As the name suggests, the brand only specializes in pet products, unlike other brands that attend to both human health and pet health. To address issues your dog is facing and promote their health, the brand provides products for smooth skin, maintaining cardiovascular conditions, easing behaviour problems, protecting it from neurological disorders, and addressing joint disorders. However, due to the ability of the brand only to specialize in pet products, it has made it famous overtime since its establishment. Besides, the brand has hired similar experts to those addressing human products to help them manufacture quality products that would promote the general well-being of pets. To ensure the products are safe for pet consumption, the brand has hired an independent lab to conduct third-party tests on all products manufactured. To keep getting more information about this unique CBD brand, keep reading our analysis since it entails all relevant information concerning the Hemp for Pet brand.

About the company

Hemp for pets takes total responsibility for taking care of pets’ well-being into their hand. Since most pet owners have been fighting various challenges facing their pets, the brand saw the need to offer a solution to them. It takes the responsibility of researchingmultiple conditions faced by dogs and trying to come up with different solution combinations using CBD. However, the company majorly focuses on dog and cat products as per now; they don’t have extensive pet line solutions. Under their review page, one could quickly note reviews on dogs and cat products only. Besides, they provide topicals, chews and CBD oil products designed uniquely to be irresistible to the pets and entice them to consume more after taking the first dosage.

Unlike other brands offering pet products in both full and broad-spectrum, Hemp for pets designs their products only in full spectrum to enhance their effectiveness; this means they are loaded with valuable cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. To address unique functions and designs of pet products, the brand also incorporates other beneficial supplement ingredients to enhance effectiveness. Their research team conducts studies on various ingredients and approves them using veterinary experience from time to time.

Consequently, the brand offers a product description under every product they sell on their website. Under the product, as well as on their labels, you will get to see some relevant information such as products dosage. Besides, they also have information such as the third-party results obtained from proper analysis by an independent third-party lab which the company mandates the responsibility of quality affirmation. Lastly, they post the cost of the product and the ingredients used to help pet owners understand or be in the limelight of what their dogs or cats are consuming.

The trademarks website is well-articulated and gives an easy time to navigate within. We could quickly go through their products as well as add and remove them to our cart before order confirmation. However, the company gives you a chance to check the products you have added to your shopping cart before confirming theyare ready to be shipped to the destination you have provided. Lastly, our product was delivered on the third day of the order confirmation; well packed in a small and discreet box. For products that exceed $75, the brand offers free shipping and assures delivery to be done within five to seven days upon order confirmation.

Hemp for pet offers 14 days return policy for a full refund for customers who don’t find its products ineffective. However, this sounds contrary to most CBD companies who offer human and pet products but provide atleast 30 days in their entire refund or return policy. Notably, the brand recommends the returned product be unopened as well as unused.

Lastly, the brand has provided contact details for those who would wish to seek clarification or obtain more information concerning certain pet products. Apart from the details offered at the bottom of their website, they also have a “CONTACT US” page which carries more information. You could easily reach their customer representative using an email address or chat box or call them at 1 899-273-8502.

Manufacturing process

To obtain relevant ingredients from the hemp plant or any other ingredient blended in their products, the brand uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method. The method is regarded as effective since it caters to all chemicals solvents found in the plant. Additionally, it is mostly advocated for because of its eco-friendly compared to other methods such as the use of ethanol.

For quality and safety confirmation, the brand has hired an independent third-party lab that cross-checks the potency and contaminations of their products. After the company obtains valuable ingredients using the CO2 extraction method, they carefully manufacture their products, suiting different functions and pet needs. Before any product is released to the market, it undergoes proper screening to ensure they have the required amount of THC (below 0.3%), stated amount of CBD, and its void of any contaminant such as heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals and any other.

Notably, each product is scrutinized three times to ensure no errors have occurred; this is a big plus to the brand since even human products are tested at most twice by other CBD brands offering human CBD products. Although the brand claims to provide all the results obtained from the lab, some of their products, such as Dogs Relation, lack this information on their labels; neither do they offer QR codes that would help customers confirm purity and THC levels results in the products.

Range of products

Hemp for Pets offers a considerable line of products that most pet owners have benefited from. From time to time, as pet owners continue ordering products from this trademark, they leave positive reviews, indicating products effectiveness and quality. Let’s look at some of the products offered by the brand;

Hemp for pets full spectrum

Hemp for pets full spectrum

To enhance the effectiveness of this product, the brand blends in a medium-chain of MCT oil obtained from coconut that is organically sourced. However, the product has been designed to support the cardiovascular system of pets and the neurological health of cats and dogs. Besides, the brand offers usage recommendations on both the stickers of the products and its site. The brand has provided droppers to help customers administer the correct dosage to their pets. Lastly, the product is sold at $0.15 for every mg of CBD.

Hemp for pets relaxation soft chews

Hemp for pets relaxation soft chews

To address the emotional issues of pets, the brand designs some useful relaxation soft chews. Consequently, to obtain effectiveness, the brand uses relevant ingredients such as ginger, chamomile, thiamine, and L-tryptophan, which enhance calmness. However, the company has employed experienced veterinarians whose role is to conduct research on the ingredients which are going to be blended by the hemp ingredients and ensure they are of use. Besides, after the product has been manufactured, it undergoes three third-party tests to ensure safe pet consumption. Despite their bacon like the natural test, each chew contains 2.5 mg of CBD, sold at $0.29 per mg.

Hemp for Pets Hot Spot Balm

Hemp for Pets Hot Spot Balm

In case your pet hasan itching problem, then you don’t have to worry anymore. All that is needed is for you to order Hot Spot Balm, which will be administered directly at the itching part to enhance relief. Notably, under the product description, the company also recommends the product for sustainable sunburn experienced by your pet. However, the product contains 500 mg of CBD and goes at $0.08 for every mg of CBD.

Hemp for pets soft-baked cat chews

Hemp for pets soft-baked cat chews

For teste appeal, the product is designed to teste like roasted seafood. The product has been designed to enhance and promote the general wellness of a cats body and help it in body functioning. Furthermore, in each serving (bottle), there are 60 chews and contains 60 mg of CBD. Lastly, each mg of CBD is sold at $0.40.

Hemp for Pets joint health pet chews

Hemp for Pets joint health pet chews

If you wish to improve your pet’s joint mobility, then it’s high time you go for Hemp for Pet Joint Health Pete Chews. The brand provides them in a jar of 30 chews, each chew containing a total CBD of 2.5 mg with other ingredients such as MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine. Also, the chews are provided in bacon flavour, each mg being sold at $0.29.

What we like about the company

The fascinating thing about the company is its ability to specialize in pet products. Most companies have attempted to offer pet owners pet solutions but are not committed to this trademark. It has indicated their love and passion forpets’ good health by offering natural solutions that are manufactured with human standards. In addition, in most companies we have analyzed, 99% manufacture human products, but neither of them conducts triple third-party tests on their products; the most we have encountered was double. Consequently, despite the brand only specializing in pet products, they don’t take advantage of hiking the prices; they are favourable and affordable to most pet owners. Lastly, we were excited by the brands’ decision to offer free shipping for products over $75.

What we don’t like about the company

Since the brand had decided to only offer pet products, they extended their product line to horses and other domesticated animals. This would have attracted more attention to the brand, especially from horse owners in search of natural solutions to their horses. Besides, although the brand claims to be posting their third-party lab results online, we couldn’t find any, and neither did their QR codes work; they failed to load. We, therefore, recommend the company to come out clearly on their third-party results and make their efforts of testing products three times visible. This would increase its customers’ trust and confidence.


Hemp for Pets has stood out to be unique within most CBD companies that have failed to specialize. Pet products are rare, and pet owners have not been lucky enough to get a CBD trademark that offers them complete attention, such as this one for a very long time. Even though other brands offering CBD for humans offer pet products, they are not of standards compared to the ones manufactured by Hemp for Pets. Lastly, although we would highly recommend the brands trademark, there are still issues such as its transparency levels that ought to be addressed. Having customers trust by offering accurate and verifiable information is one thing that will keep your trademark at the top of the CBD market, especially during such competitive times.

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