Cashew nuts arekidney-shaped nuts popular for their overall health benefits. They’re wellknown for their abilities to help individuals lose weight, maintainthe appropriate blood sugar levels, and have a healthier heart.

Cashewnut is a popular ingredient for most meals in any home. This unique nut which was first discovered in Brazil,is super beneficial to the body more than you can imagine.Before, it was not as common as today, but itsimportance to humans is becoming more evident with time. Are cashew nuts good for your health?

What are the other names of cashew nuts?

Our goal is to make sure you know everything about cashew nuts. For that reason, we’ll help you know the other names usedto refer to cashew nuts. That is; Anacardo, East Indian Almond, Maranon, Pomme-Cajou, Noix-Cajou, Kaju, Noix de Cajou, Cajuil, or Cajou.

Where are cashew nuts used?

Often cashew nuts are consumed as a snack or used as ingredients in other meals. Cashew apple nutis usually eaten as fresh fruit or added to other dishes. In addition to that, it’s used to add flavors to drinks or fermented to be added invinegar or alcoholic liquids.

What is the nutritional profile of cashew nuts?

Nuts are generally known for their nutritional content. Cashew nuts belong to that family, making them a source of lots of nutrients. One ounce, which is about 28 grams of cashew nuts, has 157 calories and contains;

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Carbs 9 grams
  • Fiber
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Selenium, thiamine,
  • Vitamin K and vitamin B6

How do cashew nuts taste like?

Cashew nuts have a neutral flavor, creamy, and a buttery texture with a taste similar to peanuts.

 Benefits of cashewnuts

It may help to lose weight

Although nuts are known for high amounts of calories and fats, cashew nut provides fewer calories, making them a great option for losing weight. It appears to be better than nut-free diets.

It improves heart health

Adding cashew nuts to your diet reduces the risks of stroke and other heart-related illnesses. They are bettersnacksinstead of having unhealthy junk.

Benefits the type 2 diabetes patients

Individuals with type 2 diabetes will experience positive resultsafter incorporating cashew nuts in their meals. Cashewshave great amounts of fiber which are useful in preventing blood sugar levels from spiking inappropriately.

It’s easy to incorporate into your normal diet

Some foods are highly nutritious but difficult to fix in your normal diet, probably because they’re heavy foodstuffs. Not the case with cashew nuts. These nuts are light, and you can eatthem as breakfast or snack anytime you want.If you love to get creative with food, you’ll have varieties of options that’ll make your cashew nuts more interesting.

Rich in useful plant compounds

Cashewnuts contain antioxidants that stabilize free radicals known for damaging the body cells. With these nuts, you’ll experience lessinflammation and maintain your body healthiness while you remain protected from diseases.

Other benefits include;

  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Serves as stomach and gastrointestinal ailments
  • Helps with skin problems
  • It helps with warts and corns when applied to the skin

Are there any side effects of cashew nuts?

Cashew nutis safe when taken in the right amount.  However, taking too much may be harmful. It may make you add weight, cause bloating and other digestive problems, or lead to selenium poisoning. If you’re allergic to nuts, expect the following symptoms; vomiting, running nose, swallowing difficulties, itchiness in the mouth or throat, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and anaphylaxis.

What’s the right amount of nuts you should take per day?

  • 18 medium cashew nuts
  • 35 peanuts
  • 12 macadamia nuts
  • 12 hazelnuts
  • 24 almonds
  • 14 English walnut halves
  • 15 pecan halves

Who should avoid cashew nuts?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

It is not yet determined whether or not cashew nuts aresafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It’s better to keep off from them to avoid complications.

If you’re allergic to nuts

If other nuts like almonds affect you, high chances are that cashewnuts will harm your body. Confirm from your doctor whether it’s safe to eat cashews if you’re allergic to pectin, citrus seeds, peanut, pistachio, hazelnut, or any other nut.

Diabetic individuals

Consuming too much cashewnuts may raise blood sugar levels. Persons with diabetes should observetheir blood sugar levels after eating high amounts of cashew nuts.

Individuals preparing for surgery or have already done it

It’s advised you avoid eating too much cashew nuts two weeks before a planned surgery.

Tips for making your cashew nuts tasty

Cashew nuts can fit any meal that you want. It’s a great ingredient that adds a unique flavor to any food you’re preparing. Here are some of the ideas;

Snack on it

Cashew nuts are protein-loaded and perfect for snacking. You’ll enjoy it more if you roast them with salty, spicy, or sweet seasoning. Alternatively, try with rosemary and brown sugar.

Make cashew butter

You can get amazing nut butter from raw or roasted cashew nuts. You may end up loving it more than the usual peanut butter. You can use it to replace cream or cheese when making dairy-free recipes.

Make it milky

Cashew nuts can produceyummy and creamy nutmilk. Blend it with water, and add sweeteners to make it more interesting.

Try cashew chicken

Cashew chicken is common in Chinese-American menus. You can make yours at home by coating your roasted cashew nuts and a piece of chicken in your preferred sauce. Add pepperand honey or sugar to get aunique taste.

Add to rice

Add chopped cashew nuts to your well-cooked rice, and you’ll never want any other food.


Cashew nuts are nutritious nuts that you can cook in different ways to fit your taste preferences. They are available in different sizes. You can obtain it as a whole or buy pieces of cashews. You can use it as a topping in other foods or as a baking ingredient. Even though they’re quite expensive, their prices range according to their sizes, brand, and whether it’s raw or roasted. Get yourself some cashew nuts and prepare a yummy meal. This time, make sure you prepare it with all the love.

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