While vitamin D is best obtained from certain foods like eggs and fatty fish, they are not enough for the body. Most individuals have vitamin Ddeficiency despite taking foodscontaining this type of vitamin. Taking supplements willboost your vitamin D amount and help you stay healthy. Choosing the right supplements to meet your vitamin D needs is important. So, what are the best vitamin D supplements?

Nature’s Bounty vitamin d3 Softgels

This supplement provides 2000IU of the daily requirement of Vitamin Din a daily dose. It contains zero content of milk, lactose, wheat, fish, and gluten, making it a great choice for individuals with food allergies. It’s a verified product, and the bottle can serve you for almost one full year. It costs about $11.20, and you can get it from Amazon or any other online seller.

Vega Sport Pro-Vitamin capsules

If you’re looking for a purely plant-based product, this supplement will do you good. It’s free from animal products like gelatin, shellfish, and lanolin. It’s a 60-dose bottle and verified for consumption.

Nordic NaturalsVitamin D3 Gummies

It contains1000 IU of vitamin D. It’s a blend of fruits and vegetables with a sweetened natural organic syrup and cane sugar to create a perfect flavor. It’s mixed with zero fillers and additives and approved internationally by the government. One bottle can last you 4 months.

Nourish by nature made

Its small size makes it easy to consume. It’s available in different dosages and free from colors and artificial additives. It’s available from 1000IUto 5000 IU dosage. You can subscribe to a monthly delivery or a daily supply, depending on your needs.

Nature made D3 Adult gummies

These naturally processed gummies are fruityand have no sweeteners, artificial flavors, ornon-natural syrups. One bottle can last you 75 days with a price of only$26.98.

Protocol for life balance

Its tiny bottle gives it the best delivery method, allowing you to absorb the nutrients better than other types. This liposomal spray combines Vitamin K2 and D3, providing you with nutrients from both vitamins to create a powerful product. Get a spray of xylitol on your tongue, allow it to settle for 20 minutes, and then swallow while enjoying the sweetened taste.

Megafood vitamin D3

It’s combined with whole foods like carrot, beet, broccoli, brown rice, and parsley with a price of only$19.85.It’s sold in 1000-2000UI and does not contain any dangerous pesticides or herbicides. However, it’s not verified by GMO.

Carlson Labs Super Daily D3

Are you tired of chewable pills?Carlson product is a flavorless drop bottle that is purely vegetarian. It’s only $16.80and found in doses of 1000UI and 2000UI.The brand targets to allow users to add the drop in smoothies, food, or your preferred drink. A health bonus from this supplement is that it contains triglyceride oil which is obtained from coconuts. This makes the product more beneficial becausevitamin D is absorbed better in the presence of fat.

BlueBonnet Earthsweet Vitamin D3

Often chewable supplements have too much sugar but not the case with Eartsweet. Its sweetness is purely from strawberries and raspberries and other fruit concentrations used in it. It’s vegetarian-friendly and free from allergens like dairy, soy, and gluten. Its bottle can last you for months.

Kirkland Signature Extra Strength

With only $14.50, get yourself this supplement that will deliver to your body 2000IU of vitamin D. It’s USP permitted and capable of giving your body everything it needs. It contains600 doses, so you won’t have to think much about restocking the bottle.

Is Vitamin D supplements the best alternative?

There has been a unsettled debate about whether vitamin D supplements are necessary for the body for a while. Certain foods can provide you with this critical nutrient. Even so, you may not get enough if you rely on food only. The question that you may ask is if supplements are better than food. Well, both methods are effective, and you’ll get more impressive results if you use them both. If supplements appear uncomfortable to you, you can prioritize foods withvitamin D in your diet. However, some individuals must use these supplements even if they’reeating foods that provide them with the same nutrient. Such individuals include;

Pregnant women

Breastfeeding women

Old people

Individuals who stay a lot indoors

Individuals working in care homes

If you have a dark skin


When is it more crucial to take Vitamin D supplements?

Certain factors determine if you have a higherneed for vitamin supplements compared to others. They include gender, age, lifestyle, genetics, diet, and the latitudes of where you live.

How do you know you need vitamin D supplements?

You can knowyou need to get more vitamin D when you have these symptoms, which reflect having vitamin D deficiency;

  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Regular infections
  • Low moods
  • Low healing abilities of wounds
  • Back and bone pain

How do you choose the right vitamin D supplement?

While all supplements are meant to provide vitamins, they are not equal. Let choosing the best product not be complicated for you. Here is the secret;

Pick the one with the most levels of vitamins

When shopping and you find vitamin D2 and D3, pick the second one because it’ll give you more levels of vitamins.

Check the delivery style

Do you prefer drops, chewable, or capsules?Using drops supports more absorption of the vitamins compared to tablets. But if you prefer pills, you can opt for them and still enjoy the benefits.

Consider the verifications

Some products are not verified. Make sure you pick the supplements approved by the government because they are the ones with the right amounts of vitamin D and have the real ingredients mentioned on their labels.

Take care of the dosages

You can get a supplement with a dosage of as low as 800 or as high as 5000UI. Having more than enough is not wise. The right amount is usually between 800 to 2000UI. But people are different. So make sure to ask your doctor to help you know the right amounts for you based on your body’s needs.


You can absorb vitamin Dnaturally through sunlight, eating foods rich in it, or consuming vitamin Dsupplements. The last option mostly comes into the picture becausethe first two options don’t provide enough amounts. Always take the appropriate dosage and be on the watch for any side effects. Avoid supplements containing substances you’re allergic to.

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