Every man aiming to build muscles and stay healthy will need to create a workout plan, organize equipment, change lifestyle, and generally follow bodybuilding rules. Some workouts take a shorter time to show results, while some may take a while before making you see the worth of the fitness program.

Getting into a workout plan is not as difficult as remaining consistent with the gym routine. Any man planning to have long-term results will need to use an effective exercise program that will sustain him for the longest time possible. Which is the effective workout routine for men?

What Is Your Body Type?

When it comes to fitness, your body type plays a big role. Sadly, this aspect is not addressed as often as it deserves. Unless you understand your body, you can forget about achieving your dream body because you’ll be doing workouts that are ineffective for your body type. Knowing your physique type will help you set realistic fitness goals that you can easily attain and maintain for the rest of your life. So, before you wish to have a body like Brad Pitt, find out if your physique is similar to his. If it’s not, there is no way your muscles can become like his.

What Are The Male Body Types?

  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Ectomorph


If you’re familiar with Chris Patt’sphysique, that’s what endomorph body type looks like. This group gains fat fast and can easily gain thick arms and legs within a few muscle-building exercises like deadlifts. They have a round physique, take time to lose fat, and have a slow metabolism.

What workout routine do endomorphs need?

Endomorphs tend to gain fat fast. So their workout should focus on exercise that builds muscles and minimizeweight gain. It includes;

Strength training

About five strength training sessions in aweek is enough to build muscles in endomorphic individuals. The proper rest timeshould be between 30 to 60 seconds. For better results, they must do high reps of more than 12 in the exercises they do.


Cardio training is critical for endomorphs because they highly need to createa calorie deficit more than the other two groups. It’s wise to incorporate cardio after strength training. Doing so allows the glycogen to be utilized during strength training, makingcardio convert fat to sustain the remaining exercise. Alternatively, youcan do cardio early in the morning for faster fat burning. The cardio workouts should be fairly about 60 minutes, but you can do it for alonger time.

What is the right diet for endomorphs following a workout program?

Endomorphs are required to eat foods that help with gaining muscles while reducing fat absorbance. Therefore,their diet will entail zero refined grains but have lots of whole grains and high-fiber foods likevegetables, fruits, and legumes.

What are the supplements for endomorphs?

Supplementswill protect you from muscle breakdown and speed upthe fat-burning process. The best options are BCAA Glutamine supplements and a fat burner.


Do you know Cristiano Ronaldo, a talented soccer player who has every girl’s attention because of his body?Well, his body type is mesomorph. Males in this group are mostly athletic, have a hardbody, well-defined muscles, rectangular body shape, fast metabolism, and easily gain muscles or fats.

Strength training for mesomorph

Mesomorphs require lower reps of about 5 to gain strength at the beginning of workouts and then increase the reps to almost 12 and more. They’ll also include techniques like drop and pause at the end of training sessions to maximize the fat burning process and maintain the metabolism pace. The rest time should be;

  • Low reps of 1-5; 90-180 seconds
  • Medium reps of 8-12; 60-90 seconds
  • High reps of more than 12; 30-45 seconds

Cardio for mesomorphs

Mesomorphs are at a lower risk of fat gain. Even so, cardio is essential for their workout routine. A cardio session of about 60 minutesa day is enough to show impressive results.

Diet for mesomorphs

Mesomorphs respond well to high-protein meals, which mean they should focus on food sources that provide proteins in plenty. Even though they are prone to weight gain, they should not take more than the required carbohydrates.

Supplements for mesomorph

This group will have better results if they use supplements like BCAA Glutamine supplement and an All-natural fat burner before working out.


Chris Rock and Brad Pitt are perfect examples of ectomorphs. Men in this group have small shoulders, flat chest, small bone structure, lean muscle mass, extremely fast metabolism, and difficulty gaining weight.

Strength training for ectomorph

Ectomorphs have short, but intense strength training sessions and their exercises prioritize muscle gaining. They use combined rep ranges to enhance all body health performance.

Cardio for ectomorphs

Ectomorphs don’t need cardio as much, but it’s a bonus to have few sessions. They don’t need fat loss workouts. Instead, their training majors on muscle building,

Diet for ectomorphs

Ectomorphs have a big appetite, and their metabolism is super activeEating 6-8 meals a day may help them meet their appetite levels. Also, they need lots of proteins and should prioritize carbohydrates while focusing on high caloric foods like nuts, avocados, yogurt, olive oil, and dairy products.

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Which Are The Top Effective Exercises For Men?

  • Deadlift
  • Back squat
  • Bench press
  • Dumbbell Romanian deadlift
  • Kettle bell swing
  • Suspended push-up
  • Pull up
  • Medicine ball slam
  • Swiss ball rollout

When Will You See The Result After Following Your Workout Routine?

Don’t expect to get results immediately. The body will take time before the muscles start to build up. One of the main factors that will influence how fast you’ll start experiencing pleasantoutcomes is diet. Keep in mind bodybuilders need more proteins to sustain their workout programs. Also, be persistent, but be flexible to make changes in your workout programs if you don’t notice any changes. The secret to getting great results is practicing progressive overload, which involves increasing reps, reducing the rest times, and maximizing the period you’re under tension as you advance your workouts.


Without a doubt, men’s workout is more intense than those for women because of the difference in body requirements. Some strength training exercises don’t need equipment, including push-ups, lunges, sidekicks, squats, planks, and crunches. Before you start any workout routine, seek help from body fitness experts, create realistic goals that fit your body type, and finally work towards them.