All You Need to Know About Tribulus Terrestris

Supplements make up a major part of our diet and are made from medicinally-appreciated plants and animal components even in the past. Here is a review of Tribulus terrestris and whether it works.

Tribulus terrestris is a tiny leafy plant that’s believed to possess many health benefits. Health practitioners boast of its potential in remedying illnesses and reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2. Some studies even claim that it does this by lowering total and bad cholesterol and regulating sugar levels in the bloodstream.  That’s why its supplements are cherished and often turned to when health complications set in. the big question is whether the supplements really work and exert the purported benefits. Dive into this blog for a detailed review and answer to some of your burning questions about this valued leafy plant and its supplements.

Tribulus terrestris- what is it?

You might have heard about Tribulus terrestris, and its mention rings a bell in your ears. It’s high time you got an in-depth understanding of what it is. It is one of the small leafy plants with many purported health benefits. This plant has yellow flowers, and possesses several other names like Gokshura, puncture vine, and goat’s head. Although it’s found nearly in all continents, it is predominant in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. The Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine appreciated the plant and has roots for the many stated health benefits. The plant’s role in the reproductive system is long-boasted, where the traditionalists used it to improve sexual performance and good urinary tract health. Modern medicine still appreciates the plant and links it to boosted levels of testosterone hormone and improved general health.

Promising results for heart health and blood sugar level

One area for which modern medicine appreciates Tribulus terrestris has to do with its effects in keeping the heart healthy and reducing blood sugar levels. Although these claims need further studies, the existing studies have offered promising results that can temporarily affirm the plant’s viability in the stated roles. For instance, one study investigated the effect of plant supplements in a group of diabetic type 2 women. At the end of the study, the group was considered to another group taking a placebo. The results indicated that the women taking Tribulus terrestris supplements recorded lower cholesterol levels than the counter group. In research involving animals, a limelight pointed to the supplements as being responsible for reduced cholesterol levels, blood vessel protection from damage, and reduced sugar levels.

Tribulus terrestris does not heighten testosterone levels

One of the main areas of appreciation by modern medicine in Tribulus terrestris is boosting testosterone levels. In fact, if you do a google search, you will notice many search results claim that the plant supplements can help boost testosterone levels. However, one study showed otherwise. It examined the effect of the supplements in males and females for 2-90days. The study concluded that taking Tribulus terrestris supplements could not help boost testosterone levels. Although the supplements may boost testosterone hormones in animals, the same does not apply to human beings.

Tribulus terrestris can increase libido

The foregoing paragraph has cleared claims that the Tribulus terrestris can help increase testosterone. Even so, the plant supplements can help increase sexual urge in men by up to 79% when taken in dosages of 750-1500mg on a daily basis. The same is true for women, and they can have their sexual urge heightened by 67% by taking the supplements in 500-1500mg dosages. The effect surfaces faster in men, taking about two months. For women, the study showed that the results would be realized in three months.

What’s more, the supplements can help the low-libido women have satisfying intercourse, get excited fast, and have more sexual urges. Until now, the supplements haven’t been stated to help improve erectile dysfunction and its complications. Stronger and more lasting erections were associated with 1500mg dosage of the supplements. Therefore, further research is needed to state how extensive the Tribulus terrestris supplements can help with sexual experience.

Can Tribulus terrestris help with body composition or physical performance?

Because of its purported potential to increase testosterone, many active people turn to Tribulus terrestris supplements for muscle strength, mass, and overall body composition for improved performance. However, the supplements may not actually help with body composition or physical performance since they cannot boost testosterone levels. Research on Tribulus terrestris supplements on body composition is minuscule, and even the available ones show zero linkages between the supplements and improved body composition. One such study examined the muscle strength and physical performance of two rugby player groups, one taking the supplement and the other taking a placebo. When the study ended, it was clear that taking the supplements had nothing to do with increased body composition or physical performance.

Tribulus terrestris supplements dosage

In examining the effects discussed above, varied dosages were used. For instance, studies analyzing Tribulus terrestris effects on blood sugar regulation used an average 1000mg dosage, while that on sexual performance and libido used dosages within the 250mg-1500mg range. Other studies also used weight-based dosages such as the 4.5-9.0mg/pound dosage.

Side effects associated with dosage variation

As seen in the preceding, Tribulus terrestris supplements have been studied in various dosages. Are you worried about the negative side effects associated with the dosage variation? Well, there is nothing to worry about since few animal studies had side effects related to the dosage, but these were minimal and would not raise alarm. In rare cases, refluxes or stomach cramps may occur. However, on one occasion, a patient with kidney stones took the supplements and reported toxicity. Similar negative side effects were reported in an animal study with rats, in which there was a potential of having ad their kidneys damaged. The bottom line is this: while cases of negative side effects are minimal to rare, talking to your medical advisor and weighing the pros and cons of Tribulus terrestris supplements is the only way to make informed choices about them.


Traditional medicine taught us to appreciate many supplements made from plants and animal components. While some may work, others may not work. Such supplements include those made from Tribulus terristris, a leafy plant. The plant is cherished for many purported health benefits, and this blog helps clear your doubt about the claimed benefits.

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