The 21-day Fix Planis a program by the Beachbody Team to help people lose weight effectively within 21days.

It is perfect if you want to lose 5-10 pounds in 21 days in preparation for a special event or a vacation. It includes suitable meal plans and extreme body workouts to be followed. Since it has no negative impact on your body, you can choose to continue with it forever.Are you in? Are you ready to start a 21-day journeyofcreating new and healthy habits? If so, keep reading to learn the tips. 

What does the 21-day fix program entail?

This program has a workout guide and a well-portioned meal program, which includes the following:

  • Two workout DVDs containing six easy workouts designed to burn as much fat as possible.
  • A Control system was coding the container with seven colors for 21 days.
  • A 24/7 online supportsystem.
  • A 21-dayfixed eating plan.
  • A “Start Here” 21-dayguide
  • A “3- Day Quick Fix” to help you finish the last three days in style and with mind-blowing pictures.
  • The meal plan

Generally, body weight is highly affected by whatone eats. Therefore, the Beachbody Team has encouraged and emphasized eating healthy proteins, leans, and fats. In addition, they recommend monitoring your calorie intake.Below are examples of foods you should eat when on the program:


The carb options include sweet potatoes, lentils, brown rice, cassava, peas, and potatoes.


They include oranges, mangoes, pineapples, watermelons, apples, strawberries, passion fruits, and guavas.


Major sources of proteins include fish (such astilapia andtuna), chicken or turkey, whole eggs, and Shakeology.

Oils and nuts

You should also take extra virgin olive, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, andsunfloweroils, or extra virgin coconut oil.

Healthy fats

Some examples include almonds, cashew nuts, avocados, coconut milk, peanuts, and cheeses. 

Seasonings and condiments

There is a variety, including lemons, garlic, ginger, unsweetened hot sauce, vinegar (white wine or red wine), and flavor extracts.

Recommended beverages

The approved beverages are water, unsweetened iced tea, fruit-induced water, green tea, and coffee.

The extreme workouts

Apart from the above meal routine, you need to do some workoutsto help you burn the excess fats in the various parts of your body. Such include;

Plus fix extreme: will target the lower part of your body. It mostly involves jumping and resistance exercises to burn calories and build muscles. For example, you could jumpjacks and skip ropes.

Upper fix extreme:   will help you burn the fats on the upper side of the body, including chest, arms, back, and shoulders.

Pilates fix extreme:will strengthen your core, and you are advised to use resistant bands for each of these.

Lower fix extreme: challenge yourself and do a 30 minutes workout focusing on the lower parts of the body to harden your glutes, quadscalves, and hamstrings.

Cardio fix extreme: are exclusive workouts that help your heart keep soaring. Carry weights and several traditional metabolic workouts for perfect results when doing these workouts.

Dirty 30 extremes: comprise different compound moves targeting various body parts at once, resulting in refined muscles and excessive burning of calories.

Yoga fixes:  will help you have more balance and become more flexible and powerful, especially when you engage in a fast-paced yoga class.

Ten minutes hardcore exercise:  will target your abs and help you shred all the fats in the region, resulting inlean, curvy, and ripped abs.

Track your progress

In case you are taking the challenge, you are advised to keep track of your weight loss. For instance, you shouldtake a picture before you start the plan. Besides, you should measure your arm, chest, hips, thighs, and waist to help you know the number of inches lost.Finally, compare the pictures taken before and those taken afterto note the goal progress.

Foods to avoid

During the 21-day fix journey, you should not eat unhealthy foods since they can prevent you from getting perfect results. Such foods include:

Processed meals like canned foods, processed meats, packed snacks, energy bars, and fast foods.

Added sugars such as sweetened yogurts, sugary beverages, baked meals, and table sugar.

Greasy and fried foods, including potato chips, fried chicken, pizza, burgers, etc.

Alcohol, including liquor, beer, etc.

Health benefits of the 21 Day fix 

Following the 21-day fix, plan has many health benefits, including;

  • Shedding weight

The numerous activities practiced will help you lose weight. For example, cutting off added sugars in your diet and processed foods are proven ways of shedding extra pounds. Moreover, the recommended high proteins, high fibers, and increased drinking water contribute to weight loss.

  • Healthy eating

The meal plan contains high-density nutrient foods, including fruits and vegetables. Besides, youprepare meals cautiously, unlike when eating fast foods. In addition, you eat low-calorie foods and packed snacks that will promote health.

Possible disadvantages of the 21 Day Fix plan

  • The weight loss is short-termed since youwill lose weight in a very short period, and you will also regain it easily when done with the program. A successful weight loss program takes longer, and one is supposed to be consistent.
  • The supplements used during pre-workout and post-workout are expensive,yet,there is no proven evidence that they will help you lose weight.
  • Furthermore, one is required to calculate thecalorie intake. Moreover, workouts are not easy for some people and are time-consuming. Unfortunately, reducing any other these puts you at health risk.

Final Verdict

 The 21-Day Fix is a suitable way tolose weightsince it ensures more activity, reduces added sugars, and encourages eating whole foodshealthily. However, it is short-termed and therefore not a suitable way for long-term weight loss. To get perfect results, you must eat proportionally and do your workouts consistently.


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