Protein is an essential nutrient for your health. Find out various vegetables that contain it and the percentage available.

Protein is made up of chemical building blocks called amino acids that have several significances to human health, such as muscle andborn repair, energy source, and makeup hormones.When protein is prescribed, eggs appear first, especially to individuals who want to cut weight. There are various high protein foods, such as fish, lean meat, dairy products, and poultry, thoughvegetables are the mainsources on earth. High protein vegetables are easy to prepare compared to other sources that require long processes.

Vegetables with High Protein


How often do you eat edamame? This is a type of soybean that does not require any process before eating. You can add it to various dishes and still enjoy the flavor.Edamamegrows in a green pod and can be boiled or stewed.It is packed with several healthy nutrients, such as vitamins and protein. It is time you start including it in your diet.


Lentils are pulses found in the legumefamily that contain a good percentage of protein needed for human health.They do not require much attention in preparation since they only take 15 minutes to cook. Also, the soup can be taken with various snacks, such as bread and pizza. They come in red, brown, and green colors.

Pinto beans

Pinto beans are nutritious. They can be boiled or dried and work well in burritos like salad toppers, soup, or challis. A cup of their soup contains 15.14 grams of protein. If you rarely eat pinto beans, try themwhen cooked with soup or chilis to acquire the nutrients and satisfy your hunger.


They are also known as garbanzo and the only ingredient in humus. Chickpeas can work well when consumed together with different dishes or of various snacks. They require less time and attention to prepare and are one of the inexpensive protein sources.You can pack them for a tour with other dishes. When packed in good condition, they do not lose their flavor.

Mung beans

They belong to the legume family with plenty of proteins and other nutrients, such as fiber and iron. You can boil or dry them when preparing for a meal. They are high-protein vegetablesthat require less time to cook.You can stock them in your kitchen for easy preparation when you are in a hurry.

Fava beans

They look green in their pods and belong to the legume family. Fava beans are easy to cook and require less. You can boil or fry them, serve them with the soup aside from other dishes. A cup of their soup contains 12.29 grams of protein. This is optimum for your health.

Lima beans

These little seeds belong to the family of legumes containing plenty of nutrients, such as protein and fiber. They have variousminerals, such as potassium, iron. Most people do not like their taste. Recipes such as Herbed lima bean hummus can add flavor to a diet of lima beans.

Green peas

Green peascontain a good percentage of protein essential for your health. They do not accumulate protein in the body. You can cook by boiling, and a cup of their soup contain 8.58 grams of protein. However, green peas taste unpleasant to many people. To enjoy them, you can try recipes, such as the green monster veggie burger.


Quinoa contains 8.14 grams of protein when cooked. It is cooked for 15 minutes and has plenty of minerals, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. You can add quinoa to veggie burgers, pilaf, and salads.Fiber and antioxidants promote a healthy gut and prevent constipation.

Wild rice

Those that have never seen them before may think they are rice.Wild rice are nutrient-rich grains with 6.54 grams of protein in a cup of cooked soup. You can cook in soup, pilaf, stuffing, and casseroles.Also, if you are cutting weight, try this protein-rich meal in your diet. It does not take you longer to prepare wild rice.


Pistachio pods may give a hard time when shelling but have a sweettaste. It contains 5.97 grams of protein and can be served in different forms, such as baked foods, on topof salads, and as a fish coat. If you neverloved fish, try pistachio today.


Almond contains 5.94 grams of proteins per ounce when dry-roasted. Apart from protein, it contains plenty of different nutrients, such as fats, vitamin E, and antioxidants. It is advisable to eat almonds with the skin in tacked to acquire all nutrients. There are various recipes to try with almonds, such as Dijon almond crusted tilapia.

Brussels sprout

A cup of boiled frozen brussels sprout contains 5.64 grams of protein. You can cook by roasting, steaming, or shredded in salads. They are easy to prepare, and less time is required.In addition, they act as an appetizer. Brussels sprout can be tried with recipes such as brussels sprout sweet potato hash. They are suitable for everyone.

Chia seeds

They are tiny black seeds with plenty of protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids.They are easy to prepare by drying. One seed contains 4.69 grams of protein. The three nutrients found in chia seeds are essential for your health. Try a diet of chia seeds a side ofdifferent recipes, such as chocolate chia seed pudding.

Yellow sweet corn

A large ear of yellow sweet corn contains4.68grams of protein.As the name suggests, the corn is sweet even when you are served alone. When buying, choose the fresh one that contains all grams of protein.


One medium potato has 4.65 grams of protein baked with skin. Many people eat after pilling off the skin and miss essential grams of nutrients in potatoes. It is advised to cook and eat with skin in tacked.Potatoes contain protein, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, which helps in growth, development, and repair of body tissues.


This vegetable contains4.32 grams of protein in a cup of its soup. Fresh asparagus can give you good flavor and the required proteins. People who eat them steamed, roasted, and grilled enjoy their full flavor.


One stalk of broccoli contains 4.28 grams of protein, and also has fiber, vitamin K, and C that has various functions in the body.Eating a broccoli diet may help prevent various health problems, such as high blood sugar.


One medium avocado has a total of 4.02 grams of protein. A lot can be done with it, especially when ripe. It is readily available and suitable for anyone and contains suitable fats.


If you thought that vegetables contain vitamins alone, you were wrong.Proteins are essential to the human body and are readily available in vegetables. You may have restricted them long ago, but it is time to add them to your daily diet. Many people have been advised to eat more vegetables than other meals.

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