1. What are some of the more well-researched associations between increased height and disease risks? Which ones?

Taller individuals are associated with the risk for genetic, endocrine, and chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.

2. Are there diseases for which being taller lessens one’s risk compared to being shorter?

Yes, heart disease and diabetes. For instance, a study indicated that a 2.5-inch height reduces death risk by 6% for individuals with heart disease. Such individuals have larger lungs and stronger cardiovascular systems, thus the effect. Moreover, their feeding- overnutrition phenomenon, results in production of hormones that regulate blood sugar.

3. 2. Are any of these risk factors modifiable? If so, how?

Of course, yes. They include;

Growth hormone deficiency

I recommend GH injections every day after your child is diagnosed with the condition. The dosage may take a few years as the specialist monitors the child’s progress. Adjustment may also happen during this time.


An underactive thyroid hormone can be treated by replacing the thyroid hormone. A few children easily get better but many may require the treatment for a lifetime.

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