Snack time prevents a golden opportunity for you to supply your child’s system with nutrients. Knowing the best kid-friendly snacks will help you safeguard your child’s health while still giving him healthy treats.

From time to time, your kid will need snacks and it is your responsibility to get him healthy foods. Sadly, the market and food stores are filled with unhealthy snacks, with most harboring added sugar, artificial ingredients, refined flower, and food colors. This puts children at risk of a damaged dental system, unhealthy weight gain, and possibilities of contracting chronic diseases, including diabetes type 2. Therefore, instead of relying on such snacks, you could venture into whole foods that will safeguard the child’s health and leave him feeling full for longer. Here are such snack ideas that you really want to try.

i.                    Popcorn

Many people consider popcorn as junk but it is one of the best kid-friendly snacks around. However, ensure that your child is not too small to eat popcorns since they can choke toddlers. Besides, avoid unnecessary toppings that introduce unhealthy additives to your child’s popcorn. Rather, enhance the taste using parmesan cheese and butter, which are also healthy.

ii.                 Yogurt

Yogurt can also make a great snack for your kid because it is loaded with many nutrients, especially proteins and calcium which promote bone and tooth health. In addition, some brands add live bacteria to yogurts, and these are good for gut health since they favor gut microbiota. You can avoid giving the child unnecessary sugar and additives by sourcing plain yogurt. If you feel like enhancing taste, use a drizzle of honey or fresh fruits. However, keep in mind that honey can cause botulism in children, and avoid using it on foods on those below one year.

iii.               Protein bars

Many love granola bars because of their tastes. However, they are not an option for kids since they are loaded with carbs and will lead to unnecessary weight gain. Try protein bars on your kids. Not only will they enjoy the tastes of fruits, seeds, and nuts added to the bar, but will take in nutrients.

iv.               Half a sandwich on whole-grain bread slice(s)

Sandwiches are great and most kids love them. You can be more creative and give them half of the normal serving and add vegetables and fruits. For instance, sliced tomatoes, berries, or cucumbers make sandwiches enjoyable to kids, especially if they make them on their own.

v.                  Nuts

Nuts make wholesome snacks, whether on their own or alongside other things like sandwiches or yogurt. They are rich in antioxidants, fibers, and dietary which is critical for brain and heart health. All the same, ensure that your kid is comfortable with the texture to prevent choking.

vi.               Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are fun to prepare and to feast on, and supply your child with the nutrients he needs to grow. How do you go about it? Boil an egg, cut it into two, and separate the yolk. Mash what remains with avocado and a little onion and tomatoes and repack the halves. Sprinkle a little chili powder or paprika and see how your kid enjoys the healthy snack.

vii.             Roasted garbanzo beans

Although some kids might not like beans, including garbanzo beans, they will definitely enjoy roasted garbanzo beans because of the crunchy texture. All you got to do is boil beans, dry and rinse them, then roast them on a cookie pan. The process takes only thirty minutes and you will have the crunchy beans that your child will enjoy and put in extra nutrients.

viii.          Edamame

Edamame refers to immature soybeans which form part of many dishes in Asian and Mexican restaurants. Apart from that, they are great snacks for kids, especially because of how they are laden with proteins. You only need to take fresh edamame (with pods) and dip it in boiling water. Once ready, fetch them and season with soy sauce or sprinkle salt to give your kid a wholesome protein-based snack.

ix.                Trail mix

If your child is well at home with nuts and has no trouble eating them, you could try trail mix during snack time. Homemade trail mixes are the best since you are sure about what goes into the recipe. For a simple but healthy start, you could try whole-grain cereals, nuts, and dried seeds. If you choose to shop for trail mix, avoid those with chocolate candies since they contain unhealthy sugar and possibly other ingredients.

x.                  Vegetable soup and grated low-fat cheese

Do you have some tomatoes or fresh vegetables? You could use a simple hack and make your child a healthy snack with them. Prepare vegetable or tomato soup and add some grated cheese. The child will feel satiated and get protein, fats, and vitamin C toppings.

xi.                Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has a soft creamy texture, making it ideal for children. Provided that your child is not allergic to dairy products, you are good to go. You could serve it whole, add to whole-wheat toast as a creamy spread, or top it up with dried or fresh fruits. Any of the three options helps the child get maximum nutritional benefits.

xii.             Oatmeal

For a long time, oatmeal has formed a great part of Americans’ breakfast, and it has spread to the rest of the world. Interestingly, oatmeal can make a good snack for kids. Instead of buying the sugar-treated oatmeal from the stores, use whole, unprocessed, rolled oats to prepare your oatmeal at home. For greater flavor and nutritional benefit, add some milk. The child will benefit from it and boost his calcium, phosphorus, and protein levels. In addition, the fibers in whole oatmeal will benefit the kid’s gut health and boost his overall well-being. Lastly, he will feel full for longer, reducing the urge to eat every from time to time.


Snack time is time for you to boost your child’s health by giving him healthy, unprocessed foods. This article has shared several kid-friendly snacks that you could try at home, including yogurt, protein bars, deviled eggs, popcorns, half a sandwich on whole-grain bread, and cottage cheese. What’s more, most of these snacks are easy to prepare.

Charlotte Cremers

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