Hempura is a CBD, one of the widely-known and leading trademarks located in the UK. Despite the brand being recently established (2017), it has gained fame due to its quality products in the CBD market. Just from its website, you will be able to realize its focus on nature; most of it is in green. This indicates they are focused on offering a natural solution to human life. Apart from its devotion toproviding natural solutions, they have put tremendous effort intohigh-quality manufacturing products to build customer loyalty. With the aid of their mission (to help people through natural, organic alternatives), they have diversified their line of products from time to time to meet customers’ unique demands. In our insight, we have provided adequate information about the company, operations and range of products and how they perform on the market.

About the company

Hempure was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown due to its attention to its customers. It was founded by Lewis Hadaway, a Nuclear expert overseeing nuclear engineering projects across Poland and UK. Besides, Hadaway had a great interest in entrepreneurship before he developed his engineering career. During his secondary school education, he had already started selling some products online, so he had an excellent online network. In 2017, he decided to do what he loved the most, and so he builtHempura from scratch by himself. During this time, there were a lot of uncertainties surrounding CBD products in terms of quality; customers were all overlooking for quality. The brand used these uncertainties to its advantage by offering quality, which made them win the trust of many CBD users.

The brand has put various ethics and values to ensure its operations run smoothly. To perform well, it must have strong ethics and values that aid its operations. Hempura has put in place strong values that govern its action, and we are going to look at some of them that make it gain fame. Its first crucial value is to build a strong customer relation; by treating every customer right with humility and respect. Consequently, they are committed tooffering safe products, especially in the emerging field of CBD.

Consequently, Hempura is devoted to carrying environmental friendly manufacturing activities. They have put enough measures in place to obtain this, such as eco-friendly packaging made from recycled material. In addition, it is devoted to minimizing carbon footprints on the planet by ensuring they produce very little waste. Notably, they have been using renewable energy,and the company CEO plays a big part in it due to his experience in engineering.

The brand’s website is appropriately planned and easy to navigate; we could easily find any information we were looking for. Additionally, they have an extensive FAQ page that addresses the most common issues people address on their trademark and CBD at large. Besides, they have multiple active social media platforms that allow their customers to interact and share a personal experience they have had with their CBD products; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, their website gives customers who purchased any item to leave a personal review of their experience, from ordering the product to the effectiveness.

Furthermore, for customers who would love to raise any concerns or seek clarification, the brand offers a contact page on their website. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a direct phone number or email, which customers would use to reach them easily. However, you can reach them under their contact page by entering the following details; Name, Email Address, Subject, Order ID (optional), and the intended message or question you would need clarification on. Although their support time is a bit slow in response, you are guaranteed to get help within 24 hours. From our own experience, our message was responded to after 8 hours though addressed adequately that we would score their support team 8/10.

Hempure also offers a knowledge centre where it posts educative articles on its trademark and CBD as a whole. The articles are to educate their customers to understand why they should choose not only their trademark but also CBD. They have explained the different roles CBD plays on the human body, how it is manufactured and its ingredients. By doing so, they have been able to help all CBD users who prefer their trademark. Also, they have used this opportunity of offering articles to discuss more on their products.

Manufacturing process

Although Hempure doesn’t offer much information concerning its manufacturing process, we could still trace some important information under its articles. Although they have not mentioned where they get their hemp plant from to verify its purity; they insist on only using organically grown hemp. Notably, their hemp is void of any pesticides or any harmful chemicals brought about by the use of chemical fertilizers. Hempure also insists on confirming their hemp’s purity before even extraction takes place.

Additionally, the trademark uses water-based ethanol extraction techniques to obtain all valuable cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Although this method is not widely used, it is considered third in the extraction methods used within the CBD market.

After all the crucial ingredients have been obtained, they are used to manufacture products and proper manufacturing procedures that would reduce contamination of the products; fewerchemicals are incorporated during manufacturing. After their products have been manufactured, the brand ensures they get assessed by an independent third-party lab before they get to the market. The role of an independent third-party lab is to verify purity, contents, safety and potency. When the results are out, they are posted on its website to confirm before purchasing. Consequently, the brand also offers similar effects on their labels and provides QR codes for customers to verify by scanning them, which is impressive.

Range of products

Although the brand offers a precise line of products, they are one of the best CBD products existing within the CBD market in the UK. Each of their product is carefully crafted to yield effectiveness. In some products, they have blended beneficial ingredients, which were settled on after proper research. Some of the products include;

Hempure CBD Oils

Hempure CBD Oils

Among its line of products, the oils have been expounded on to meet various functions. Its oils are offered in four-line; Precious sports, Pure extracts, Refined extracts, and Original extracts. Some of the products exist in both full and broad-spectrum to address the various strength needs of customers. In addition, the brand offers their oils in either 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg; at €19.99, €36.99 and €64.99, respectively. Although all their oil products exist in natural flavours, a unique test is found in full-spectrum products.

Hempura CCBD Vape juice

Hempura CCBD Vape juice

Hempura offers their vape juice in two potencies; 250 mg and 500 mg, for €19.99 and €36.99, respectively. Their vape products are flavourless to support their fight for obtaining natural products; no artificial flavours are used. Besides the 250 mg bottle, there is 1.25mg of CBD per drop, unlike 500 mg, which contains 2.5 mg of CBD per drop.

Hempura CBD Chocolates

Hempura CBD Chocolates

This is a unique product that very few CBD companies have thought of across the globe. Since most people love chocolates, the brand saw the opportunity to give Chocolate lovers an option to enjoy their chocolates as they consume their CBD. However, they are offered in two different potencies, 500 mg and 1 000 mg for € 36.99 and €64.99, respectively. In every pack, the brand packs a total of 20 chocolates, each chocolate having 25 mg or 50 mg of CBD. The good thing about their chocolates, they have been designed in half’s; you can take half chocolate to take half the level of total CBD presented in the chocolate.

Hempura CBD Capsules

Since most people find capsules easy to consume and move about with, the brand took it to their advantage by offering chocolate products; in most cases, they are considered by those who prefer a quick way of consuming their CBD daily. The brand recommends a dosage of 1 to 2 capsules a day; consumed orally using water or your favourite drink. According to its website, the brand is manufactured using state-of-art technology that allows its customers to infuse top-quality CBD into their bodies.

Hempura CBD Capsules

Besides the products discussed above, they also offer Hempura CBD skin cream, which keeps it moisturized (250 mg and 500 mg).

What we like about the company

The brand’s unique, fascinating thing is its commitment to maintaining eco-friendly practices throughout its manufacturing activities. Although most CBD companies focus on giving quality products, they have sidelined the manufacturing practices, and some of them tend to forget the impact their manufacturing practices have on the environment. Hempure releases very minimal waste to the environment; notably, its packaging is eco-friendly and obtained from waste products. Additionally, the brand offers a dosage calculator to help people know the correct amount of CBD to take and keep track of their dose.

What we don’t like about the company

The brand has a few weaknesses that ought to be addressed to take a better position in the competitive CBD market. First, unlike most CBD companies that offer up to 90 days in their return policy, Hempure only offers 14 days, which makes it difficult for customers to identify the effectiveness of the products. In addition, they have limited capsule selection which makes it difficult for customers who have different preferences from what they are offering.In case the brand addresses the two issues, then we believe they will perform better and beat other companies that have been in play longer than them since they offer quality, which is rare.


All said than done,Hempure CBD brand offers one of the best products, which makes us recommend its products to any customer who would wish to get quality. We also appreciate its determination in ensuring they maintain the environment throughout their manufacturing processes. Indeed, they are not only good ambassadors of natural quality CBD products but also to the environment; they have scored excellently when it comes to maintaining the environment (9/10). However, for them to perform better, they need to address minor issues such as the days allowed under the return policy. Some CBD products might not have immediate feedback and might take upto a month, yet they offer 14 days.

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