Master cleanse diet is an invention of Stanley Burroughs back in 1941 and was popularized in 2004 by Peter Glickman. It is a liquid diet that is designed to help detoxify the body.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that your body has its way of cleansing itself, including the renal and hepatic systems. This diet is meant to clean up toxins from pesticides, impurities, and other harmful substances. This type of diet is to be followed strictly for ten days, and no solid is to be included during this period. Its proponents claim that it is capable of melting body fats and detoxify it of impurities. This article digs deeper into Master Cleanse Diet and how it can impact weight.

How Master Cleanse Diet Works

Master Cleanse diet is not as complicated as other diets. In fact, it has been broken down into three phases for easy following and adherence. These phases include Easing In, the Lemonade Diet, and Easing Out. Now, these phases will be discussed individually. Keep reading.

Easing Into the Master Cleanse

This is the first phase of this diet. It is not a must that you have to begin with it, but it is meant to prepare your body for the next phase. It is required that you ease into this diet bit by bit for a few days:

1st and 2nd days

For these days, you must completely say no to caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, dairy, added sugars, and meat. You are required to consume whole raw foods such as fruits and vegetables.

3rd day

Start adapting to the liquid diet by drinking broths, smoothies, pureed soups, fruit juices, and vegetable juices.

4th day

On this day, you should focus on drinking water only and fresh orange juice. You are needed to top up the juice with maple syrup for added calories. Before you retire to bed, you need to drink a laxative.

5th day

Now, you should begin the Master Cleanse diet.

The Lemonade Diet (Following the Diet)

During the entire days you will be following the Master Cleanse diet; your calorie need will fully be catered for by a beverage consisting of lemon, maple, and cayenne. The recipe for this beverage should typically include 30 g or two tablespoons of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 40 g or two tablespoons of maple syrup, 0.2 g or the tenth teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 8-12 ounces of purified drinking water. Once you have measured them correctly, mix them, and you can enjoy drinking them any time you feel hungry. You may have a minimum of 6 servings in a day. Additionally, you must include one-quart salt water (warm) every morning to act as a laxative. Alternatively, you can use herbal teas as laxatives. The minimum number of days with the Master Cleanse diet is ten days, and if you can, 40 days is allowed. However, there is no science to back these recommendations.

Easing Out of the Diet

This is the last phase of the Master Cleanse Diet. It is a transition into the regular diet once you have completed the Lemonade Diet. It is also broken into days

1st day

Begin by consuming fresh-squeezed orange juice only for one day.

2nd day

On this day, you can add vegetable soup or broth.

3rd day

On day three, post lemonade diet, you can happily eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

4th day

You are now fully into your usual diet, but it is recommended that you focus on consuming whole foods and less processed foods.

Master Cleanse Diet and Weight Loss

This type of diet is simply an alternative way of fasting, and it definitely leads to weight loss. Logically taken, one serving of the Master Cleanse liquid contains approximately 110 calories. In a day, one is expected to consume six servings of this beverage. At the end of the day, one will have consumed fewer calories than one can burn. Ultimately, this will result in weight loss, but for a short period. Surprisingly, the effects of a mixture of lemon water and honey can be impressive on weight, according to researchers. If you can try fit for four days of fasting, it can practically shed off extra weight by up to 2.2 kg. This mixture can also lower blood triglycerides levels.

Does Master Cleanse Diet Detoxify the Body?

The proponents of the Master Cleanse claim that it is an effective diet for eliminating toxins from the body. However, there is no science to back these claims at all.

Are There Any Other Benefits of Master Cleanse Diet?

Since it can lead to weight loss, the Master Cleanse diet has other benefits. They include:

Easy to follow: what makes various weight-loss diets hard to follow is counting calories and detailed preparations. Fortunately, the Master Cleanse diet does not require counting calories, nor is any cooking involved. Therefore, it can be very easy to follow, especially for those who have busy schedules.

It is sort of cheap: purchasing the ingredients used to prepare the Master Cleanse diet does not require much digging into the pocket. These ingredients are cheap and readily available. They include maple syrup, lemon juice, salt, cayenne, tea, and water.

Disadvantages of Master Cleanse Diet

One popular saying goes, ‘all that glitters are not gold.’ The Master Cleanse diet is absolutely a good diet for short-term weight loss. However, it also has some disadvantages.

It lacks the balancing of a good diet: sticking to lemon-cayenne-maple beverage kind of deprives your body of essential nutrients such as vitamins, fat, proteins, and minerals.

It can be challenging and hard to adhere to: for those who are used to solid foods, going for several days without it can be problematic. It kills the morale right from the start.


The Master Cleanse diet is a type of diet designed to help one detoxify the body. It is meant to be strictly followed for ten days without including solid foods. One has only to drink a beverage made from lemon, cayenne, and maple syrup. This diet can also help an individual lose weight.

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