Protein shakes, and other meal replacement shakes are becoming common today because more people appreciate their power in improving fitness. Shakeology is a cross of protein shakes, and meal replacement shakes. It is a supplement that is used to provide essential nutrients to the body. Meal replacements are products that aim to provide the nutritional value of a whole meal containing fewer calories. Protein shake contains high proteins and other added nutrients, but its aim is not to replace a meal. They are low in calories too, and due to their low calories content, they help manage weight and provide other nutrients in the body.

Protein shakes are also used in maintaining fitness via lean muscle mass. Shakes are also used to replace junk food because they are healthier. Different flavors are added to enhance the taste and appearance of shakes. Such flavors may include strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. The most prevalent nutrients in shakes are proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and probiotics.

Dieters use shakes in different ways. Some use it to replace a whole meal in a day. Others use it to replace more than a single meal in a day. However, it is not advisable to overuse shakes by replacing more than one meal. With that in mind, let’s discuss everything you need to know about shakeology and examine how you can use it to benefit your body.

Benefits of shakeology.

Healthy drinks.

Many drinks are used for refreshment. Some of these drinks are made from unnatural ingredients. Others are sweetened, making them pose a health danger to the users. They also contain other added food colors, preservatives, and oils. Shakeology is believed to be healthier than protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. It does not contain preservatives or added sugars. It is free from unnatural flavors and colors.

A convenient meal.

Today, most people live busy lives, and some might lack time to prepare a healthy meal. Such people turn into sugary snacks and fast foods that are unhealthy. Shakeology can work well with such people instead. However, it is not recommended to use shakeology regularly to replace meals. Shakeology should be taken as an extra in a day. Healthy calories should be derived from whole foods but not from shakes.

It helps in losing weight and in maintaining a healthy weight.

Less intake of calories daily helps in reducing weight and in maintaining a healthy weight. Shakes contain fewer calories than whole foods. Those aiming at reducing weight can replace a single meal in a day with a shake. It will create a calory deficit in their body. This method can be effective within a short time.  However, since shakes may be expensive, you might consider other ways, such as reducing the amount of food you take in each meal. Increased activities also work by burning more calories leading to a reduction of weight. Research has also shown that the use of shakes does not give a long-term weight reduction. There are chances of regaining weight later.

Boosts immunity.

Shakeology contains healthy nutrients that are capable of improving immunity. These nutrients include vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants help in preventing bacteria from thriving in the body.  Vitamins aid in the healing process and also in the prevention of attack by certain diseases. Using shakeology as an extra meal rather than replacing meals contributes to additional nutrients in the body.

Easier digestion of food.

Fruits and vegetables found in shakes contain fiber which aids in the digestion of food. The high fiber content also aids in the movement of the bowel. Pregnant women are constantly attacked by constipation. Shakeology can ease this condition. An extra meal of these shakes can provide their body with more fiber easing constipation.

Acts as detox.

Shakeology contains many ingredients which hold different nutrients. Some of these nutrients may assist in getting rid of toxins from the body. This toxin goes into the body in different ways, such as too much snacking. Nutrients in the shakes assist the liver and kidneys in washing off those toxins.

Shortcomings of shakeology


Shakeology is expensive. It contains many expensive ingredients. Some people may not afford it. They may opt for other nutritional shakes that are less expensive.

Shakeology is not real food.

Shakeology is simply a supplement and therefore underscores the need for consuming real food. It can’t compare to real foods, which provide better nutritional value. People may find it easier to get these nutrients from whole foods.

It does not indicate the amounts of each ingredient used.

Shakeology is made up of different ingredients with different nutrients. However, there it does not give details on the amount of each nutrient used. Some nutrients might be found in excess, while others may be less than required in the body.

The bottom line

Shakeology was developed by Beachbody company. It is a company that deals with body fitness. Shakeology is one of the products they use in weight loss programs. Their clients are encouraged to drink this shake daily to reduce the intake of snacks and boost the digestion of food.  The company sells other supplements and workout videos. The company also deals with other natural ways of losing weight, such as healthy eating habits. A blend of workouts and healthy eating habits facilitate the process of losing weight.

Dieters are encouraged to eat the following foods: Fruits such as apples, grapes, and berries. Vegetables such as carrots, greens, and pepper. Whole grains and starch such as wheat, barley, sweet potatoes, and beans.  Healthy fats from nuts, low-fat milk, coconut, seeds, and olive oil. Proteins such as chicken, eggs, and fish.

Other foods are discouraged from being used by dieters. These are mostly the processed foods such as processed meat and fast foods. Foods that contain high fats such as pizza, chips, and fried chicken. Refined grains are also unhealthy as they are rich in sugars. These include white rice, white bread, and refined wheat and maize flour. Sweetened foods such as juices, soda, cakes, biscuits, and cookies contain high calories and should be avoided.


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