Want to introduce the erotic nipple clamps and suckers in your sex life but are unsure how to use them? Herein is a complete guide on how to comfortably use your new nipple clamps and suckers.

Nipple clamps and suckers are amazingly common in most relationships today. They have proven to be one of the most incredible toys to include in sex life. But have you ever stimulating your nipples? Nipples are the most reactive and sensitive body parts. Therefore, some attention during role play or sexual intercourse will give you the most amazing feeling. These toys are perfectly crafted to draw your blood closer to the nipples to give you increased stimulation. Also, there are different types of nipple clamps and suckers for you to choose from for pleasurable moments. Sex is not always about penetrative sex. Introducing other toys like nipple suckers for stimulation makes the whole experience sensational.

What Are Nipple Clamps and Suckers?

Nipple clamps are artificial tools designed perfectly to give you sensational nipple stimulation. They are made from different materials, designs, colors, sizes, and shapes. This allows you to choose what suits your desires and preferences. They are specifically designed for nipples. Nipple suckers are one of the most common toys used for nipple stimulation. Also, they are designed in different sizes to fit in different nipple sizes perfectly. Consider including them in your sex toy collection for satisfying nipple stimulation.

Different Types of Nipple Clamps and Suckers

Here are some of the common nipple clamps and suckers for beginners.

Silicone Nipple Suckers

Want to explore the sensational and pleasurable nipple play? Well, consider accessing the fetish fantasy silicone nipple suckers. They are perfectly designed to give you sensational nipple stimulation. These nipple suckers are made from adjustable and soft silicone material for a comfortable experience. Moreover, the material used is high-quality, medical-grade, and hypoallergenic, making it safe for sensitive skin.

Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers

Explore some extreme nipple pleasures with the erotic vibrating heated nipple teaser. The nipple toy comes with a wired remote for adjusting the vibrating speeds to the desired stimulating level. Moreover, they feature two powerful vibration speeds for offering stronger and intense sensations. These amazing nipple teasers are designed to restrict your blood flow to increase sensitivity. They are great for both beginners and advanced players.

Adjustable Bell Nipple Clamps

Play with bondage dominance and submissive with the amazingly designedBDSM adjustable bell nipple clamps. These incredible nipple toys are from high-quality and body-safe stainless steel. Also, they are coated with rubber tips for gentle and comfortable nipple stimulation. Furthermore, the toy also features metal bells for additional weight. Its adjustability makes it an amazing choice for beginners.

Sportsheets Collar with Nipple Clamps

Spice up your BDSM play with the fetish fantasy collar with nipple clamps. They are perfectly designed to give you a classic BDSM experience. With the erotic collars, you can enjoy nipple stimulation as you receive soft spanks from your dominant. Moreover, the bondage collars allow you to explore new sensations to satisfy all your sexual fantasies and desires. The toy is also waterproof, allowing you to enjoy underwater pleasures.

Nipple and Clit Clamps

Do you feel like enjoying double stimulation? Well, there is a kinky nipple and clit clamp for females. The tool is crafted perfectly to stimulate both your clitoris and nipples. Therefore, if you have sensitive clits prepare for some sensational and satisfying orgasmic experience. You can use this clamp in a solo or partnered play; whichever way, it guarantees maximum pleasure. Also, you can use it with other toys to explore different sensations.

How to Use Nipple Clamps and Suckers

You just got your nipple clamps & suckers and are unsure of how to use them? Here are tips on how to use your clamps and suckers for nipple stimulation.

Choose Your Favorite Nipple Toy

Do you have your favorite nipple toy own your bedside? If not, consider buying. However, focus on a simple, small, and adjustable nipple clamp since you are a newbie. Moreover, go for something that will satisfy your sexual desires and give you intense nipple stimulation. You can choose to add bonus toys depending on how you are prepared for the session.

Add Plenty of Lube

Before you place the clamps or suckers on your nipples, consider applying enough lube. This will help reduce unwanted friction and increase sensations. Moreover, lubes are meant to enhance nipple sensation. The lubricant also ensures a better suction seal. With the right lube, you can easily control the clamp or sucker whichever way. Consider buying water-based sex lube since it is compatible with all nipple clamps and suckers.

Start Softly

You are a beginner, so keeping it slow should be the perfect way to start you off. Also, consider having tests with your clamps on other parts of the body before you clamp your nipples. You can try it out with different body parts like the earlobe and fingertip. Have an adjustable nipple clamp? Then consider loosening it before you place it on your nipple. Moreover, you are allowed to increase its tightness, but slowly as you feel the intense pinches. Also, your nipple clamps or suckers shouldn’t overstay on your nipple to prevent injuries.

Sensation Seeking

Nipple toys are great since they can perfectly provide you with different intensity levels. If you desire to experience some pleasurable sucking, then there are nipple suckers to satisfy your needs. Moreover, if you are in for extreme and intensified nipple pleasures, then weighted nipple clamps or non-adjustable metal nipple clamps are perfect. Regardless of your nipple shape and size, you will get your toy and experience the best nipple play. For plus-size women, you can always go for adjustable nipple clamps. Generally, beginners should consider adjustable nipple toys to increase and decrease the level of intensity easily.

Final Thoughts

Nipple clamps and suckers are the most common and reputable toys used in nipple stimulation. They can be used during foreplay, masturbation, or sex. It depends on your moods and desires in general. With different types of nipple clamps and suckers, you can easily get what suits your preferences and desires. Grab one today and have the best and pleasurable nipple sucking experience.

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