Health Fitness Galore

Health Fitness Galore

My business,, spans a healthy lifestyle, fitness, daily life hacks, relationship tips, and personal growth.

The name popped into my mind as I am always up for health and fitness and want to see it in abundance. This name instantly boosts a person as soon as he hits the website.

Introduction to the Founder

I am Wardah Wasti, born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I graduated with a university degree in Marine Sciences. I started my career at one of the leading environmental protection agencies in Saudi Arabia, where I served as a medical waste program observer and trainer. The organization collected medical waste from all over the Kingdom. Later, it was treated according to the Ministry of Health and Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules. This helped alleviate the environmental pollution considerably.

Later, I joined UNICEF and worked as a trainer for essential immunization. This was achieved by breaking the myths in parents’ minds about getting their kids vaccinated.

Currently, I am linked to UNDP in its HIV and AIDS control program. We work on women’s health and create awareness regarding HIV and AIDS. We conduct rapid HIV tests, and if a female is diagnosed with the virus, she is registered with the Anti-retroviral (ART) center in hospitals. They are counseled to take Anti-retroviral (ARV) medication for the rest of their lives to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

What Prompted Me to Start the Business?

The idea of this business popped into my mind when I shed off a whopping 44 pounds in 6 months. I was overweight throughout my teen life. As I lost weight, I felt a massive change in my physical and mental well-being. My personal and professional life changed drastically!

Mental and physical health and fitness are vital but mostly swept under the rug. However, it is important in the long run. Lately, health and fitness are catching the public’s eye.

Attached is the google trends snapshot that shows the increasing popularity of this niche. 

A person will only turn the tables to his side if he is mentally and physically fit. We help recommend the best natural and organic products related to health and fitness.

Not Up for Any fad and Crash Diets!

We believe that some diets are playing with your life. In the long run, these diets sometimes cost you your health. This is why we opted to shed light on the health benefits of organic and natural products and different types of workouts. Moreover, we stress on how they can help you trim yourself up, build your endurance level, and make you strong inside out.

Nowadays, when life is full pace and everybody is on the go, we help people with tried and tested quick fixes related to their body, hair, skin, home space, and life in general.

What’s Cooking?

Our products are related to skin and hair health. Further, we plan to hit affiliate marketing by collaborating with companies. Health and fitness brands are more than welcome to let us review their products. We plan to get some psychologists, pharmacists, and relationship and marriage counselors on board as we expand.

Opportunities-‘The health and Fitness Blog’ Business Offers

In the past, if one had a knack for health and fitness, they had to get information from newspapers, magazines, TV, or radio. However, with the advent of the internet (and everyone so deeply engrossed in their mobile phones), fitness enthusiasts have got a fantastic outlet in the form of user-friendly websites.

As soon as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the world came to a standstill. The global lockdown saw a massive shutdown of fitness clubs and gyms. As their immunity was getting compromised, people started to take refuge on the internet to keep their health and fitness games strong. It started as a lifestyle change and proper exercise in the solace of their home. People got the taste of it. They started to savor every flavor of working out at their own pace and place.

What Does a Health and Fitness Blog Offer?

A health and fitness blog offers any fitness expert the opportunity to share their unique information, personal training, best advice, expertise, and ideas for fitness business to like-minded fitness freaks, regardless of whether or not he has a trainer certification.  You may have had terrible skin this past winter, researched the best skincare in winter, tried a few winter skincare hacks, and voila, your skin became baby soft. Help others in the same boat by writing about it.    

The Catch

Sharing Your Expertise

Through the power of your health and fitness blog, you can share your expertise with thousands of people worldwide with a single click.

A Source of Income

A health and fitness blog will serve as a source of passive income. It is one of the reasons that something that you are passionate about will help you financially as well. 

Live Your Life the Way You Want

In the long run, you can come out of the monotonous daily grind and take your blog as an active income stream. You can live your dream life of vacay-ing at the Makalu basecamp trek or enjoy your stay at the historical remains of the Roman era as your creative juices flow while writing a blog. Such amazing places will also help in breaking your writer’s block! 

Get Followed (in a Good Way!)

Make the most of your blog to increase your subscribers and followers. Your content can be showcased on several digital marketing platforms.

An Altruistic Approach

If you want an instant boost of energy and goodness, help others in their wellness journey. Hold their hand and help them take baby steps. They will reach their goal, little by little. You will be the happiest as their success stories pour in. Keep adding the success stories as a feather in your crown. For example, if you were having constant back pain and later came to know it was all because of a lack of good posture, help others by letting them know how you resolved the issue. 

Run Campaigns, Gather Like-minded Devotees

Use the power of email marketing and design a campaign that can target thousands of other health and fitness enthusiasts. 

The Challenges the Blog Business Faces

Most people assume that when they create a blog, it will start raining money. That is not the case. Blogging comes with various challenges, which is not a piece of cake. Here are some of the common challenges:

Not Choosing the Topics Wisely

The real challenge is to drive visitors to your blog from around the world. For that, you must have an array of distinct, well-sought-after topics. One of the challenges the bloggers face is their ability to bring up new topics that can be run efficiently on the google search engine.

Not Targeting the Under-served Topics

If you want to rule the search engines as a blogger, write good quality content on under-served topics. If you dig deep, you will find new topics. Mark the field and rule it!

Not Spending Enough Time Promoting Your Content

Spend double the time promoting the content as you did writing it. Most bloggers make mistakes by just creating the content, uploading it, and moving on. The real deal is to bring it to the public’s eye.

Not Grabbing the Public’s Attention

To gain more traffic on your blog, do the following:

  • Write guest blog posts.
  • Do paid promotions.
  • Email outreach to influencers 

Not Picking Unique Keywords

Pick unique keywords that you want to target. Most bloggers face the challenge they write an article sans unique keywords. It automatically leads to no traffic.

Advice to Others about Business

  1. Follow Your Passion

You won’t succeed until and unless you are passionate about your work. No passion means no success.

  1. Do Things with Your Heart and Be Consistent
  • Jot down your goals in life on a simple piece of paper.
  • Paste that paper on the wall right in front of you.
  • Dedicate yourself to your goals.
  • At times, you may feel like giving up, but stay put. The finish line is right in front of you. 
  1. Dig Your Unique Aspect

Before plunging into any business, do your research. Go through your competitors and check out what makes you unique compared to them. This will give you a certain edge over your competitors.

  1. Quality Matters

Go for quality rather than quantity. The number of articles/ blogs does not ensure your blog’s success. Thorough research increases the value of your content. High-quality articles act as a magnet to backlinks. They increase the worth of internal links and domain authority.

  1. A Well-formatted Blog Post 

This is what changes the whole blogging game. As the human attention span has considerably declined with time. So, to get your eyes glued to your blog, you need to write a well-formatted blog post. 

What you have to do is:

  • Add high-quality images.
  • For good readability, break your long texts with headers and subheaders.
  • Always use short paragraphs.
  • Choose to italicize or bold the key points.
  • Bullets and numbers are game-changers. Always try enlisting your key information. (See what I have done in my whole text?)
  1. Guest Blogging

You can divert traffic to your blog through guest blogging. This will help in providing you with the backlinks. You have to choose people from a similar industry as yours and write a good quality blog for them.

  1. Network

If you want opportunities to come knocking at your door, network as much as possible. Always try to help and support others, comment on their blog posts, share other bloggers’ content, and join same-minded forums and groups.

  1. Re-share Old Content

Keep sharing blasts from the past from time to time. Otherwise, your well-written knowledgeable articles will gather dust, and you will lose a gem.

Barbara Santini

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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