In general, watersports such as paddle boarding, SUP yoga, kayaking, canoeing, and wild swimming can have the following health benefits

Improve Physical Fitness

most watersports involve using our body muscles, joints, and parts such as arms and legs. This can boost our fitness as they act as a form of recreation and workout sport. Wild swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and surfing can strengthen the legs, arms, hips, core, back, or shoulders.

Aid in Weight Loss

Wild swimming can be an ideal way of shedding some belly fat as it’s a kind of cardio exercise that keeps the whole body muscles engaged, speeding up metabolism and calorie burning.

Increase Flexibility

Watersports demand numerous and frequent body movements as people try to balance and move in the water. These activities naturally increase joint, muscle, and bone lubrication, making you more flexible and boosting bone density.

Other benefits include;

They can improve mood and heart health and lower risks of cardio or chronic illnesses as they boost your immune.

Seaside Water Safety

I recommend these seaside water safety tips

  • Ensure you always follow the beach regulation at all times.
  • Don’t drink and swim or engage in watersports.
  • Swim only on areas between the green, yellow and red flags.
  • Avoid swimming alone at all times.
  • Monitor your kids when at the beach.
  • Ensure you know to sim before diving in the water.
  • Call for help in times of emergency.

Swimming Pool Perils

Check out these risks when swimming in a pool;

  • Body injuries due to board diving.
  • Drowning in the deep pool parts.
  • Skin irritations from harsh pool chemicals used to clean the water.
  • Bumping or injuring your head by diving in shallow water.
  • Risk of electric exposure.
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