Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

Many people don’t like the smell or taste of apple cider vinegar but feel like they still need it. They opt to turn to apple cider vinegar pills, a substance that has dehydrated vinegar as the primary ingredient. Are such pills safe?

You probably are aware of the buzz that has been built around apple cider vinegar (ACV), especially regarding its massive abilities. While no studies have proved that ACV can help prevent blood pressure and heart disease, people value it for these benefits, besides weight loss. Still, other people turn to apple cider vinegar pills (ACV pills), especially when they find the taste or smell of vinegar unpleasant. Are the pills more effective than the vinegar itself? Besides, are the ACV pills safe? Find the answers to these questions by reading the article.

What are apple cider vinegar pills?

Apple cider vinegar is a compound that’s made by allowing yeast to ferment through bacterial action. Apple cider vinegar pills are made the same way, only that the pills contain vinegar in its dehydrated form. Most people who turn to ACV pills find the liquid ACV having an unpleasant smell or taste. The apple cider vinegar content in the ACV pills varies from one brand to another, with most brands manufacturing 500mg ACV in a capsule. That’s like taking 10ml of the liquid ACV, found in two teaspoonfuls. Some ACV pills are meant to facilitate metabolism and might have additives such as cayenne pepper.

Most people find ACV pills a good alternative for the ACV liquid. This is because not only are they able to avoid the stickiness of ACV, but they do not have to burn the esophagus. While it’s claimed that a person can still enjoy the purported health benefits of ACV through the ACV pills, more studies are needed to prove this.

Potential health benefits of ACV

There are many health benefits associated with ACV, the reason ACV pills came into the picture. Here are the ACV’s potential health benefits which are not associated with the ACV pills;

i.                    ACV for keeping cholesterol levels in check

Some studies suggest that apple cider vinegar could help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels. This is supported by one study that involved rats. Reduced bad cholesterol levels help reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Still, more studies are needed in this area since the research was only based on rats and not humans.

ii.                  ACV for improved digestion

A good percentage of ACV is made up of acid. The stomach acids help in digestion, although excess acid levels are detrimental. Therefore, researchers associate ACV with increased stomach acid levels, promoting digestion. People with digestive issues and experience symptoms such as bloating and gas usually have low levels of acids. Since ACV is a natural acid source, taking a spoonful and adding it to your drinking water helps boost digestion.

iii.               ACV for good sore throat

One of the claimed health benefits of ACV has to do with its ability to help with sore throats. The mechanism can be linked to the good bacteria present in ACV and are known for boosting the immune system. So then, it only makes sense that ACV would help with many allergies, including sore throat.

iv.               ACV for fighting acne

Acnes affect more than 75% of people at some point in life. It can present itself in the form of pimples or blackheads. ACV can help fight acne due to its anti-bacterial properties. However, caution is needed when ACV is used in skin and must be diluted in water to avoid burns.

v.                  ACV for good hair health

ACV can help clear dandruff in hair as well as built-up products. By initiating the stand-up of hair cuticles, ACV helps boost hair brightness and shine. It can also help stabilize the scalp’s pH.

ACV pills supposed health benefits

There’s not quite a lot to say about ACV pills when it comes to their health benefits. This is because only a few studies have been done in this area, with many focusing on animals instead of human beings. Thus, assessing the actual health benefits of ACV pills on humans becomes almost impossible. Scientists theorize that ACV pills have a substance that boosts the body’s ability to use sugar and reduce fats, leading to its supposed health benefits.  These include;

  • Weight loss- since ACV in the liquid form can help with weight loss, it’s supposed that ACV pills could also help in weight loss.
  • Maintaining blood sugar levels- the vinegar in ACV helps maintain steady blood sugar levels. Scientists thus conclude that ACV pills could also help maintain blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes type 2.
  • Regulating cholesterol levels- animal studies showed that ACV could lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels. Studies suppose that ACV pills could have the same effects, only that further research is needed.

ACV side effects

While ACV is praised for its many purported health benefits, it also has side effects. After drinking the vinegar for a long time, a person may start having throat problems, issues with digestion, and low levels of potassium. Most of the issues associated with ACV are due to the acidic nature of ACV. Besides, constantly consuming ACV could lead to disruption of the acid-base balance in the stomach. Even using ACV to control acne can lead to skin irritation, resulting in serious negative symptoms, including dryness.

In one study, an ACV pill got stuck in a woman’s throat. She reported that after that, she had problems swallowing for close to six months. In addition, the acidic nature of ACV makes it good at eroding the enamel. Another study reported osteoporosis with ACV consumption. Studies suggest that ACV pills could have similar effects as ACV since the main ingredients in both are the same.


Apple cider vinegar is one of the compounds that has built a buzz today. This is because of the substance’s purported health benefits. Some claim that it can help with weight loss and blood sugar control. Still, some people take apple cider vinegar pills to evade the taste and smell of the liquid apple cider vinegar. Dive into the article to learn something about ACV and ACV pills.

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