10 Magnesium-Rich Foods That Are Super Healthy

Magnesium is a vital mineral that controls more than 200 chemical reactions in the body. You can take the mineral through magnesium-rich foods, magnesium dietary supplements and medications in the right quantity to boost your health.

Magnesium is an essential mineral required for the proper functioning of the body. It aids in the production of energy, controlling blood sugar, and regulating chemical reactions. This mineral in your body maintains levels of other minerals like calcium and potassium. Organs of the body, such as the heart and kidneys, carry out their work well when they get magnesium. Additionally, this mineral is also essential in either teeth or bone formation. Magnesium is naturally entailed in various foodstuffs. Well, here are the ten foods.


Apart from a wonderful taste, nuts are more nutritious. Certain kinds of nuts, such as cashew and almonds, are richly endorsed with magnesium. Fiber and monounsaturated fats are greatly sourced from nuts and have led to the enhancement of cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Selenium is abundant in Brazil nuts. Moreover, nuts are highly enriched with anti-inflammation compounds, boosting human health. On the other hand, it can lower your appetite when taken as a snack.

Nuts are additive to nearly all foodstuffs.  Consider including it in oatmeal, salad, and other breakfast dishes. Besides, there are kinds of butter nuts that have an excellent taste, like peanut butter. You, therefore, have a wide range.

Whole grains

Magnesium is contained in varieties of whole grains. Magnesium of about 160mg is contained in a cup of wheat flour. Therefore, go for whole wheat to white baking flour.

Other grains include barley and oats. Various nutrients are more in whole grains, including magnesium.  Moreover, fiber, B vitamins, and minerals like manganese are also present in most whole grains. Proofs from studies indicate that whole grains minimize inflammation and heart disease attack. Pseudocereals, such as buckwheat, contain antioxidants and many proteins as compared to corn and other traditional grains. It is a major relief to people with celiac ailments as its content is gluten-free.


Avocado fruits contain several nutrients, despite being rich in magnesium. One fruit contains magnesium of about 58 gm. Consequently, there are other minerals and vitamins present, including K and B vitamins and potassium. Their fat content is higher than other fruits and is mostly preferred for your heart’s health.

Furthermore, fiber can be sourced from avocados. About 17 grams of avocado carbs are obtained from fiber, minimizing digestible carbs. You can lower inflammation, better cholesterol levels, and improve fullness after dishes by taking avocados.


Legumes belong to a class of plants that contains more nutrients like beans and soybeans. They are richly endowed with magnesium. Magnesium of about 120 mg is contained in a cup of boiled black beans. Are you a vegetarian and would wish to have more proteins? Well, take legumes; they are rich in potassium and iron. Also, they will give you sufficient protein.

Reduced glycemic index in legumes and fiber are responsible for reducing cholesterol, bettering blood sugar, and protecting your heat against illness. In addition, fermented soybeans called natto contain vitamin K2 that help keep the bones healthy.

Dark chocolate

The taste of dark chocolate is not only incredible but also very healthy. Twenty-eight grams of dark chocolate has about 64 mg of magnesium, which needs to be taken every day. Additionally, dark chocolate has manganese iron and copper, which are endorsed with prebiotic fiber. The fiber keeps your gut healthy by feeding good bacteria.

Furthermore, dark chocolate is also rich in essential antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals. It, in turn, protects your body cells from damage. Therefore, chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa solids can be the best choice.


Magnesium is present in seeds such as pumpkin, chia, and flaxseed. However, pumpkins are the most preferred because they have more content of magnesium. Besides, iron and omega 3 fatty acids can as well be sourced from seeds. Furthermore, they contain fiber and antioxidants, which guards body cells against free radical damage. Flaxseed can lower cholesterol levels and help in fighting breast cancer. Fiber is also abundant in seeds.

Certain fatty fish

Fatty fish are usually very healthy. Most fish are enriched with magnesium, including mackerel and salmon. An impressive amount of protein is also present in fatty fish. Other nutrients present in fish are B vitamins, potassium as well as selenium. Much consumption of fish is associated with countless health benefits, such as the prevention of heart disease.

Leafy greens

Most leafy greens are nutritious and are endorsed with magnesium. The most preferred are kales and spinach. Others are collard and mastered greens. Magnesium of about 127 mg is contained in a cup of boiled spinach. They are also rich in essential nutrients like manganese, iron, vitamins A, C, and K. Important compounds of plants are present in leafy greens. Therefore, they offer protection to your body cells and reduce the chances of cancer attack.


Bananas are fruits that are liked and consumed globally. They are popularly known to have potassium, which enhances reduction in blood pressure and protects the heart from ailments. Furthermore, bananas are also rich in magnesium. A banana has about 37 mg of magnesium. Additional nutrients in bananas include fiber, manganese, vitamin B6 and C. However, diabetic patients are advised not to take ripe bananas since they contain much sugar and carbs. Nevertheless, much of the carbs of unripe bananas are resistant starch that can neither be digested nor absorbed. Therefore, they aid in lowering the levels of blood sugar, prevent inflammation, and boost gut health.


Tofu is obtained from soybeans, has more proteins, and rich in magnesium. The addition of tofu to delicacies is the best way of enjoying all the nutrients present in it. Most people who like taking meat prefer tofu as well as vegetarians. Some study finding indicates that consumption of tofu protects arteries cells and prevents cancer of the stomach.

The Bottom Line

Magnesium is an essential mineral in your body; however, it is not sufficient. This shortage can be worked out by simply taking magnesium-rich foodstuffs. These foods are plentiful and can be included in your delicacies. Regular consumption of diets that are endorsed with magnesium will keep you healthy and free from diseases.

Nataly Komova

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