What conditions cause this sign and how they trigger it, how to spot it and what to do once you suffer from this symptom?

Bacterial infection

Greenish stool could signify an infection by bacteria, including E.coli or salmonella. It could also indicate a viral infection, such as, norovirus or Giardia parasite. Such infections result in lack of bile absorption, which causes green stool.

Gall bladder elimination

If your gall bladder was recently removed, you will possibly produce green stool. Lack of it directs bile to the digestive system, thus causing green poop.

Colored poop, including green can be an issue, especially when accompanied by other symptoms, such as, vomiting, abdominal pain, or bleeding. It may be fine if the color changes to normal after a day or two, but symptoms beyond that require a doctor’s attention for improvement or treatment.

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