandle.  Ergonomics are taken into consideration in every part of the base sling at its attachments. It’s sturdy where it needs to be, stretchy where it should be, and helpful all around and in a variety of uses.

Pair the Base Sling with the All-Purpose Handle and the user has the essential pieces comprising the Kid Carrier System and/or the Everyday Carry System.  The Kid Carrier System (apply do-follow backlink #1 >> https://mylifehandle.com/collections/sling-systems/products/kid-carrier-system) allows parents, grandparents, and guardians to easily hold children more comfortably, for longer periods of time. Visiting theme parks, playgrounds, or grocery shopping with small children is now more enjoyable.  The days of fidgeting with children trying to put them in a carrier are over.  With the Kid Carrier System, all the user has to do is slip on the Base Sling, wrap one arm around your little one, and grab the all-purpose handle using the same arm.  This simple, yet effective, design saves your arms and back from the fatigue that otherwise comes with carrying children for long periods of time.  The Kid Carrier System allows the users other hand to be free to hold a cell phone, eat food, or carry a bag.

The Everyday Carry system allows the user to easily hold bags, or other heavy items, with one arm, and it can also be used as leverage to lift heavy packages or boxes.  The system has a built-in loop mechanism that works to aid users when carrying coolers, bikes, ladders, and more.

LifeHandle’s Hands-Free Leash (apply do-follow backlink #2 >> https://mylifehandle.com/collections/sling-systems/products/hands-free-leash-system) is the most comfortable way to walk, hike, or hang out with your dog. Unlike other dog leashes, the LifeHandle leash system distributes your dog’s pull force across your core, instead of your shoulder or hip, all while keeping both hands free. It is suitable for dogs of any breed, size, or age, and is compatible with any dog collar or harness.  It also features an integrated, shock-absorbing loop handle that helps reduce the impact of your dog’s pull when an unexpected squirrel approaches. Our leash brings you the perfect amount of stretch and stability so that you and your furry friends can make the most of every walk!

Aside from the system offerings, LifeHandle has also developed a Clip-On Drink Holder. The holder is engineered to hold any size bottle, mug, can, or sippy cup. Gone are the days of trying to juggle a bottle while holding other items, or watching a small child throw their sippy cup only to ask for it a second later.  The clip device is strong and easy to release and the drink will still fit in a car cup holder without the need to remove the holder. Never juggle beverages again (and be able to use both hands for whatever you may need them for)!

In light of the versatility and adaptability of the LifeHandle product line, the opportunities for additional attachments for various industries are seemingly endless.  The company anticipates its products will soon be adopted for use in the medical supply space, construction, and childcare industries, providing an ergonomically sound apparatus that helps people of all ages. LifeHandle is on a mission to make products that are dependable, long lasting, and allows the user comfort and ability across many activities. LifeHandle knows the competitive landscape is loaded with single function products, but LifeHandle has the ability to prove their product line is a better solution compared to the various single purpose products in many categories.

Our founder takes pride in knowing that he envisioned, developed, and built a business he’s passionate about from the ground up, from long-shot idea to successful reality. The long hours, the learning, asking a ton of questions, partnering with the right people early on from developers to marketers, the failing forward – he gives it his all each and every day. Keep showing up, every day – for your customers, for your employees, for yourself. Of course, there will be wrinkles and hurdles, but believe in yourself and what you’ve built. When we begin to lose steam – or confidence – we read the 100s of reviews from customers around the US who love our products, who have had their lives improved with the use of their LifeHandle.

We also give other businesses this advice: develop and embrace a culture that aids the work you are doing and focus on customer service.

LifeHandle’s team culture is built around family values and we recognize that a strong bond forms a powerful brand.  We have our own kids and dogs, we love being outdoors, and we enjoy participating in activities together with a work hard play hard philosophy. Just as we work to elevate our own families, we work each day to improve the lives of every family that orders a LifeHandle. Customer service is paramount – by purchasing a LifeHandle they have bought into our ‘family’. We want to improve their lives, to allow them a better way Handle Life and some of its challenges along the way: we provide solutions (and a set of free hands) to whatever life may throw at you!

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Sleep specialist

Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.

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