Hempmeds is a company based in the United States that manufactures CBD products with customers’ safety at the back of their minds. Since everyone deserves to have a better day as well as health, the brand ensures that it is catered for using hemp-derived products. Unlike most CBD companies that have been recently established,Hepmeds has been in the play for eight years now. Since it opened doors for operations, it has assumed the ambassadorial responsibility of educating people on the relevance of CBD in their lives across the world. Besides, quality has not been an option to them. They have worked so hard to meet customers expectation and their mission (wellness!). To satisfy all kinds of markets, their products exist in different potencies, consumption methods, flavours and prices; this allows customers not only to choose what meets their needs but also their pockets. To continue getting more information about Hempmeds, its manufacturing practices and line of products, keep reading our analysis since necessarydetailswill be captured.

About the company

Hempmeds is mainly based in the United States, although it has some branches in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Mexico. Since 2012 when the brand opened its doors for operation, it has from time to time committed itself to expanding its line of products with quality at the back of their minds to meet a more extensive market by offering people a better life; this continues up to date. To address various individual needs, the brand takes the responsibility of conducting market research and what are people falling short of so that they would get back and manufacture. By doing so, they have been able to identify individual needs, which makes their manufacturing and supply line steady.

Since they understand customers needs, their products are crafted in different potencies, flavours and are sold at different quantities and prices to meet each need of their customers. Since 2012, the company has been flagged as one of the most committed CBD brands that aim at being the most extensive world CBD distributors. To achieve this, efforts such as offering private labels opportunities to mortar and brick, bulk, wholesale and e-commerce retail solutions have been put in place.

Consequently, to ensure all their customer’s concerns are adequately addressed, the trademark has employed a supportive customer care team to address any concern brought in by their customers. To reach its support team, they have provided contact details at the lower end of their website. Also, they have a separate page (Contact Us) that offers more information on how you could reach out to them for assistance. They have displayed an active phone number, email and email address as well as contact hours; +1 866-273-8502 ( 7:00 AM- 4:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday to Friday) and [email protected], respectively. Besides, upon opening their website, you will note a live message box for those who wish to get help from the website. All you need is to enter your Name, Email and Message to start the conversation.

We decided to use the message centre on the website for our case. We gave the required details and raised our concern under the message part. Within some 20 minutes, our message was replied to. The customer attendant addressing our issue carried a bigger positive picture of their support team. She was competent and knowledgeable in matters of CBD and their trademark; if we were to score, we would give it 8/10.

Unlike other brands, the brand offers a cancellation policy for customers who have changed their minds. It allows customers to cancel placed orders before the products have been dispatched. Therefore, it might be difficult to cancel an order on the route since this might interfere with the shipment company mandated to deliver their products. Besides, they offer a comprehensive return policy for those who find their products ineffective. Notably, the return claim should be filed within seven days of receiving the products. Also, the returned products must be unopened for their safety and for various reasons that might have affected the quality of the product being returned. Among other conditions underlying their return policy is the shipment costs; the customer is not refunded the shipment fee and will take the burden of sending the items back to their supply facility. If all factors have been considered and meet the terms and conditions, then the refund will be released within 48 hours after confirmation. To avoid this, ensure you check your cart before confirming the order.

Manufacturing process

Due to the brands’ commitment to offering quality, they keep a close eye on their manufacturing process. Although their website provides adequate information on how CBD works and information concerning their trademark, they don’t mention much concerning their manufacturing process. However, they claim to use organically grown hemp, free of any contaminant, a statement that can’t be substantiated since they don’t mention where the hemp is gotten from. From their website, you will agree they are committed to bringing up a unique new product; New body butter is the latest product they have launched.

At the lower end of their website, the brand states how it adheres to FDA manufacturing policies to avoid harmingits customers. In addition, the brand also uses a supercritical clean C02 extraction method after their hemp has been harvested. The CO2 extraction method has gained popularity due to its effectiveness and conduciveness to the environment. 

Unlike most CBD brands that carry one test on the purity of the product, the brand ensures that all the products have been tested three times. It has employed an independent third party lab to carry the tests to achieve that. The lab is tasked to ensure all the products have the required amount of CBD and their THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%. Additionally, they have to ensure all their products are free from pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and any other contaminant that might interfere with their purity.

Range of products

Looking at its website, you can ascertain that the brand is fully committed to offering a more comprehensive range of products; they offer hundreds of unique products. Some of their products are unique and are only manufactured by their trademark, which is a good thing, especially now that the CBD market has become competitive. Each of these products is manufactured with a lot of care and in multiple varieties to meet numerous customer demands. They have different prices depending on the quality and quantity levels they are offered in.

Hempmeds CBD Capsules (Gold Label)

There is no easier way to consume potent CBD dailythan using capsules. Unlike other forms of CBD, capsules are easier to consume since they are administered orally at one go; with the aid of either water or your favorite healthy drink. When taking capsules from Hempmeds, you will not experience the natural test of hemp extracts used to manufacture them since they are coated with various testy flavors. Additionally, they are also blended with 200 mg of turmeric root powder and 200 mg of calcium as well as white willow bark to enhance effectiveness. The brand recommends that consumers stick to a maximum of two capsules a day; each capsule contains 25 mg and is offered in a pack of 30. During their manufacturing, they are made with Filtered and decarboxylated CBD oil. For purity and safety purposes, they are scrutinized by the third-party lab (tested three times).

Pure CBD oil (RSHO)

Hempmeds offers its CBD oil in full-spectrum for effectiveness. However, this product is rich in terpenes, CBD, minerals, vitamins, and any other relevant trace of cannabinoids. After the product has been manufactured, it undergoes vigorous filtration to erase excess plant matters and any chlorophyll to enhance good teste. Looking at the reviews under the product description, most consumers are indeed impressed.

Hempmeds CBD tinctures (Green label)

To achieve the quality levels found in Green Label tinctures, the company incorporates various ingredients; naturally occurring hemp, palm oil, and coconut oil. Additionally, their minimal effective green label tincture has 500 mg of CBD and exists only in full-spectrum. The brand saw the need to manufacture this product handy since they could be easily blended in beverage or food. Consequently, the product entails abundant minerals and vitamins, chlorophyll, essential omega-6,omega-3 fatty acids, and any other significant cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

The above products we have discussed are not only a few of its line of products but also one type of the many options manufactured in; we have other examples of oils such as blue label among others.

What we like about the company

The brand has numerous exciting things to talk about compared to any other CBD brand discussed. It is fascinating how they have achieved quality when they have hundreds of products manufactured. Most CBD companies that manufacture a wide range of products tend to fail to produce quality. Additionally, they have given out adequate product descriptions on each of their product being sold. After product description, they allow customers to experience the products; 99% of the reviews left are pretty exciting. Lastly, we were also excited by the companies initiative to carry market research and find out what else CBD consumers are looking for so that they can come up with new formulations that would address various unique demands.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand insists on giving quality products by carrying three purity tests on all their products, they have not offered information about the results and how we could prove their purity levels. When we received our green label tincture, we noted it lacked third-party testes results printed on their label; which makes it hard to ascertain its quality claims. However, we shared our concern with their support team, and we received a response, but our efforts to get an accurate answer were not futile.


Although the brand has shown enough commitment to offering CBD natural solutions, a few things ought to be attended to. To increase their transparency levels, the company should provide third-party lab results not only on their website but on the product labels. For verification purposes, they could offer QR codes to be scanned by the customers. However, we appreciate its efforts in taking CBD to another level by offering unique products. Also, they have posed a challenge to existing and upcoming CBD trademarks to go an extra mile and provide more than enough for their customer; we would highly recommend its products.

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