The HCG diet is becoming common today. It is used to aid in weight loss as its proponents claim that strictly observing this diet can help you reduce 0.5-1kg each day. Read on to find out more.

 Human choronic gonadotropin hormone, commonly referred to as HCG, is usually found in high levels during early pregnancy and late decreases after the first trimester. It assists in the maintenance and production of progesterone hormone, which maintains pregnancy. This hormone is also used by gynecologists to treat fertility issues. However, its high level in blood can also signify serious conditions, such as the growth of cancer cells in the body. The HCG diet involves a low-calorie diet and injection of HCG hormones. One is supposed to limit their calories intake to not more than 500 calories per day. However, scientists have criticized this diet rendering it dangerous and illegal. This blog will help you to understand how HCG is applied in weight loss, its effectiveness, and, its shortcomings.

How HCG diet is applied

The HCG diet is applied in three phases that involve taking different amounts of calories and HCG hormone.

First phase

In this phase, one should take HCG injection, plus foods rich in fat and high calories for two days. There are no changes in weight witnessed in this phase.

Second phase

This phase is also known as the weight loss phase. In this phase, one is supposed to limit the intake of calories to 500 in a day. The HCG is supposed to be administered together with the low calories intake for six weeks to those targeting maximum weight loss. Those who are targeting minimum loss of weight should follow this for three weeks. During this phase, much weight loss is witnessed. The maximum number of meals in a day is supposed to be two. Observers of this diet are encouraged to do away with breakfast, but lunch and dinner only.

Third phase

The third phase is also known as the maintenance phase. There is no administration of HCG hormone in this phase. You only need to increase your food intake for three weeks. However, avoid sugary or starch foods during this period, instead, have high protein and vitamins.

During the three phases, observers of this diet are encouraged to increase their water intake. Other drinks, such as coffee, tea, and fresh fruit juices are not prohibited.

How does HCG aid in weight loss?

The proposers of this diet say that HCG hormone boosts body metabolism. The increase in metabolism aids in the burning of fats stored in the body to produce energy. HCG also prevents the feeling of hunger by inducing fullness. However, scientists have criticized this mechanism of HCG aiding in weight loss, saying there’s no connection between HCG and the reduction of hunger. HCG diet seems to work barely on the reduction of calories intake. More research is needed to show how this hormone promotes weight loss.

Effects of HCG diet

It causes a decrease in muscle mass. Due to intake of fewer calories, the body muscles decrease. The decrease in body muscles may leave sluggish hanging skin, especially for those who lost much weight.

Some people may gain more weight rather than reducing. This is because, the body might sense the danger of starvation due being imposed to, and might fight back by burning less calories to preserve energy for future use.

Reduction of calories intake may not promote long-term weight loss. One may regain weight later in case they do not become consistent on observing the diet.

Low calories diet increases hunger hormones. One might not achieve weight loss as some may be tempted to eat more. The most recommended way to lose weight is by slightly decreasing calories intake in all meals. This method might take you long before losing the intended weight, but it is sure. It leads to long-term loss of weight. It also does not expose the users to starvation.

The food and drugs administration campaigns against the idea of using HCG for weight loss. Many HCG products in the market are unregulated, and they contain unknown ingredients that may be harmful to consumers.

A rise in HCG in the body may lead to headaches and fatigue that might discourage diet observers from using it.

It is an expensive diet to apply.

HCG injections and pills used are very expensive. There are high chances that the HCG pills sold online are fake. Many people prefer them for being cheaper than those sold in hospitals and clinics.

HCG diet manipulates hormones in the body,which might risk one’s health. This hormonal interference may lead to diseases, such as gallstones and high blood pressure.


The Food and Drugs Administration is so much against the use of HCG products in the market for weight loss. These products are sold in shops, clinics and in online shops. They are found in form of pills, injections and sprays. They are not regulated by food and drugs board. Many counterfeit products are sold in the name of HCG hormone and this might expose users to dangerous foods in the market. HCG has no connection to weight loss. It is a treatment drug for infertility in women and its use should only be prescribed by trained medical personnel to avoid misuse.


HCG diet works by administration of HCG hormones and low carb diet. The hormone is administered through injections or oral pills. Intake of calories is limited to 500 calories per day. However, it has been declared ineffective as there is no evidence to show how HCG facilitates weight loss. What seems to cause the weight loss is the less intake of calories. This diet is very expensive to apply since HCG injections are very expensive. However, those determined to lose weight should look for more effective ways rather than using HCG.