Hemp Fusion is one of the best CBD trademarks that understands the relevance of quality to CBD customers and the competitive market. It has proven to be consistent in its operations, especially accuracy variance, which most CBD brands fail. Although their efforts to bring premium products in the CBD market becomes a dream come true, they offer them at high prices compared to other brands, also giving quality. To meet the unique demands of its customers, the brand manufactures amazing products with different potencies, quantities, and flavours. Additionally, it has been supportive to its farmers to ensure their raw product (hemp plant) is of high quality to enhance effectiveness. They are in full support of regenerative organic farming that is void of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which might interfere with the purity of their products. Besides, it has minimized the use of chemicals during the manufacturing process. As a result, they have been consistent in offering high-quality premium products within CBD. To keep getting more information about Hemp Fusion CBD, manufacturing process, and its products, continue reading our analysis.

About the company

Hemp Fusion CBD is one of the companies that takes pride in its premium quality products that have become scarce within the CBD market. Although more companies keep popping up, quality levels continue getting distorted. However, the Hemp Fusion trademark took this to its advantage and decided to sell its brand using quality products. Most products manufactured by the trademark are designed in broad-spectrum and obtain their hemp from multiple farms based in Europe. In all its products, it guarantees customers only 100% natural products void of beeswax, glycols, parabens, gluten or any artificial flavour that might affect the natural aspect of its products.

For the five years they have been in the play, customer has always been their priority. They have set aside multiple measures to ensure customers receive quality products and which are safe for usage. To enhance effectiveness, the brand has been using other herbs that have been effective for a very long time. Besides, they also have them certified by U.S.D.A., which oversees customer safety in all U.S.A. products.

The brand offers a clear product catalogue that is easy to navigate and tress the product you need. Besides, it has given adequate product descriptions to help the customer understand what they are purchasing more. They have provided important information such as the ingredients used in the product, the recommended dosage, manner of extraction, the price and its purpose. Consequently, they have allowed customers to leave their honest reviews about their experience with the product under each product. We were able to go through the reviews, and 90% of them were impressive. Most customers seem to find their products effective and have promised to keep buying from the brand.

Furthermore, the brand has social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help their customers interact and share honest opinions. Additionally, they use the media to access the performance of their products since customers interact and share unique experiences they have had while using the products. Notably, all the social media platforms belonging to the brand are active, and we have spotted them responding to concerns addressed there.

On their website, Hemp Fusion CBD has a comprehensive F.A.Q. to address common concerns of its customers. As we went through this page, we realized it addressed various concerns about the trademark, such as their shipping policy, return policy and the ingredients blended in their products. Consequently, we were also able to note its commitment to educating people more about CBD as a whole. They have stipulated out what is CBD, how it comes to existence, its role in the health of human beings, its raw materials, various dosage and manufacturing practices. However, although it might have addressed most issues, maybe your unique concern was left out. You don’t have to worry, the brand has multiple ways of contacting its support team.

The company’s support team is professional and responds to concerns with accuracy and satisfactorily. To reach them out, you could either use their phone Toll-Free (877.669.4367 – 877) or use a specific email depending on the concern you need. They have provided different emails, emails for general inquiries, media inquiries, comment or testimony submission and another one for retailers. Also, one can submit his inquiry by giving his first name, last name, phone number, email, subject and the inquiry that ought to be addressed on the topic of their contact page.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process for Hemp Fusion starts right from their farms across Europe, where they emphasize quality hemp. The brand believes that for quality to be attained in its products, it has to start from their farm. Although the brand doesn’t mention where they get their hemp from, they state that they rely on three regions within the U.S.A. and only take organically grown hemp. Before the company decides on planting in any of the farms across the three regions, they conduct soil assessment to ensure it can sustain organic farming.

To offer its customers a wide selection of cannabinoids, the trademark provides certified heirloom hemp. Unlike other CBD companies, Hemp Fusion uses a CO2 extraction method that is unique compared to the normal one; Hemp One-Pass extraction (H.O.P.E). The method is considered special due to its ability to maintain crucial compounds during extraction. To enhance easy digestion, each product is blended with MCT oil, which is also proven to be a carrier for bioavailability.

For quality and safety control, the brand has hired a centralized independent third-party lab that is responsible for all its tests. Before any of its products gets to the market, the lab ensures they contain the required amount of T.H.C. (below 0.3%) and CBD ( the labelled amount). Consequently, the lab is tasked to provide the products are safe from any harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals that would interfere with the product’s effectiveness.

Range of products

Hemp Fusion has a comprehensive line of products that has enabled them to keep a close eye on their manufacturing, unlike when it could have been extensive. Each line is manufactured uniquely with various unique blends to serve different purposes and meet different effectiveness. The products include;

Hemp Fusion Tinctures

Hemp Fusion Tinctures

Hemp Fusion tinctures are designed in broad-spectrum with CO2 hemp plant extracts. The brand has provided a measuring dropper that has visible marks to help customers use the correct dosage. However, it recommends its users to start with a half dose of the full dropper, which is equivalent to 1ml as they continue increasing it, depending on the body reaction. The product is crafted to be 100% vegan and with oil to allow easy digestion.

Hemp Fusion CBD Topicals

Hemp Fusion CBD Topicals

To enhance the smooth application of topical products, the company uses various effective oil extracted using CO2 just like its dominant raw material (hemp plant); a good example is tea tree and olive oils. Consequently, under the product description, the brand recommends the product to be applied only on the skin, leaving out exposed parts. Lastly, the products are designed in broad-spectrum and are sold at a price range of $12.99 to $29.99l, which is quite considerable.

Hemp Fusion CBD Skincare

Hemp Fusion CBD Skincare

For CBD users who would love to keep their skin glowing at all times, then they don’t have to worry anymore. The brand offers them a solution that would increase their confidence while interacting with others; since their skin will keep glowing. The products are made with natural hemp, which valuable ingredients of the cannabinoids are obtained using a CO2 extraction. Additionally, other components such as lavender and olive oil are blended alongside vitamin E for smooth application and effectiveness. MCT oil has been included to enhance easy absorption by the skin, and the brand recommends the skin product for external use only; to the skin. Lastly, the products are sold from $12 to $29.99, which is quite fair.

Hemp Fusion CBD Capsules

Hemp Fusion CBD Capsules

Capsules have become famous within the CBD market due to their convenience for easy administering and transportation. Besides, the brand uses MCT oil after the CO2 proprietary extraction process has been undertaken to enhance digestibility. Furthermore, they are crafted in broa-spectrum, and the company recommends to be administered orally with the aid of your favourite drink or water. Lastly, they are non-GMO and vegan-friendly products going at a price range of $20.35 to $33.35.

What we like about the company

To maintain its customers and attract more, the brand offers free shipping on all its products regardless of the minimum amount being bought. This is not common in most CBD companies since they have set a limit for free shipping. Consequently, Although some of its products might have accuracy variance in their third-party tests, it doesn’t exceed the 10% limit, which is a plus on their side. Most CBD has failed to give accurate results, and their variance exceeds the limit by far. Lastly, the brand uses premium quality hemp that is certified and also provides subscription programs.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has proved to be outstanding by offering quality products, it still needs to address a few concerns that draw it back. The brand has limited other CBD users who would love to join their trademark because of their quality fulfilment by offering limited products. As discussed above, those are the only products the company manufactures, which blocks other people who admire their trademark by not finding the products they take pleasure in, such as the gummies. Consequently, the company has a higher price range compared to other competitors who have also achieved to maintain premium products. Lastly, in all its products, the highest potency offered by the company is 600 mg.


Since the brand has achieved to maintain quality in its line of products, which has become rare within the CBD market, we recommend extending its line of products. Finding a company that has maintained the quality of its products within CBD has become the most challenging thing. If Hemp Fusion could expound its line of products and still maintain quality, it can be quaranteedto win a large proportion of the CBD market. However, before it should continue studying the market to find out what could be offered that is not common among other companies to use it again to its advantage. Lastly, it should address various drawbacks to continue winning more clients.

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