Here's Why It Feels So Effing Good to Moan During Sex

Here’s Why It Feels So Effing Good to Moan During Sex

This article is about sex where you do not need to be quiet. Where you are in a house on your own, or at least with people you trust not to care. This will be a rather short article but hopefully will be a little bit of fun.

So, screaming. First of all let me say one thing, know what type of screaming you are hearing. You want to hear someone in the grip of pleasure, not pain. Well, sometimes pain but that will come in a second. First of all pleasure. Now, when my other half is being silent I take a lot longer to get there, and I mean a lot longer. Someone screaming while in having orgasm after orgasm really turns me on, and most men for that matter. Usually the louder the woman the better. Now, from asking various women however, men should not scream. Apparently the less noise the better. One woman said, ‘If he can scream then he has enough breath to talk dirty to me.’ While this may not be everyone’s view, it did seem to be the most common.

So, screams of pain. Now this is tackling this from a different angle, the BDSM side of life. It depends on the scene that is taking place. Sometimes the aim is to make the slave as loud as possible, to make them scream in pain. Usually this aim is used in scenes that are being filmed to be distributed. The viewer is not there so they want audio as well as visual stimulation. Now, the other side is to make the slave as quiet as possible. The master will do things to the slave to make her whimper or scream, be it in pain or pleasure, and the slave will be punished if they do so. Despite what I have said don’t forget, even if the person is screaming in pain, there has to be a safe word so you know when the pain as reached past their threshold.

So, as you can see screaming as various uses, even if it is stopping it from happening. My aim is to make my other half scream in as much pleasure as possible until she is begging me to stop (we also have a safe word so we know when it has got too much) whereas others are to try keep the other person as silent as possible. I am sure you have your own views and opinions so why not tell us.

Monika Wassermann is a doctor and a freelance writer based in the UK who lives with her cat Buddy. She writes across several verticals, including life, health, sex and love, relationships and fitness. Her three great loves are Victorian novels, Lebanese cuisine, and vintage markets. When she’s not writing, you can find her trying to meditate more, weightlifting, or wandering around in town.

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