Does Herbalife Work for Weight Loss?

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One way through which people try losing weight is by using the Herbalife diet. Knowing whether this diet works or not helps inform your choice about whether you should really try it.

The quest for weight loss is stronger today than ever, and people are going to all heights to shake off that extra weight. One thing they do is exercising, which includes aerobic exercises. Some also try dieting, in which they cut off some foods from their diet and limit the amount of food they take. Yet, others use supplements, which include the Herbalife weight loss diet. If you want to try Herbalife for weight loss, you might be interested in knowing what it’s all about and whether it really works for weight loss. This article is your primer and answers all those questions.

What is Herbalife?

This is the first question whose answer you certainly want to get. Herbalife is a lifestyle company that was established in 1980. The company operates at a multi-level, whereby it distributes its products through direct sales using independent distributors. Herbalife deals in dietary supplements that come in many different forms, including teas, protein powders, snacks, and meal replacement. From the company’s point of view, it is more of a nutrition company than a weight loss company. Still, Herbalife deals in many weight loss products, although its other products help with sports and nutrition, general wellness, fitness, and skincare. A lot of buzz has been built in the media around Herbalife. Some people claim that the weight loss supplements work, while others are stating otherwise.

An overview of the Herbalife weight loss plan

If your goal is to lose weight using the Herbalife weight loss diet plan, you just need to cut off two meals a day and focus on Herbalife Formula 1 shakes. According to the company, the trick lies in burning calories by reducing the three basic meals to one meal a day. The weight loss program comes in the following three options;

  • Quickstart Program- this is like the starter program. It consists of a Formula 1 meal powder, herbal tea concentrate, Formula 2 meal multivitamins, and Formula 3 supplements.
  • Advanced Program- just as the name suggests, this program is an advancement of the Quickstart Program. It basically contains what the former stage has and two added supplements.
  • Ultimate Program- this program contains all that the advanced program has and the other two supplements. It is the Quickstart Program contents, plus four other supplements.

The choice of the third meal is yours, and you need to ensure it’s both balanced and healthy. Since the weight loss diet plan basically provides the body with proteins only, it’s the individual’s responsibility on a diet to satisfy the body’s needs for other macronutrients. Every cup of milk offers the body 8g proteins, while the meal replacement powder provides the body with 9g proteins, adding up the total protein intake for the day to be 34g.

What to eat

As seen in the preceding section, the weight loss diet basically provides the body with proteins as these are known to help you remain full for longer, thus lowering the need to eat every other time and putting in extra calories. Thus, you need to go out of your way to get yourself a healthy and balanced meal to ensure all nutrients are included. This could include whole grains such as quinoa, pasta, or brown rice, at least a serving or two fresh vegetables like spinach or kales, a fresh fruit, say a berry or an avocado. It also includes protein servings such as tofu, fish, lean poultry, and eggs.

As you go about your day, the components of the weight loss plan may not be enough to help you feel full and carry out your activities. Remember, they only constitute 170 calories, even if you were to do the shakes. Because of this, you might want to have some snacks. Still, you need to try as much as you can to have healthy snacks to increase the chances of the Herbalife weight loss diet working. Some snacks you might want to have include fresh fruits, popcorns, hummus-packed vegetables, cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, and nut butter. Of course, you need to ensure moderation in whatever snack you choose, as having too much of any food puts many calories on the body.

What should you avoid/limit?

The Herbalife also lists some foods a person on the Herbalife dietary plan needs to avoid to enhance chances of the plan working. For one reason or another, these foods can jeopardize the entire plan or contribute to health risks to whoever takes them. These foods fall into the following four categories;

  • Fast Foods- these are among the most liked foods and still among the unhealthiest. A Food Nutrition Perspectives study published an article that linked fast foods to heart diseases, belly fats and weight gain, and diabetes type 2.
  • Highly Processed Foods- these constitute another category of the most liked foods, and needs to be avoided because of the health challenges they pose. Chips and hotdogs are such foods.
  • Alcohol- the plan advises against alcohol intake, especially the brands with more than 7 calories/gram. These add on empty and unnecessary calories to your body, ultimately leading to weight gain.
  • Highly sugared foods- you might have to limit (if not avoid) foods with high amounts of added sugars. Apart from raising blood sugar levels, such foods increase your risk of having heart disease. They include candy, cakes, and flavored yogurts.

Does the Herbalife weight loss plan work?

After learning the basics about the Herbalife weight loss plan, you might wonder whether this plan actually works and whether you should consider trying it for weight loss. Some people have tried the plan and have managed to lose weight within a short time. Still, others have tried it with no effect on weight. In fact, the plan may not work for long-term plans. Still, the plan encourages healthy eating and gives a person access to healthy recipes. One thing you have to bear in mind is that the plan may not work for everyone because of other underlying factors, and it is also expensive, and so you need to prepare yourself well.


Herbalife is a nutrition company that deals in different products, including weight loss products. This article has looked at the Herbalife weight loss plan and some important facts about it. These include what it contains, what to be eaten, what to be avoided, and whether the diet works. Should you think about trying the budget, this article should be your informant.

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