8 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

The Kombucha culture has been around for many decades. While several ingredients are combined together to brew Kombucha tea, it is advisable to leave herbal tea your ingredients list as it may not contain the right ingredients for the health-supportive-brewed tea.

Below, you will learn various scientific evidence-based health benefits of Kombucha tea to feed your knowledge-yearning mind.

Kombucha is a form of fermented tea obtained by combining yeast and bacteria with green tea or black tea mixed with sugar. Despite having health significance similar to other tea, it is endorsed with essential probiotics that help balance the intestinal flora. Additionally, this tea is also rich in antioxidants which help in the fight against both bacteria and illnesses. Let us focus on the 8 health importance of kombucha drink according to scientific proofs.

Kombucha Has Antioxidants

Substances that enhance the fight of free radicals in your body are referred to as antioxidants. They guard the cells against damage. Various scientific research suggests that antioxidants sourced from beverages or foods are healthier than other antioxidants supplements.

Effects of antioxidants are more felt in your liver when green tea is prepared using kombucha. According research conducted on animals, regular intake of kombucha significantly reduces toxin in the liver from toxic chemicals by about seventy percent. However, this area may not be ideal for carrying out research on persons with liver ailments.

Probiotics Can Be Sourced from Kombucha

Speculation of kombucha origin is Japan and China. It is prepared by including particular bacteria strains, sugar, and yeast to both green and black tea before fermenting it for a period exceeding one week. A mushroom form is created from yeast and bacteria in the course of fermentation. For that reason, some people refer to it as mushroom tea. Acetic acid, various acidic compounds, gases, and traces of alcohol are generated during fermentation and bring about a carbonation effect.

Kombucha is spiced with lactic acid bacteria and aids in probiotics’ functioning. However, no proof supports any probiotic gain to kombucha. Probiotics are essential in the generation of good bacteria that is important in keeping your gut healthy. Good bacteria also aid in boosting digestion, loss of weight as well as inflammation. It is therefore proper to include kombucha in your diet as it carries many benefits.

Kombucha Has Similar Health Benefits to Green Tea

Green tea is amongst the most nutritious beverages you can include in your diet routine. Proactive compounds present in green tea are the prime contributor to this fact. Polyphenol is an example of such compounds, the important antioxidants in your body. Kombucha green tea has many similar plant compounds with similar gain. According to research, regular intake of green tea helps in reducing fat belly, boosts cholesterol levels, and aids in controlling blood sugar. Moreover, people who are fond of taking green tea reduce the chances of cancer attacks.

Kombucha Offers Protection Against Heart Disease

Many people have lost their lives globally due to heart disease. A certain mice research found that kombucha can add cholesterol to heart disease makers, both good and bad, within one month. Consequently, consumption of green tea offers cholesterol particles protection against oxidation which is suggested to cause heart disease. Chances of heart disease attacks are reduced by more than 30 percent among people who take green tea, and this might be the same case for people who make kombucha.

Kombucha Aids in Killing Bacteria

Acetic acid is a major component generated when fermenting kombucha. It is as well plentiful in vinegar. Similar to other polyphenol tea, acetic acid is capable of destroying dangerous microorganisms. Additionally, both black and green kombucha tea contains powerful antibacterial properties, specifically against bacteria generated by infection and candida yeast. Consequently, unwanted growth of either yeast or bacteria is suppressed; nevertheless, probiotic bacteria taking part in kombucha fermentation are not affected. However, antimicrobial properties are not supported by evidence.

Kombucha Offers Protection Against Cancer

You will agree Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases across the world and, as a result, has caused the loss of many lives. In most cases, emanates from abnormal growth of body cells. The growth of cancer cells could be limited by taking kombucha. It is possible as antioxidants and polyphenols are more concentrated in kombucha tea. However, anti-cancer properties have no clear functioning evidence. Either multiplication of cancer cells or gene mutation are blocked by polyphenols and also aids in killing cancer cells.

It Boosts Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Millions of people globally are living with type 2 diabetes. This ailment is majorly contributed by the resistance of insulin and increased levels of blood sugar. A slower carb digestion which also lowered the levels of blood sugar after taking kombucha. Kombucha green tea is healthier because green tea alone can lower levels of blood sugar. Related research involving 300,000 people found that kombucha intake lowers chances of diabetic attack by more than 80 percent.

Kombucha is only healthy when prepared well

Kombucha tea is rich in probiotics and is loaded with many health gains. You can decide to buy it from shops or make it yourself. Excess fermentation of kombucha is attributed to serious health complications and may as well cause death. Kombucha prepared at home is three percent alcohol. Purchasing kombucha online and from stores can be safer alternatives as they are usually alcohol-free. The alcohol content is mostly below 0.5 percent. You can also confirm the ingredients present and avoid those with much sugar.

The Bottom Line

There is a common belief among people that kombucha can help handle every kind of chronic health complication This may not be true as there are minimal studies regarding the effectiveness of the brewed tea on humans. Additionally, there is less evidence to support the benefits of probiotics in kombucha tea. If you want to try home-made Kombucha tea, maintain high hygienic levels to avoid the negative aspects of these brewed tea.

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