With so many CBD-producing companies in the CBD domain, every single brand strives to have something unique with which it can be identified. HempLand USA is one of the US-based CBD brands we had the privilege to review this year. It boasts of providing its clients with pure hemp and CBD products and helping them find a healthy alternative to their health challenges. Cannabitol is a common term the company closely associates with and often uses on its product, and it denotes its commitment to using peppermint essence for its high-quality premium CBD products. Are you looking for the best CBD brands that offer full-spectrum formulations with natural essence? Maybe you should experiment with HempLand USA’s tinctures, gummies, or topicals and experience unprecedented change. But before then, have a look at our full review for the brand for 2022 and learn something about its shipping policies, shopping experience, product purity and quality, and inventory.

About the Company

HempLand is a California-based CBD brand located in Signal Hill, launched in 2014. It was founded by Richard Waggoner, who had been on nutritional supplements for 35 years and only experienced change when he experimented with CBD products, making him launch the company when he hit 66 years. According to HempLand USA’s official website, the brand commits to offering the world’s best CBD-rich products and distributing them to consumers worldwide. Meanwhile, it claims to educate its clients about CBD, its identity, and what makes it different from other cannabinoids. The company builds its operational frameworks on the ECS, i.e., the endocannabinoid system. This describes the network of receptors, glands, and hormones that work with neurons all over the body, affecting literally every activity, including immunity & defense, sleep, appetite, and mood control. The company’s website claims that since the body naturally recognizes CBD products, it wants to produce nothing but the best items that will easily connect with the ECS to recover, rejuvenate, and re-energize the body.

HempLand has built itself a name and is reputable among other US-based hemp growers. Apart from using high-quality CBD-rich hemp for its products, it has amassed a great reputation because of its several support projects, including the 15% discount it offers military veterans as a way of saying thank you to their service. As if that’s not enough, it is actively involved in activism and is quite mindful about helping underprivileged people and kids. For instance, it is actively associated with The Happiness Project, an advocacy initiative that donates and sources basic needs for kids without a home.

Furthermore, HempLand convinces its clients that its products are not only effective but feature high-quality, premium, all-natural ingredients. In fact, it boasts rigorous third-party tests that test hemp quality on the farm and after extraction, but these claims cannot be verified because the lab reports are unavailable online. Seeing is believing, and some things like lab analysis reports are better seen than heard about. Therefore, in as much as other parameters would give the brand high scores, lacking lab reports is definitely a serious kink since there is no other way to prove product quality and safety.


The USA has more than 248 CBD-producing companies, and although they share some characteristics, others are unique to a brand. The following specs are true to HempLand USA CBD brand;

  • Products cost between $29.99 and $199.99, depending on what you choose
  • CBD is extracted from hemp fibers using the CO2 extraction method
  • It claims to be conducting rigorous third-party tests for its extracts
  • It ships its products worldwide
  • Edible products do not guarantee taste
  • The price per mg CBD ranges from $0.04 to $0.12
  • Extract consumption methods include tinctures, gummies, topicals, and pet products
  • Free shipping for bulk orders made of two or more items
  • A lifetime money-back guarantee for dissatisfied clients
  • Third-party lab results unavailable online
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free edibles
  • Extracts available in isolate and full-spectrum CBD formulations

Manufacturing Process

According to HempLand USA’s official website, the brand sources hemp from Colorado and California farms. Although we could not establish whether it is cGMP-certified, we understand that it uses organic CBD oil-rich hemp in its manufacturing process. It liaises with a network of farms that supply the California-based facilities with high-quality hemp. Once at the premises, the hemp fibers are subjected to CO2 to extract CBD oil. The process uses heat and air and is considered the safest in the hemp industry. It uses low thermodynamic thresholds through a supercritical process, allowing no chemicals. The resultant extract is then separated into CBD isolates and full-spectrum formulations.

After extraction, the next stage is third-party testing. This is a control and safety strategy CBD brands conduct to ensure that CBD and potency indications in the extracts match what is indicated on the labels. HempLand claims to conduct rigorous third-party testing after extraction to confirm its products’ potency. Most companies also test products for contaminants at this stage. Standard contaminants whose presence is tested include solvents, residues, animal and plant residues, heavy metals, and pesticides. The brand claims to test for them, but the available certificates of analysis (CoA) did not feature them.

Customer & Buying Experiences

We liked our buying experience at HempLand USA. The process was rather intuitive with the easily navigable website. It was basically about clicking a product, viewing its information, and adding it to the cart. Once done, the system asks you to check out and sign in as a guest or with your account. What follows is keying in your credit card details, email address and a phone number through which you can be contacted, and billing information. First-time buyers get up to 30% discounts for bulk orders, i.e., any order with two or more items. Additionally, military veterans get 15% off total costs. Bulk orders are shipped free within the USA and typically take 5-7 business days. The products are delivered in discreet, well-covered boxes. In case an item arrives damaged, you have up to 72 hours to file a claim.

Range of Products

HempLand USA has a rather narrow product line, featuring the following items;

i.HempLand USA Cannabitol Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

The Cannabitol full-spectrum hemp CBD oil is the brand’s best-selling product. This tincture is only available in peppermint flavors and features no artificial flavors and colors. The suggested consumption method is sublingual or oral, although you can also add it to foods and beverages. The brand suggests that one holds it below the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds for best results. Each serving is a dropperful and can be taken as much as four times a day. Users are advised to go slow with the dose while increasing the number of times one takes it every seven days.

ii.HempLand USA CBD Gummies

HempLand USA has a line that deals in CBD gummies. They are available in full-spectrum formulations and have a potency of 25 mg/unit. Total CBD concentration includes 750 mg, 1500 mg, 2250 mg, and 3000 mg. They come in 30, 60, 90, or 120-pack jars. Dosage is 1-4 gummies per day for a minimum of 30 days.

iii.HempLand USA CBD Pet Items

The brand also offers CBD products meant for pets. Do you have a furry buddy whose condition you would like to improve? Maybe inflammation resistance? Fur tone, or fighting separation and travel anxiety? Try HempLand USA pet tinctures for impressive results. The feature THC-free formulations with no artificial additives, colors, or flavors. The tinctures are given based on an animal’s size, weight, and the severity of the condition at hand. As always, starting small and gradually increasing the dosage is the best way to go, and your feline friend will always let you know when he needs more. The products are for oral use, although you can add them to foods or beverages.

iv.HempLand USA CBD Therapeutic Cream

This is one of the best-selling CBD topical products. With its fast-acting and long-lasting action, the cream relieves pain effectively, and its fast absorption is another plus. It is mineral oil, petroleum, and THC-free and has a 350 mg total CBD concentration. The restorative version of the same oil is also available in 1000 mg and 500 mg CBD concentrations.

v.HempLand USA Soft Gels

Do you find the aftertaste of CBD oil off-putting? It’s time to change the whole experience and give it a new feel. HempLand USA Cannabitol soft gels now help you benefit from CBD without the pissing aftertaste. The 1500 mg jar contains 30 softgels, each having 50 mg/ml potency. Of course, there are other capsules with lower potencies, including 10 mg/ml and 25 mg/ml.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing HempLand USA, we found the following aspects especially likable;

  • HempLand has a large international loyal customer base, shipping its products worldwide
  • The gummies and soft gel capsules are gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • Its average price point of $0.04 to $0.12 per mg CBD is well within the market range
  • The lifetime money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to get refunds or exchanges
  • The brand uses organic CBD oil-rich hemp
  • It allows up to 72 hours for filing damaged product claims
  • It supports military veterans by offering them discounts, as much as 15% off the total charges
  • The clean and safe CO2 extraction method guarantees consumer product safety
  • There are several coupons and discounts that would help one save cash
  • Bulk orders consisting of two or more items warrant free shipping across all destinations
  • One gets as much as 30% off for bulk orders

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the major picks, we did not like the following about HempLand USA;

  • The brand does not avail third-party potency and contaminant test results for all products, despite claims that all the reports are available on its website
  • It has a rather narrow product line focusing on tinctures, pet items, gummies, and topicals only
  • Extract formulations limited to full-spectrum and CBD isolates, no option for broad-spectrum products
  • The available reports do not feature contaminant and purity tests
  • The edible products lack taste and may not be ideal for people with sweet teeth

Our Overall Verdict

Generally, our review of HempLand USA was good. We were impressed by the multiple discounts for first-time buyers, subscribers, and military veterans, commitment to quality, use of organic hemp, free shipping for bulk orders, and the lifetime money-back guarantee. However, not all products had test results online, and some certificates of analysis lacked contaminant test results. Should the company improve in the few areas, it will witness positive changes in its sales and win an even larger loyal customer base.

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