Effective Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising or Dieting

Effective Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising or Dieting-min

You can lose weight effectively without dieting or exercising. This can be appealing to you, especially when you find it hard to exercise for one reason or another, or you can’t just stick to a diet.

The quest for weight loss is gaining greater and greater popularity today, with so many people chasing it. While someone may lose weight to look fit or because of medical reasons, others are just obsessed with shape. Diet and exercise are two weight loss strategies that may work for some and not work for others. For the unfortunate fellows who cannot lose weight by dieting or following a diet, the simple science-based weight loss strategies discussed in this article will be helpful.

i.                    Eat breakfast daily

You will come across many people obsessed with weight loss and skip breakfast in trying to achieve weight loss the ridiculous way. However, if you want to lose weight, never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal since the meal you take in the morning helps you throughout the day. Therefore, if you skip breakfast, you will find yourself craving for food all day long. As a result, you may go about eating everything and anything, including the unhealthy food choices that will jeopardize the weight loss plan.

ii.                 Take time to chew food and slow down the eating pace

Although this may sound trivial, it is one of the science-backed strategies to lose weight effectively without exercising or sticking to a particular diet. When you chew slowly, you reduce your food intake and boost your fullness. This ultimately contributes to your weight loss journey. However, if you were to eat fast, you definitely will find yourself taking in more chunks. In addition, the brain is a unique organ that needs time to alert you that you have had enough. If you were to chew faster, you would be denying the brain enough time to process information about you being full and relaying it.

iii.               Improve your cooking skills

Modern research links obesity and causes of weight gain to a person’s cooking skills, and for every good reason. If you are a good cook, you will always have multiple options to try using the same ingredients. However, when a person’s cooking skills are limited, he will be fond of repeating the same dishes, some of which may be unhealthy, and he may go about relying on the packaged and processed foods that can only make him gain more weight. Improving your cooking skills will help you know how to play around with vegetables and fresh fruits to come up with several healthy dishes.

iv.               Serve less healthy foods on smaller plates

This is yet another method that does not involve exercise or diet but still helps you achieve weight loss. While large plates will make you eat more by making food portions appear small, smaller plates will help you eat less by making food portions appear large. Therefore, why not try serving less healthy foods on smaller plates and healthy foods on larger plates? This will decrease the levels of fats, calories, and carbs that you take, ultimately helping you achieve weight loss.

v.                  Do more proteins

Proteins are appreciated for their role in muscle buildup and cell constitution. Did you know that taking more proteins could also help you lose weight without having to follow a strict diet or hold on to some strenuous exercise? Proteins will make you feel satiated for a long once you take them. With such an increased feeling of fullness, the craving for unhealthy food is significantly reduced, making weight loss possible. Adding help or chia seeds to your morning cereals is one way of boosting your protein intake in the body.

vi.               Concentrate on more fibers

Just like proteins, fibers also help a person lose weight without complying with some strict diet or being involved in strenuous exercise. Unlike most foods that get digested in the small intestines, fiber-rich foods move to the large intestines. Here, the fermentation process takes place, and this has lots of health benefits to the body. As this happens, food transit time reduces, leading to lowered risks of constipation. What’s more, food digestion also slows down, making one feel full for longer. This feeling of satiety is all you need to cut down on your food intake without straining. Reduced food intake means reduced calorie intake, which is effective for weight loss.

vii.             Keep unhealthy foods out of sight

They say, ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ and this can apply to weight loss without exercise or diet for every good reason. When you have unhealthy foods stored where you can easily spot them when you are hungry and are craving for something, chances are high that you will grab them and eat them, jeopardizing your quest for weight loss. Thus, you can store them in places where you cannot easily see them, but fill your countertops and fridge centers and middles with healthy foods.

viii.          Improve your water intake

Many people view the idea of taking eight glasses of water a day as ridiculous. However, if you don’t make it eight glasses, just drink enough water as it has many health benefits to the body. Besides keeping you hydrated and helping your body fluids work well, drinking enough water is an effective strategy for losing weight. You can opt to drink water some 30minutes before meals, and you will experience substantial weight loss. When you do that, you increase your fulness feeling, making you eat less food.

ix.                Serve yourself just a little less

You might have noticed that hotels, eateries, and restaurants have increased their serving portions lately. This makes it hard for those who wish to lose weight to do so. Yet, one way of losing weight without dieting or exercising is by reducing your food portions. At first, this might be a challenge, but you slowly get used to it.


The quest for weight loss is more popular today than ever. While some people register for exercise and some strict diets, that may not just work for you. Still, the good news is that you can lose that weight. A few things matter, including lowering your food portions, drinking more water, taking in more fibers and proteins, and using smaller plates when eating. Find out more from the article.

Tatyana Dyachenko

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