Iron Nutrition: Best Iron Supplements for 2021

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Transporting blood to all parts of the body requires hemoglobin, a compound made primarily from iron. Supplementing with is one way to boost iron levels, hemoglobin manufacture, and oxygen transport to the rest of the body parts.

Iron is a critical mineral that also forms part of the key dietary requirements. Some foods, both plant-based and animal-based are rich in iron and boost the iron levels in the body. Iron is readily absorbed by the body, while that from plants may need some form of enhancement such as vitamin C. even with so much knowledge about iron, iron deficiency is a real problem, which is why people continue suffering from iron deficiency. One way to boost the levels of iron in the body is by supplementing with iron capsules, liquid, and tablets. Find out from this article which of the iron supplements are the best in 2021. A single dollar sign ($) denotes an affordable supplement, double dollar signs ($$) denote a slightly expensive supplement, while triple dollar signs ($$$) stand for expensive supplements.

        i.            Ritual ($$$)

Ritual products primarily deal in multivitamins, with particular types (not all) of the multivitamins containing iron. For instance, the Ritual Multivitamins for 18+ and Ritual Teenage Multivitamin for Her both contain iron. Each of these supplements has 8mg of iron, which is a good boost for iron levels and absorption in the body. The main form of iron in Ritual supplements with iron is the chelated iron type ferrous bisglycinate. Ogden, Utah, is the iron ferrous bisglycinate manufacture point. One advantage of Ritual supplements is that they are vegan in nature, free from GMOs, and allows tracing.

     ii.            Care/of ($)

If you subscribe to Care/of vitamin service, you answer a series of questions that allows this personalized vitamin subscription to tailor your vitamins to your needs. Care/of deals in a wide array of products, one of them being iron supplements. Their iron supplements contain 18mg of iron in the mildest and the least harmful form, ferrous fumerate. Just like Ritual Multivitamin supplements with iron, Care/of is gluten-free, non-GMO, lacks allergens, and is suitable for vegans.

   iii.            Salus-Haus Floradix iron + Herbs ($$$)

Ome people would like to try iron supplements, but they just don’t like the tablet and the capsules. A suitable alternative to such people is liquid supplements such as the Salus- Haus Floradix Iron + Herbs. For every 10ml (2 tablespoons) of the liquid supplement, you take in some 10mg of iron and other concentrates. What’s more, the supplement features a vitamin B complex which enhances the absorption of ferrous gluconate and also promotes blood functionality.

   iv.            MegaFood Blood Builder ($$$)

While most of the iron supplements in this list focus on a certain form of iron, the MegaFood Blood Builder uses a form of yeast (S. cerevisiae) that provides a good environment for iron to thrive in. In this yeast, about 26mg of iron is infused, and this is easily released in the body from the yeast. The supplement is also packed with 60mg of vitamin C to enhance iron absorption. The brand is kosher, free of Glysophate Residues, and GMO.

      v.            NOW Iron ($)

NOW is a company that deals in high-quality dietary and health supplements, and offers them at affordable prices. For instance, its iron supplement is one of the best in the market, yet it comes at friendly prices. A bottle of iron supplements has 120capsules, and each capsule has 18mg of iron in the form of ferrous glyconate. This supplement brand also has vitamin C which enhances iron absorption. The product is halal and kosher certified and is free of GMO and other residues.

   vi.            Vitamin Friends Adult Iron Gummies ($$$)

This is yet another suitable iron supplement option for people who would like to take supplements but do not like the capsules and tablets. This supplement brand deals in gummies that contain 30mg of vitamin C which enhances the absorption of the 10mg of iron also found in the gummies. The supplements are GMO-free, vegan, and kosher-certified. The company also offers a range of elemental gummies for children, although you only give these to your child upon recommendation.

 vii.            Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron ($$$)

The era of the massive industrialization in which we live is characterized by the inclusion of chemicals in foods and supplements, making their consumption risky to health. That’s why health-conscious people value products that lack additives and chemicals, such as the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron. This is a supplement that’s created from whole foods and lacks extra additives, flavors, colors, sweeteners, or chemicals. Also included in the supplement are vegetable blend and raw organic fruits which enhance digestion and the absorption of the iron present in the supplement.

viii.            Zahler iron Complex ($$$)

This form of iron supplement equips the body with as much as 139% of the DRV of iron (approximately 25mg). the supplement also offers 60mg of vitamin C which enhances the absorption of iron in the body. The product is free of soy, dairy products, allergens, and Glycophate Residues. It’s also a friendly choice for most vegetarians.

    ix.            Thorn Iron Bisglycinate ($$$)

Iron bisglycinate is a form of iron that’s fast-gaining popularity since it boosts bioavailability and effectiveness as well as efficacy when taken. The iron supplements are available in the form of capsules, with each form harboring 25mg per capsule. What’s more, the supplement is NSF-certified, meaning that it lacks any substance that would deem it unfit for athletes.

      x.            Nature Made Iron

Iron sulfate is among the most preferred forms of iron, as it is easily soluble and releases iron faster to the body. Nature Made Iron contains 60mg of iron per capsule, and this is the equivalent of 325mg of iron sulfate or 361% of the DV value for iron. The USP has certified the supplement, meaning that its performance, potency, and efficacy are undoubted.


Iron is a critical mineral in the body, yet many people are deficient in it. One way of boosting its levels and enhancing its absorption is by taking iron supplements. This article has shared the best iron supplements for you to try in 2021. There are capsules, gummies, tablets, and liquid forms of the supplements, and it’s up to you to choose your preferred option.