HempMD is a committed CBD company that only has high-quality CBD products on its market. To attain quality and safe products that they have been rendering to the market, they have employed a team of experts with adequate experience in the food and health sector. Consequently, its hemp is only sourced within the USA, Colorado. Unlike any other process involved in crafting its products, the company pays a lot of attention to farming practices used to grow its hemp. HempPD has been using organic farming practices of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides whose particles might penetrate to products, affecting them. Besides, they have a comprehensive line of products that are carefully manufactured to meet safety standards set by the FDA and not only high-quality products but also rapid effectiveness. Notably, it was the first CBD company to manufacture beverages that allow relaxation of the mind. Rocky High Mountains (HempPD) has kept on gaining fame because of its beverage products which are carefully crafted and are tested by an independent third-party lab before getting to the market. Kindly keep reading our review to learn about HempMD, also known as Rocky High Mountains.

About the Company

Although the company does not offer many details about itself and the people behind it, we were able to gather some important data that will help you understand it better. The company was established in 2014 to offer people natural products that are not contaminated with chemicals to address their health and wellness issues. Currently, the food and drugs sectors have been doing poorly due to overreliance on chemicals that harm people by causing diseases such as cancer. To give people hope, the brand has put aside profit interests and joined other CBD trademarks committed to offering quality natural products to restore hope in the food and drugs industry.

Notably, they have moved the fight of advocating for natural, high-quality premium CBD products not only on their website but also on social media platforms. The company has created social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to bring their customers together. As we went through the accounts, we realized none of them had less than 1,000 active followers. Their campaign on social media has been fruitful and uses them to collect feedback from customers and adjust where necessary. Additionally, apart from using social media platforms to check on their reputation, they have also a unique review page where customers leave feedback on their interaction with its products and support team. As we also went through the reviews, we noted that most of them were positive, and customers were happy with their offering.

Although we couldn’t see either the contact page or FAQ page, they have a unique page on “Company News and Press Release” where they keep customers updated on what is going on. Under this particular page, they address not only their trademark issues and developments but also CBD at large. Some of the details addressed under this page include manufacturing activities that help them come out with quality products, their farming practices, method of extraction, among others. On the other hand, CBD issues addressed include the importance of the hemp plant in CBD and its effectiveness on human health, among others. Unfortunately, the news is timed and doesn’t stay online, which calls for checking at the exact time for the release.

Furthermore, our buying experience was fascinating since we could easily order our products. Under each product, the company offers substantial product information that would ease the buying experience. They have mentioned the extraction method, price, dosage, THC and CBD levels, ingredients and the purpose of the product. Adding products to our shopping was easy as well as removing. After being satisfied, we went through our shopping cart and confirmed the purchase by updating payments. Upon making payments, we received an email address clarifying on products we had ordered and claiming that our products would be delivered to the given destination in three days. Notably, the company offers free shipping despite the amount used. On the second day, we received our well-packed products.

Manufacturing Process

To the company, the quality of its raw material is significant in coming up with quality CBD products that are safe for consumption and will enhance rapid effectiveness. Due to this understanding, so much stress has been placed upon organic farming practices used to grow their hemp. All its hemp used in manufacturing its products is obtained from Colorado. Notably, Colorado is widely known for producing high-quality hemp worldwide. It has fertile soil that sustains healthy hemp plant growth without adding any artificial plant boosters such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Besides, most farmers within Colorado have obtained legal documents as cannabis farmers.

Also, HempMD has acquired legal documentation as cannabis farmers in Colorado and CBD products manufacturers. Upon its hemp fully maturing, it is harvested using hand-picking to avoid wastage that machines would cause. After harvesting, the hemp is taken to its manufacturing facility within 24 hours for further processing. However, although the company has a team of researchers bringing to play other elements to develop the finest products, the hemp plant is their primary raw material. The research team is also responsible for ensuring appropriate manufacturing chemicals are used during the crafting process. It has minimized manufacturing chemicals used in its products to help it uphold the dream CBD, which is to offer natural health solutions.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get their extraction method or contact its support team since they don’t have contact details. Besides, the company has a third-party independent lab that confirms the two for purity and quality control. The first responsibility allocated to the lab is to ensure the potency levels provided on their labels matches the ones in the products. Consequently, the lab also conducts tests on all the products and ensures neither of them contains more than 0.3% of THC levels. Since chemical particles might have penetrated the products during manufacturing, the lab also carries contaminant tests to affirm that no contaminant is in its products. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer QR codes for customer verification. 

Range of Products

HempMD has a comprehensive line of products, which each of them is manufactured with great care to serve its purpose. As mentioned earlier, some of its products have various ingredients blended in its hemp; the elements are pre-determined by the function that the product intends to serve.  Notably, all its products are vegan friendly and are non-GMO as well as gluten and allergic free. Currently, the company only has four products that have been maximized to win a large market.

HempPD CBD Gummies

Gummies have become popular within the CBD market since they are considered effective in maintaining secrecy as well as consumption. Carrying gummies with you is very easy and administering them is also convenient. However, gummies from HempPD are manufactured with care and has a potency of 750 mg of CBD and come in a container of 30. Notably, they are manufactured from hemp extracts and are tested for both potency and purity for safety and quality control. Lastly, they are sold at $34.99.

HempPD Lotion

Skin issues have become alarming, and no one wants his skin to have wrinkles or have any other problem that will arise insecurities. To address people having skin problems with CBD, the company has hemp extracts infused lotion that helps you keep your skin moisturized and smooth at all times. Its skin lotion contains 250 mg of CBD and enhances serenity after a long day or workout. Under its review, most people love it and has addressed most people whose skin has started ageing by smoothening it and making it look brighter. The lotion prices have been slashed from $50.99 to $38.99.

HempPD CBD Infused Carbonate Waters

For those that love soft drinks and are CBD users, your problems have been attended to with HempPD. The company has carbonate waters infused with CBD extracts to address health and wellness issues. If you find your day is hectic and full of stress, you need not to worry; all you need is to take one CBD carbonate infused waters which come in various flavours. They offer natural flavour, coconut, strawberry orange, among others. Notably, they are only offered in a pack of 12 sold from $59.99 to $64.99, each drink having 20 mg of CBD.

HempPD CBD Infused Waters

Like all its products delivered in the highest quality, its water is manufactured with extreme care to meet effectiveness. Similarly, they are offered in a pack of 12, each having 20 mg of CBD infused in every bottle. Its water products are crafted to achieve relaxation and mental health during stress or after having a long day. Although some ingredients have been blended, such as MCT oil, the hemp plant takes the better part of it. Lastly, every 12 pack is sold at $49.99 to $54.99.

What we like about the company

Although the company has a considerable line of weaknesses, none of them has to do with the products. The products are well manufactured and follow proper manufacturing criteria to obtain safety and rapid effectiveness. Finding beverage products that the company takes pride in within the CBD market is not easy; HempPD saw the opportunity and took advantage of it. The brand has obtained fame since most CBD consumers who love beverages find their trademark accommodating.  Consequently, the company has obtained all legal certifications needed to manufacture hemp products as well as participate in cannabis farming in Colorado, USA.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has scored exclusively on the quality and safety of its products, we still have a few areas that ought to be addressed to make it a better trademark. Competition within CBD has become alarming and calls for a lot of customer attention for any company to beat its potential competitors. The only thing that the company has failed in is providing adequate information about its trademark. Notably, no information about the company’s founder, team, extraction method, among others, has been provided on its website. Additionally, it was heartbreaking for such an established brand that has been in operation since 2014 to have failed to offer contact details. This makes customers who have concerns be blocked out and fail to get help if not addressed on social media platforms.


All said than done, we would recommend its products to anyone who would wish to join CBD and those using CBD products to promote their health and wellness with the aid of natural products. We are recommending its products because they are of high quality and safe for consumption. However, we recommend the company to offer more information on its website to help customers understand it better.

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