Avocado is an almighty food with lots of nutritional advantages. It’s a source of healthy fats, provides antioxidants, and is rich in micronutrients. From it, we get an essential product;avocado oil which serves lots of purposes.

With avocado oil, you can cook with it, use it for baking, improve your skin, and do many other things. So, how do you benefit from using avocado oil?

Health benefits of avocado

Keeps the skin hydrated

Avocado oil hasvitamin E and omega 3, which help treat dry skin,insect bites, sunburns, and other skin conditions like eczema. This oil gets deep into the skin, unlike other oils that only remain on the surface. This deep penetration allows full absorption of all the nutrients present and clears all the skin scars. High amounts of protein, vitamin D, and vitamin Aalso help maintain young skinin your aging years due to its powerfulabilities to produce collagen that is helpful in perfecting skin appearance.

Does magic to your heart and cholesterol levels

The unsaturated fatty acids in avocado oil are associated with a well-functioning heart. This beneficial oil also lowersthe triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels in the body without affecting the good cholesterol. With such promising benefits, you can substitute your normal oil with avocado oil.

Promotes good eyes health

Avocado oil contains plenty of lutein which is a special vitamin that improves eyesight. It’s difficult for the body to produce this compound naturally, but we need dietary sources like avocado oil to help us ingest it due to its importance.

Strengthens tooth and gum health

Periodontitis, a disturbing gum disease, is characterized by inflammation of gums leading to tooth loss due to persistent bacteria growth. Avocado oil can prevent such a disease by reducing compounds that cause gum illnesses.

Reduces inflammation in the joints

Avocado extracts arebeneficial in easing pain and stiffness. Diseases like osteoarthritis and arthritiscreate inflammation. Adding avocado oil to your diet will provide relieving properties.

Offers detoxification properties

You don’t have to drink lemon juice after every meal to detoxify your body. Start using avocado oil in your meals, and you’ll get pleasant results. The magnesium present in the oil eliminates high concentrationsoftoxinslike mercury and leads from the body.

Aids in weight loss

Loaded with fats, vitamins, and protein, avocado oil will make you feel full for longer hours. It’ll help you to have less cravings that make you bite on unhealthy stuff. Moreover, it supports smooth digestion, which is critical if you’re determined to lose weight.

It helps to absorb essential nutrients in the body

Avocado is full of monounsaturated fats, which are easy to absorb in the body. Carotenoid substances like lutein and zeaxanthintake a long time to get absorbed in the absence of fats. Having avocado oil in your diet will assist you in absorbing these nutrients without any difficulties.

Out of the ordinary ways of using avocado oil

Oiling your boots

Avocado oil can help with the maintenance of your leather shoes or boots. Leather tends to dry out and lose its nice looks after a while. Avocado oil can condition your leather shoes and keep them ingreat condition. Remove dust from the item you intend to clean, apply a small amount of oil, and then use a soft clothto wipe. Ensure you use a circular motion towipe all the excess oils.

Ointment for diaper rash

Non-natural products may have negative effects on babies. Being natural, avocado oil is a better substitute for diaper rash creams. Use a small amount of the oil to rub on the irritated part to soothe the rashes.

Oiling tools

Some individuals claim applying avocado oil in metal tools like knives helps to prevent rust. Remove dirt from the tool you intend to clean,then apply the oil on the active parts such as blades to improve the sharpness of your equipment.

Get rid of a squeaky door

Squeaks from doors are irritating. You can silent the annoying sound by using avocado oil as a lubricant. If you’re using it on a door hinge, put few drops on that areaand make several opens and closes to ensure the oil is well spread. Eventually, the noise will stop.

What are the cosmetic uses of avocado oil?

Avocado oil has a smooth texture, making ita great remedy for cosmetic purposes like;

Softening your cuticles

One of the best properties of avocado oil is that it’s deeply penetrated the skin allowing your skin to squeeze all the benefits from it. You can soften your cuticles by pouring avocado oil on your fingers and adding essential oil to get more satisfying results.

Other cosmetic uses of avocado oil include;

  • Using to remove makeup
  • Applying it to moisturize your skin
  • Use it as a DIY face mask to get a soft and flawless skin
  • Apply it as a face cream toeliminate dark circles
  • Use it as a massage oil
  • Use it as a facial cleanser
  • Use it as a hot bath oil treatment
  • Apply it as a hair conditioner
  • Create an avocado sugar scrub

What are the possible ideas for enjoying your avocado oil?

With avocado oil, you can get extremelyflexible with how you use it. There are different ways of consuming it. Here are the best ways of using your avocado oil;

  • Add it to your smoothie to make it more thick and refreshing
  • Splash it on your salad
  • Add it to your baking ingredients
  • Use it to marinate your grilled meat
  • Sprinkle it on your roasted vegetables
  • Add it in soups to make it more delicious

How do you choose the best avocado oil?

When deciding which avocado oil you’ll buy, focus on its package and the content used in the product. Some avocado oils might be containing other ingredients that you may not need. Opt for the one that has been extracted through screw press because its package is well protected from exposure to too much light.


At this point, you have no reason not to get avocado oil into your home. You can do a lot of things with it. The most effective way to incorporate it into your lifestyle is using it for cooking. Still, you can benefit from it by applying it to the skin, face, or hair. More so, you can use it as a baking ingredient or add in smoothies to enjoy its awesomeness.

Elena Ognivtseva

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