Heart rate monitoring watches help people track their heart especially, during exercises. Health conscious people know that a deviation from normal is a signal of an underlying heart problem.

With the new invention tech-wise, various smartwatches are released nearly every day. The most important feature to look for in a heart rate monitor is them. It is best to check and monitor your heart rate, in fact, for various reasons. You may need to do so for improved athletic performance, monitor your heart health, and put in check your stress levels. It is worth noting that smartwatches for heart rate monitoring are not medical devices, and they are likely to produce inaccurate readings. It may help to fit them well on your wrist. This article will discuss some of the best smartwatches for heart rate monitoring.

Choosing and Pricing

There are so many smartwatches with heart rate monitors fitted into them out there. It can thus be a challenge choosing one that suits you and your activity. It would be best if you could choose your smartwatch for heart rate monitoring based on its functionality, customer reviews, and specifically of use. In other words, you need to ensure that it gives accurate heart readings, has been reviewed positively by customers, and that it can perfectly adapt to use its needed.

As a smart consumer of technology, it may help to cut the coat according to your size. Basically, choose a watch that you can afford. However, cheap watches may not come with added advantages or may even give inaccurate readings right from the start. Speaking of added advantages, a good smartwatch will have a GPS connection, play music, and track other activities. The pricing for the watches below in this article is marked with a dollar ($-$$$) sign. A single dollar sign signifies affordability, while a triple dollar sign signifies the expensiveness of the watch ($=below $100, $$=$200, and $$$=above $200.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Suunto 9 GPS Sport Watch

Pricing $$$. This is a GPS-enabled watch that can monitor one session of exercise up to 120 hours non-stop. Apart from tracking the heart rate from the wrist, Suumo 9 GPS Sport Watch comes with a separate accessory for heart monitoring that you put on your chest. This sensor is bought separately. It is best suited for long-distance runners and cyclists. Other features in this watch include a compass pointer, breadcrumb tracking, and a sleep tracker, and many other activity trackers. Its built-in battery lasts for 120 hours after a full charge.

Fitbit Versa 2

Pricing $$. Who else would not want to buy the best reviewed watch? It has all the positive comments. The Fitbit Versa 2 uniquely tracks your heart rate throughout and records the readings on the home screen. It has a GPS connection, can track your sleep, and you can connect your Fitbit watch to a FitBit app on your tablet, android phone, or computer. On the app, you can view your workout history.

Additionally, it tracks burnt calories and steps. Its battery life lasts for up to 7 days. With the Fitbit Versa 2 watch, you can make cashless payments easily without needing a bank card or card. What’s more, this smartwatch can play music on popular apps like Spotify and Pandora, which you can sync with your phone.

Gamin Vivosmart4

Pricing $$. If you have a heart rate, this is the best on-wrist monitor for you. Coming with a built-in GPS, Gamin Vivosmart 4 can accurately track and monitor your heart rate for up to 24 hours non-stop. When put on a GPS connection, its battery life can last for up to 60 hours. Otherwise, when off the tracking and GPS modes, the battery can last for up to 2 weeks. Gemini Vivosmart 4 also suits people with lung problems. It monitors oxygen saturation levels and alarms you when the levels drop. You can thus attend to such a situation medically before it reaches critical levels. The Vivosmart 4 also has a guided breathing app that can help manage your stress.

Willful Smart Watch

Price $. Many people don’t own a smartwatch because of its high prices. Now, with the Willful Smart Watch, you nolonger have the excuse of not owning one. This watch tops the list of the best budget watches. This doesn’t mean that it has dubious features and produces poor readings. Its features are high quality, and it has been positively reviewed by many customers. Besides monitoring your heart rate, the Willful Smart Watch links with your phone’s notifications to track several activities, including sleep and comes with a motion reminder. You can enjoy swimming with it since it’s waterproof. Unfortunately, it doesn’t track your swimming data.

Fossil Gen 5 Garret Touchscreen Smart Watch

Price $$$. If you are after an old-looking watch, the Fossil Gen 5 got you. Unlike many smartwatches made of silicon, the Fossil Gen 5 produce watches made of old materials like stainless steel and leather. This watch has a high resolution screen which offers you a wide view of tracked heart rate. It also tracks your sleep and steps, among other vital activities. Similarly, it has a built-in GPS and can link to your phone receiving calls and reading texts, all while on the wrist. It is not only suitable for older people but also anyone who wants a non-complicated watch.

Lenzy H10 Flow

Price $$$. This is the best watch for those seeking a brand that is easy to operate. It is classically designed to monitor your heart rate and other activities. It also has a GPS connection and can play music. Its battery can last up to 400 hours on smartwatch mode.


Monitoring your heart rate is a very important way of living healthily. There are many smartwatches that can help you monitor your heart rate and other activities like swimming and steps. It would help to choose a watch that has the most positive customer reviews and can adapt to your activities.

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